Survivor: Ecuador - The Inca Empire


1 "Things Move Fast" - Ruth

The Tribes land on their beach and are given the choice between an extra bag of rice and beans, or the clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol. Both teams pick the rice.

At Valdivia, Clare, Sarah and Brooke form the first alliance of the season while knitting palm frons. They want to be the first all-girl alliance to control the game. Brooke is unsure about the idea. Meanwhile Clare angers Gerry for her poor work ethic.

Over at Machalilla, Shannon, Nicole, Sadie, Max, Diego, and Kenneth form a majority 5 person alliance with the hopes of control the game both pre-post merge. Leaving out the elders, Ruth and Roger. Ruth immediately notes to Roger how obvious it is that they are on the outside of the group.

Valdivia wins Immunity!

Upon losing Ruth and Roger know it's between the two of them. Ruth approaches Shannon with the possibility of forming a secret alliance, and helping each other further themselves in the game. Shannon accepts and starts working on her alliance to oust Roger. Later on Roger approaches the alliance in whole and tells them out Ruth is onto them and plotting to break them apart. He voices that she is a strategic threat and needs to be voted off immediately. In the end Shannon keeps her word with Ruth and Roger is the first person voted out of the game.

2 "A Helping Hand" - Shannon

The Next day at Valdivia's Yule begins looking for the Hidden Immunity Idol. There was a clue, so he knows this means that there is one out there somewhere. Gabrielle feels like the other girls leave her out of their conversations and games and wonders if they could be working together. She goes to Gerry about the idea but he shuts it down and tells her not to worry.

At Machalilla Ruth thanks her tribemates for keeping her around, and knows she needs to immediately get to work. She talks to Shannon who confirms the alliance of 5 to Ruth, but reveals if she can get the numbers on her side that she'd be willing to flip which meant Ruth only needs two more people on her side for majority.

Machalilla wins Reward.

Machalilla wins Immunity!

At Valdivia Gerry purposes ousting their weakest link, Clare. However the girls alliance has another idea in mind, and view Gerry as their weakest link. Gabrielle says she agree's with Gerry, and worries the girls protecting the obviously weaker Clare is a sign of their loyalties. Yule, Justin, and Xavier find themselves stuck in the middle. They end up siding with Gabrielle and Gerry, voting off Clare.

3 "Questionable" - Nicole

Valdivia return from Tribal Council, Brooke and Sarah feel like they're at the bottom and in trouble. They begin plotting how they would be able to flip the tides on Gerry to get him voted off. They know Gabrielle is close with him therefore their best bet would be one of the three guys.

At Machalilla Nicole begins to feel as though her loyalties to her alliance aren't being met by the others. She confides in Kenneth and voices how she would go above and beyond for her friends and that she feels like they'd be so willing to cut her. Kenneth comforts her telling her that isn't true and to remember that at the end of the day they're playing a game. In private that statement worries Nicole and she begins to fear they might turn on her.

Valdivia wins Reward.

Machalilla wins Immunity!

Valdivia prepares for their second Tribal Council in a row. Sarah spots Yule running into the forrest and she knows he's searching for the Idol. Sarah follows in pursuit while Brooke stays behind to keep an eye on the camp. Brooke tries to work Xavier, and flirts with him for his vote. Sarah eventually finds the Idol and hurries back to camp out of sight from Yule. Brooke's flirting paying off as Xavier (and by association Justin) vote with them, making Gerry the third castaway to leave the game.

4 "Things Change On A Dime" - Gabrielle

Returning from Tribal, Gabrielle cries about being blindsided. She had no idea Gerry was leaving and feels as if she's in trouble. Yule comes to comfort her and expresses his own shock, which immediately confirmed that it was Xavier and Justin who had flipped. Brooke, Sarah, Xavier, and Justin have their own pow-wow about decide that they'd do their best to try and make the final 4. Justin feels confident that a good position in this game just fell into his lap.

At Machalilla Kenneth shares Nicole's worries with the rest of his alliance. This leads to their distrust in her. Shannon later tells Ruth expressing she doesn't want to go back on her word, but likes Ruth and will do anything to help. Ruth uses this information to zone in on Nicole. Nicole is shocked that this information leaked back to her and is pissed at Kenneth, furthering her distrust in him and their alliance. Ruth feels good about this latest, and believes she can get one more person under her belt.

Machalilla wins Reward

Machalilla wins Immunity!

Sarah wants to guarantee Xavier and Justin have their loyalty heading into Tribal Council, and shows them her Idol. This ends up freaking Xavier out, and approaches Justin, Yule, and Gabrielle about once again flipping the game and voting out Sarah. They agree. Justin then runs back to the girls who he believes are more powerful, and reveals to them their plan. At Tribal Council there is a 3-3 tie, however Sarah plays her Idol successfully blindsiding Xavier.

5 "Piece of Cake" - Diego

Returning to camp Justin felt all eyes on himself. He said he wanted to go for a walk to avoid all the tension and disappeared into the woods, when in reality he was going to look for the newly hidden Idol. Gabrielle is extremely angery. She feels as though every time she gets somewhere in this game she gets knocked back two steps.

At Machalilla Kenneth, Sadie, Max, and Diego laugh and make jokes about how easy the game is. They're winning challenges, and will have the numbers to dominate come the merge. Little do they know Ruth, Nicole, and Shannon are alone in the woods plotting. Things are starting to become official with this Misfits alliance. They need one more member and feel like Max or Sadie are their best bets.

Valdivia wins Reward.

Machalilla wins Immunity!

Yule and Gabrielle try to work Justin to flip over to their side. They know it'll be hard since Justin already showed extreme loyalty to the other side. Brooke, Sarah, and Justin then later meet and make light of the situation joking about Gabrielle's desperation. The group of 3 then vote Gabrielle off later that night, due to Yule being the stronger asset moving forward.

6 "Game Of Cat And Mouse" - Yule

Returning to camp Yule doesn't hide the fact he's looking for the Immunity Idol. Justin, Brooke, and Sarah quickly follow him into the woods to try to find it before he does. In the end Justin ends up finding the Idol, but continues to pretend to look to throw them off his trail. He decides not to tell the girls.

At Machalilla Ruth feels she is almost in the clear. One more round until the merge, and she feels even if she doesn't manage to pull Sadie or Max to her side she'll still be okay. She feels that She'll be fine while the machalilla tribe tries to take out the old Valdivia tribe, and once it's only Machalilla left she feels they'll want to vote off stronger threats and not herself.

Machalilla wins Reward.

Machalilla wins Immunity!

Returning to camp it's clear that Brooke, Sarah and Justin are sticking together and Yule becomes the sixth person to be voted out of the game.

7 "He Does!" - Sarah

Sarah, Brooke, Justin, Sadie, Max, Diego, Kenneth, Nicole, Shannon, and Ruth all successfully make the merge. Justin immediately goes looking for the Hidden Immunity Idol in hopes of having both in his possession.

The Alliance of Sadie, Max, Shannon, Diego, Nicole, and Kenneth meet to discuss their next move. Diego suggests they target Justin for being the physically strongest. Shannon suggests the two girls since Justin had mentioned they were extremely close.

Sarah wins Immunity!

Brooke and Sarah know either Brooke or Justin will likely be leaving. They discuss the possibility of Justin having the Idol and how they need to blindside him to reduce the risk of him using it if he does indeed have it. The girls want to confirm their suspitions so they sneak over to the shelter and check his bag. They find his Idol. Nicole is debating a flip, especially since Kenneth leaked their private conversation. She decides to confront him catching him off guard. After the two talk Kenneth learns that Shannon has been playing both sides. He goes to his alliance who then go to Brooke, Justin and Sarah. They tell them 3 if they want 3 more days to vote with them. They blindside Shannon at Tribal Council.

8 "Oh Rats!" - Brooke

Sarah, Brooke, and Justin have no idea what just happened to lead to the betrayal of Shannon, but they hope to be able to continue pulling it off until the end of the game. Sarah and Brooke keep in the back of their mind that Justin has the Idol. They decide to try and find the other one with little success. Diego catches them and they tell him they're searching for rats to eat. Ruth asks Nicole about the previous nights events, as she was not clued in to Shannon going home. Nicole explains the process and Ruth worries she is on the outs.

Ruth wins Reward!

Kenneth wins Immunity!

Returning to camp Sarah knows she's on the chopping block due to her previous Immunity win. Brooke doesn't want to lose Sarah since they've played together the whole game. Brooke approaches Kenneth about possibily voting out Justin. Kenneth argues that the girls needed to be broken up and Brooke prompts Kenneth to check Justins bags. He does, and carries the information back to his alliance. Brooke and Sarah then tell Justin it's him in hopes he plays his Idol, nullifying their votes so they'll hold the majority. Ruth approaches the former Valdivia 3 in hopes of picking up some allies after her former tribe lied to her. They view her as just being a snake searching for information. At Tribal Justin receives the most votes but plays his Idol. Sarah, Brooke, and Justin vote against Ruth thinking that she was being sneaky. With the Idol being played, the 3 votes was enough making Ruth the first member of the Jury.

9 "Where Are They?" - Sadie

Justin heads back into the forrest to search for the newly hidden Immunity Idol. Sarah and Brooke follow in pursuit and they agree to work together. Sadie notices the trio are missing and they go looking for them knowing what they're up to. It becomes a mad hunt for the Idol which ends with Justin once again finding the Idol. However under the watchful eye of Brooke he wasn't able to keep it to himself. Brooke shares the information with Sarah and they agree to keep it to help their trio.

Max wins Reward.

Justin wins Immunity!

Returning to camp Sarah approaches Justin about the Idol. Technically since Justin found it, it's his but Sarah wants to hold onto it for tribal feeling as though she's the target. Justin tells her that if anything happens he will personally use it on her. Sarah becomes frusterated and distrusting of Justin, but has no choice but to agree. Brooke begins talking game with Nicole. Brooke feels Nicole is with losest of the alliance and feels she might be able to break her free. Nicole spills the beans how she doesn't trust Kenneth after he told everyone about their private chat. Brooke tells her that Justin has the Idol, and that if Nicole votes with them they can take out Kenneth using the Idol, and take control of the game. A tie between Sarah and Kenneth is revealed at Tribal. Justin plays his Immunity Idol and Kenneth is the ninth person to leave Survivor: Ecuador.

10 "Never Underestimate The Underdog" - Justin

Brooke is estatic. Somehow Sarah, Justin, and Herself, with the help of Nicole, have come from behind and taken control of the game. Sadie, Max, and Diego are pissed. They don't even need to question it, they know Nicole was the one who flipped. Sadie is the most outspoken about her anger, bringing Nicole to tears. Sarah steps in and stands up for her. Sadie warns she did it once, and not to be surprised when Nicole backstabs them too.

Sadie wins Reward.

Brooke wins Immunity!

Heading back to camp, Justin, Sarah, Brooke and Nicole are all unsure of who to target. Nicole would like to see Sadie leave, but admits that's more personal than strategy. Sadie, Max, and Diego have a secret conversation on the beach about how they might be able to get Nicole to flip again. Sadie is regreting her outburst and appologizes to Nicole. Strategically, to keep Nicole happy and on their side, Justin, Sarah, and Brooke agree to go Nicole's way. Sadie is voted off that night.

11 "The Biggest Upset Ever!" - Diego

Max and Diego have no idea what happened to their game. Just days prior they were laughing about how easy the whole experience has been.They both hate the idea of Nicole outlasting them, and hope to appeal to Justin, Sarah, and Brooke with the idea of fairness. Nicole herself is getting antsy because she doesn't feel like sticking with her current alliance will get her anythign more than 4th place. She debates flipping again, going to final 3, and possibily winning final Immunity.

Brooke wins Reward.

Justin wins Immunity!

Max and Diego have no idea which of their heads are on the chopping block, but want to try throwing Nicole under the bus. They approach Sarah, Justin, and Brooke. The conversation goes seemingly well, but they woner how well it actually went. Nicole then approaches Max and Diego about flipping the game around. Stunned, they both embrace the idea with open arms. She had overheard their strategies of how they have had luck with Idols and shared it with the two boys. They knew if they wanted any luck pulling this off smoothly they needed it. This was also the final night an Idol could be played. Diego finds the Idol. They discuss voting off Sarah but agree that going after the bigger threat is the obvious move. They are paranoid that they might have an Idol and that if they did they'd use it to save her thinking they'd try to eliminate her from the game. Diego plays the Idol and uses it to successfully blindside Brooke.

12 "Absolute Madness" - Justin

Sarah returns to camp upset. Brooke was her partner in crime the whole time on the Island. Justin expresses how crazy the game is with it's up and downs. With no more Idols in play, only Immunity can save you now. Sarah and Justin acknowledge that one of them will more than likely be the next to go, and the other will have to win Immunity right through until the finale if they want a chance to win. Diego and Max express so much thanks and appreciation to Nicole for flipping the game in their favor. Nicole still doesn't feel comfortable. She knows both duos would take each other and feels stuck in a spot of guaranteed third place.

Justin wins Reward!

Diego wins Immunity!

Returning to camp Sarah and Justin are unsure who's going home. Sarah has been perceived as a bigger threat, but Justin has the intimidating muscle mass. Sarah pulls Nicole aside and tries to appeal to her. Nicole reveals she feels stuck either way and does like Sarah and Justin a lot more than Diego and Max. Sarah uses this to her advantage and asks her to join their side again to help the people she likes more make it further in the game than the people she dislikes. Nicole once again flips and Max is voted out of the game.

Finale "Such A Hypocrite" - Diego

Returning to camp Diego freaks out. He is tired of Nicoles constant lying and flip-flopping. He voices how ironic it is she was upset that she couldn't trust the Machalilla 5 alliance, when she has proven to be so disloyal. Nicole gets upset and leaves the situation. Diego then approaches Justin and Sarah about voting her off. He states that someone so disloyal shouldn't win this game. They do agree that they don't like her gameplay, but they don't know if voting her out would be wise for them. Diego then approaches Nicole and appologizes. He says if they team up they can continue forward and try to make top 2.

Nicole wins Immunity!

At Tribal Council the alliance of Justin, Sarah, and Nicole stay true to one another. Diego is voted out of the game.

Sarah, Justin, and Nicole celebrate their final 3 victory. Sarah laughs about how unlikely the 3 of them making it to that point was. After the celebration Nicole has a moment by herself. She regrets voting off Diego and feels she cost herself the million dollar prize.

Justin wins Immunity!

The final 3 are then rushed to Tribal Council. Justin wants to honor his alliance with Sarah in rememberance to the Valdivia tribe. Nicole is the last member of the Jury.

Final Two: Justin & Sarah

Winner: Sarah

Fan Favorite Award: Ruth

Voting historyEdit

Original Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Finale
Eliminated: Roger Clare Gerry Xavier Gabrielle Yule Shannon Ruth Kenneth Sadie Brooke Max Diego
Votes: 7I8Votes 5I8Votes 4I7Votes 3I3Votes 3I5Votes 3I4Votes 8I10Votes 3I4Votes 4I4Votes 4I7Votes 3I3Votes 3I5Votes 3I4Votes
Voter Vote
Sarah Gerry Gerry Xavier Gabrielle Yule Shannon Ruth Kenneth Sadie Diego Max Diego
Justin Clare Gerry Xavier Gabrielle Yule Shannon Ruth Kenneth Sadie Diego Max Diego Nicole
Nicole Roger Shannon Justin Kenneth Sadie Brooke Max Diego
Diego Roger Shannon Justin Sarah Sarah Brooke Justin Justin
Max Roger Shannon Justin Sarah Sarah Brooke Justin
Brooke Gerry Gerry Xavier Gabrielle Yule Shannon Ruth Kenneth Sadie Diego
Sadie Roger Shannon Justin Sarah Sarah
Kenneth Roger Shannon Justin Sarah
Ruth Roger Brooke Diego
Shannon Roger Brooke
Yule Clare Brooke Sarah Brooke Brooke
Gabrielle Clare Brooke Sarah Brooke
Xavier Clare Gerry Sarah
Gerry Clare Brooke
Clare Gerry
Roger Ruth
  • A tie in Episode 4 was broken after Sarah played her Hidden Immunity Idol.
  • In Episode 8, Justin played his Hidden Immunity Idol. The Castaway with the second highest amount of votes was eliminated.
  • A tie in Episode 9 was broken after Justin played his Hidden Immunity Idol on Sarah.
  • A tie in Episode 11 was broken after Diego played his Hidden Immunity Idol.
Jury vote
Finalist: Justin Sarah
Votes: 6-1
Juror Vote
Nicole Sarah
Diego Sarah
Max Sarah
Brooke Sarah
Sadie Sarah
Kenneth Justin
Ruth Sarah
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