1 "Amen" - Evan

4 jeeps roar down Guyana's jungle dirt roads, each carrying 4 contestants. The 16 people meet for the first time as they exit the vehichles. Jeff Probst welcomes them to Survivor: Guyana, and reveals that this isn't any regular season of Survivor - It's Battle of the Sexes.

Girls Tribe: Lindsey, Britney, Amy Jo, Kim, Kelly, Justine, Elisabeth, Andrea

Guys Tribe: Zach, Tony, Evan, Jonas, River, Moe, Silas, Ryan.

(Guys) Arriving to camp, the guys are elated. In his first confessional, Moe reveals that he doesn't want to sound like he's stereotyping but that he thinks he guys will be able to pumble the girls due to the difference in strength. River initiates a tribe huddle before they start working on their shelter in order to create tribe unity. Evan uses this moment to start a group prayer, which rubs Silas, who is openly gay, the wrong way. Silas vents in private that he thought it was inappropriate and he was uncomfortable. While things get started around camp, Evan initiates an alliance between himself, Silas, Jonas, and Tony. Silas finds the combination unusual, and doubts it'll last.

At the girls camp, Lindsey is verbally very excited about embarking on the experience of Survivor. Amy Jo quickly asserts herself as the tribe leader, insisting that she knows what to do. In a confessional Amy Jo reveals that she grew up on a farm her entire life, and that when it comes to building shelters, hunting, fishing, and camping, she just knows what she's talking about. Britney is more than okay with letting Amy Jo take the leader position as it puts a target on her back. Elisabeth and Andrea whisper to each other about how Amy Jo is already digging herself a grave. After sending a majority of the team into the woods for supplies, Amy Jo approaches Britney and Kim to solidify a deal. The two agree. Britney reveals that having a character like Amy Jo on her side is smarter than having her against. Kim doesn't trust Amy Jo.

Guys win Immunity! and 50 waterproof matches.

Amy Jo gives the team a pep talk, and assures them that next time things will go better. While fetching water Kelly and Justine talk about the vote. They know Amy Jo is the obvious choice, but say that she keeps a target off their backs, and that she does help around camp. Justine voices her opinions that Andrea doesn't do enough around camp, and that she wouldn't be missed. Kelly says she is okay with that decision and shakes Justine's hand on the idea. Elisabeth, Andrea, and Lindsey are talking strategy in the shelter. They feel that Justine lost the challenge on them, and that she should go. Justine walks up to Kim and Britney about voting to eliminate Andrea. Kim and Britney say that they are okay with the decision, and also tell Justine that they can swing Amy Jo to vote with them, guaranteeing majority. However at the same time, Lindsey goes to Amy Jo with the idea of voting out Justine. Amy Jo shakes with Lindsey on it. Later on Kim talks to Amy Jo about the plan, which catches her off guard. Amy Jo expresses she refuses to go back on her handshake, and suggests Kim and Britney flip. Kim doesn't agree. Kim voices that the smartest thing would be to take out Andrea, and that she hopes Amy Jo will flip. At Tribal Council there is a 4-4 tie between Andrea and Justine, both are caught off guard. The girls are forced to draw rocks. Britney is eliminated.

2 "Holy Moly" - Justine

Lindsey perclaims out of all the seasons of Survivor she has seen, that, that has to be the craziest first Tribal ever. Andrea and Justine both laugh it off and high five. In passing Kim shoots Amy Jo a look as if to say 'this isn't good', to which Amy Jo lipped the words "this sucks" back to her. Later on Andrea sits with Kelly and tells her she knows she voted against her. Andrea tells her that there's no hard feelings, and just wishes to know as to why she was voted for. Kelly is honest with Andrea and tells her that some people feel as though she's lazy around camp. In a confessional Andrea voices that she disagrees, but in a game like this has to listen to opinions. Andrea vowes that starting the next morning she will become a work horse. Kim and Amy Jo regroup, they know they need a third member again to be able to have any power in the game. They pull in Andrea.

At the Guys camp, the men spend a lot of time discussing the women. Ryan jokingly says he hopes they vote out some of the older girls so they have more to look at. These comments make both Evan and Silas feel uncomfortable, which they both talk about together on the beach. In a confessional Evan says it's funny, and that even though they don't see eye to eye on some things that they have more in common than one would think originally. River, being the tribes athlete, creates his very own sports game out of boredom. Coconut call requires half a coconut shell, in which you have to get over your oponents line in the sand to score. While playing Tony suffers an injury. His toe curls under his foot as he steps down and he breaks it. While he is in pain, the medics are able to bandage him up without pulling him from the game. Tony voices in a confessional his relief to be in an alliance that has his back. This ally Silas however has this to say, "If it helps the tribe, and gets me closer to the million, he'll have to go".

Girls win Reward. (Blankets, canned food, and other supplies!)

Guys win Immunity!

Returning to camp, Amy Jo, Andrea, and Kim are quick to run off together. After two consecuatively poor performances in the challenges, they feel it's Justine's turn to go home. Knowing that they need only one more vote, Andrea says that she'll talk to Elisabeth. Elisabeth insists that she doesn't trust Amy Jo, but that she will vote with them. Kelly see's the two talking and decides to sneak into some nearby bushes to listen. Kelly steps on and snaps some twigs, causing her to alert Andrea and Elisabeth's attention. They look in her direction and walk away. Kelly is unsure if she has been seen. Andrea and Elisabeth did, and Elisabeth is now insistant that they vote for Kelly. Andrea relays the information back to Amy Jo and Kim. Amy Jo jumps on board with voting out Kelly as she may know about the alliance. At Tribal there is yet another tie. A 3-3-1 vote forces a revote between Kelly and Justine. Kelly is voted out.

3 "Absolute Craziness" - Andrea

Returning to camp is utter caos. Andrea reveals that herself and Kim and swapped votes causing the tie. Explaining that Andrea loved the hectic nature after the last tie, and thought it would better her game to have it once again happen, especially with her name not involved in the tie. Andrea says due to Kim's slight distrust in Amy Jo, it was easy to convince her to swap for a little fun. In a confessional Kim says that she likes that Andrea's here to cause trouble, and that she also took part as a way to stick it to Amy Jo. Lindsey is confused, and can't even begin to understand what happened. She's even more confused as to why she recieved a vote. Amy Jo quickly pulls Kim to the side and says she thinks it was Andrea and Elisabeth to flipped for the first half of the vote, and that she doesn't understand why they both voted differently. In private Amy Jo says she always had bad feelings about Elisabeth, and that this event confirms they cannot work together. Andrea laughs about the condition of the camp, as it all came from herself convincing Kim to intentionally cause a tie for part 1 of the vote. Andrea says they never once planned to divert from the original plan to eliminate Kelly, and that she just wanted to stir the pot to take eyes off herself. Kim says she never imagined it working this well.

At the guys camp, Tony has been staying in the shelter as much as possible. Silas expresses his surprise that they were able to beat the women with Tony's injury as a factor. Evan tries to claim it's due to the power of prayer. Silas and Evan seem to have an odd friendship growing, which Silas refers to Evan as his 'frenemy'. As they are very different from one another, but still feel the same way on a lot of things, especially as it pertains to the game. Moe joins Tony in the shelter, and wishes him the best luck in the upcoming challenge. Moe tells Tony that he feels as though they should have each others backs. Tony agrees. Moe says if they lose a challenge it's likely Tony would leave, and that Moe would follow right after. In a confessional Moe says he knows how the game works, the younger fit contestants ban against the older ones. Moe doesn't want to follow the trend, and wants to come from behind and surprise all the "young buck" on his team.

Boys win Reward. (Fresh drinking water & organic shampoo.)

Boys win Immunity!

Justine knows she in trouble. This is the third challenge in a row she has lost for her team. In a confessional she says she knows she cannot keep losing these challenges and expect that her tribemates will vote other people off. Amy Jo has noticed, and says it's embarrassing to have someone on her team who can lose to a guy with a broken toe. There's no decision to be made, as the whole tribe unites on the vote. Justine is voted off the island.

4 "At Least We Got It On The First Try" - Amy Jo

The girls joke about how they finally accomplished their first Tribal Council without a tie. Andrea says in a confessional that if they were to lose another challenge that Amy Jo would likely be the one to go home. Lindsey doesn't know where she stands in the game, and claims to feel as though she's an extra in a movie. Lindsey doesn't feel as though she has any strong ties to anybody, but also feels as though Amy Jo has rubbed enough people the wrong way that she could survive at least one more vote. Elisabeth, Andrea, and Kim talk in the forrest before heading to bed for the night. They have a 3 strong majority alliance, and hope to help each other make it as far as they can. Elisabeth likes where she is at the moment. Elisabeth says that within her majority alliance she knows that her and Andrea would have each others backs before Kim's and that she's confident.

(Boys) Jonas, Zach, and Ryan have started to become quick friends. The three hadn't really associated too much within the first bit of the game, but recently have taken to each other. At this point, that leaves Moe on the males team as the only guy without a strong connection. Evan, Silas, Jonas, and Tony meet to discuss the possibilty of throwing a challenge. They know they have the numbers to overthrow the girls come the merge, and if they were to vote out either Zach, Moe, Ryan, or River they'd hold the majority to make final 4. Upon disbanding Tony instructs Silas and Evan to rejoin him, and he voices his concern about how close Jonas has been getting with Zach and Ryan. Tony says if they vote out one of those two boys, it could work out very well for them. Tony tells them that Moe has been getting friendly with him, and that Tony could probably manipulate Moe to vote with them.

Boys win Reward. (A Feast)

Boys win Immunity!

Returning to camp, Amy Jo, Andrea, Elisabeth, Kim, and Lindsey all look around at each other. The girls tribe is being desimated. They know one of them is about to hit the road. Andrea talks to Elisabeth and wants to vote off Lindsey. Lindsey has performed poorly in the challenge, and with the losing streak the girls are facing, they cannot afford to keep weak players. However Elisabeth doesn't want to differ from the plan of voting off Amy Jo. Elisabeth goes to Lindsey and tells her it's in her best interest to vote Amy Jo. Lindsey asks if that means her head is on the chopping block, to which Elisabeth nods to confirm. Lindsey asks why and Elisabeth tells her it's best to not lose focus and to try to get one more vote. Lindsey approaches Kim and asks what the possibility of getting her vote would be, Kim asks Lindsey what she has to offer. Lindsey says if she has to leave, that she just wants to know why it flipped to herself. Kim asks her why she thinks that she's on the hot seat. Lindsey tells Kim not to play and to just be honest, she tells Kim that Elisabeth came to her and told her, and she just wants answers before she leaves. Kim finds it interesting that Elisabeth would run to Lindsey and blurt out their plans like that. After talking to Lindsey for a while Kim starts to get worried about the game Elisabeth is playing. Kim calls Amy Jo over to join them. They discuss flipping the script on Elisabeth. Elisabeth is blindsided.

5 "I'm The Unluckiest Person To Ever Play This Game" - Amy Jo

Upon returning to camp the four remaining girls in the game, Amy Jo, Andrea, Kim, and Lindsey, find a note that says 'please read immediately'. Lindsey reads the note out loud. All it says is that their tribe must pick 3 representatives. Lindsey, Amy Jo, and Andrea volunteer. Kim jokingly says she's scared, as she is the only person on the tribe who didn't need to volunteer. Little do they know the boys recieved the same letter. Zach, Jonas, and River all agree to be their tribes representatives. The representatives leave camp and eventually meet in a little wooden hut where Jeff Probst is awaiting them. He tells them, they're switching tribes.

Former Guys tribe is now known simply as Green: Amy Jo, Andrea, Lindsey, Tony, Evan, Silas, Moe, Ryan

Former Girls tribe is now known simply as Beige: Kim, Jonas, Zach, and River

(Beige) Jonas, Zach, and River walk into camp. "Oh my god?", Kim exclaims. River jokingly asks if she's really not going to welcome them home. When Kim learns about the twist and that she'll now be living with the three boys, she covers her mouth in shock. In private Kim is not happy, she doesn't think they would keep her if they were to attend Tribal Council. She claims her heart wont stop racing and that she is extremely nervous saying she wish she had volunteered. Jonas, Zach, and River group together while Kim is away and agree to stick together.

(Green) When Amy Jo, Andrea, and Lindsey tell Tony, Evan, Moe and Ryan the twist, they all laugh about it. Lindsey is thrilled as she feels this gives her new life in the game. Amy Jo hopes now she'll be on a winning team. Amy Jo and Andrea decide it would be best to keep their previous alliance in tact and decide they need to pull Lindsey in. Amy Jo hopes Kim will surivive, but doubts she'll make it if they lose. Moe pulls the other four guys in for a pow-wow. Moe says they have the numbers if they stick together, and suggest that they all just vote out the girls one-by-one.

Beige wins Reward. (3 egg-laying chickens, and a rooster.)

Beige wins Immunity!

Amy Jo is pissed, no matter what she cannot seem to win a challenge. Amy Jo approaches Lindsey and tells her that despite their alliance, Amy Jo knows that Andrea has gone against her in the past. Amy Jo says that she trusts Lindsey more, and wants to ensure that they're both in the game come the morning. Lindsey gets to work and approaches Evan and Silas. She tells them that she wants to stay in the game, and that she hopes they vote for Andrea. Lindsey lies and tells the two boys that she is on the outs, and that Andrea has been calling the shots the entire game. Lindsey tells Silas and Evan that Andrea and Kim are thick as thieves, and she would hate to see them link up again when the teams merge. Andrea is voted out.

6 "First Time For Everything" - Kim

Returning to camp Lindsey and Amy Jo had hugs for all. Both were extremely thankful that the boys had kept them. In a confessional Amy Jo explains it was the best thing to do, as the boys wouldn't have voted out any of their own members. Lindsey is thankful that Amy Jo had enough trust within her to go back on her word with Andrea. However Lindsey reveals she wont be afraid to backstab Amy Jo as this could be the key to finally having a secure alliancein the game. Tony and Moe whisper in the shelter about Amy Jo. Moe is worried about her, and reveals to Tony that he gets the impression that she is smarter than they take her for. Tony agrees that he sees what he does. Tony takes the chance to throw her under the bus saying with merge coming it would be smart to take her out as she is a physical threat. Tony is feeling incredibly good at this moment as he is almost guaranteed to go far since once they merge, his broken toe will deminish his threatening persona.

At the Beige tribe Kim is trying to prove her worth. She loved the feeling of finally winning a challenge, but knows that if her team was to lose another challenge, she'd be in trouble. River and Kim have been spending a lot of time together, and Jonas doesn't like it. River admits that he finds Kim to be an attractive girl, but that he's going to think with the head that's attached to his shoulders. Kim however is trying to get him to use his other one. In a confessional she appologizes to her mother as she vowes she will do anything it takes to stay in the game.

Green wins Reward. (2 Large Pizza's)

Beige wins Immunity!

Moe confirms with Tony that he thinks Amy Jo should be the one to leave. Tony agrees and promises to carry the information. Tony meets with Silas and Evan and Tony tells them that Moe wants to vote out Amy Jo, and that he happens to agree. Silas later talks to Evan about an apparent Moe problem. Silas tells Evan that he feels Moe is trying too hard to cuddle up with Tony. Evan says he can see what Silas is saying, and hopes that he's not using Tony's influence to control their alliance. Silas asks Evan what he would think of taking out Moe, Evan says that he'd be willing to do it. Silas knows he'd have the votes, all he'd have to do is talk to Amy Jo and Lindsey, but he doesn't want to burn the bridge with Tony, so he approaches him first. Tony doesn't like the sound of it, but tells Silas that he understands his worries. Tony assures Silas that he wouldn't hurt any relationship the two have formed, but that he wouldn't take part in voting out Moe. Moe is blindsided.

7 "You Don't Use Me And Face Zero Consequence" - Lindsey

Amy Jo, Silas, Jonas, Lindsey, Tony, Kim, River, Evan, Zach, and Ryan all make the merge. Amy Jo and Kim give each other a big hug upon their reunion. While doing so Kim whispers to Amy Jo that she might just have their saviour. Ryan mentions that Zach, Jonas, and River are the first 3 in Survivor history to make the merge without attending Tribal Council. After the inital celebrations, Kim and Amy Jo wander off and Kim tells Amy Jo that she thinks she has River on her side. Amy Jo jumps up and down with excitment at the news. Back at camp Lindsey notices that Amy Jo and Kim have taken off togehter, causing her to feel used and replaced. In a confessional Lindsey says that making her feel that way was the wrong move to make. Jonas reunites with his alliance of Tony, Evan, and Silas, and the four reconnect. They solidify that they're all still going to aim for top 4 together.

Ryan wins Immunity!

Kim immediately heads to the beach with River, she knows that he is the only lifeline for any girl left in the game. Amy Jo tips off Lindsey, and tells her that they have to distract the boys long enough while Kim goes to work. Jonas however does notice, and relays it to Tony, Evan, and Silas. Tony is quick to jump on the information and declares they should change their vote from Amy Jo, to Kim. Jonas however asks them to hear him out. Jonas suggests that they take out River. Jonas says River is a major physical threat, and on top of that if he's so quick to jump with the women, than he cannot be trusted. However down on the beach, River is honest with Kim and tells her that he doesn't think it would work for him to jump ship with the girls. At Tribal Council Lindsey, Amy Jo and Kim are all shocked as they are spared. River is blindsided.

8 "What Now?" - Lindsey

Coming back into camp the girls are stunned but appreciative. Kim feels bad for River, but says she feels less bad since he was so willing to screw her over. Jonas, Tony, Silas, and Evan pull each other aside where Jonas assures the other three boys that they made the right decision. Lindsey whispers to Amy Jo what their next plan of action will be, to which Amy Jo shrugs and says she has no idea. Ryan tells Zach that no matter what Amy Jo needs to be the next to leave, he agrees.

Auction Reward. Everyone wins something.

Evan wins Immunity!

Zach and Ryan talk in the shelter, and decide that it's official. Amy Jo didn't manage to save herself, and she has to go. Kim and Lindsey talk about the vote and try to think about how they can twist it. Kim says to Lindsey that she thnks their best bet would be campaigning against Amy Jo. In a confessional Kim says that it's nothing person, just that the girls are in a spot of life or death. Kim goes to Silas and tells him that if they spare them for Amy Jo, that they'll have his back if anything was to arise. Silas likes the sound of this, shakes on it, and says he'll see what he can do. Silas goes to Tony, Jonas, and Evan. Silas asks if the smart vote tonight really would be a girl. He tells the boys that he thinks the smarter move would be to vote Zach, then Ryan next, as they would be able to have an easier time trampling the girls in a move for final 4. Evan agrees and says that, that actually makes sense. Tony however is unsure if that's the right move for them. Zach is blindsided.

9 "Blindsided... But Still In The Game" - Ryan

Ryan is shocked returning to camp. He had voted for Amy Jo as nobody had informed him about the switch to eliminating Zach. Amy Jo sighs a breath of relief. Silas goes to Kim and tells her that he has her back, along with Amy Jo's and Lindsey's, and that he hopes he can expect the same support. Kim hugs and thanks him. Silas explains that Ryan should be the next to be voted out, and that after that is when things will get tricky. In a confessional Kim explains that, that leads her to believe he's with Tony, Evan, and Jonas. Evan begins to worry that when it comes down to it, that Silas will continue with the girls instead of having his back.

Lindsey wins Reward.

Tony wins Immunity!

Returning to camp Silas is quick to check in with the girls and tell them that the plan to oust Ryan is in full effect. Lindsey, Amy Jo, an Kim have their own little talk and are estatic about the way things seem to be going in their own favor. Evan however is starting to get worried, and voices his concerns directly to Silas. Silas reassures him that he'll always have his back. Evan tells Silas that he wants to vote off a girl this round to ensure that even if they take out Ryan next, they'll still have superior numbers over the females. Silas says he doesn't think that, that's a good idea, but Evan tells Silas that he's starting to find Evans motives flakey. In a confessional Evan says he doesn't want to sound like he's grouping Silas, but that homosexuals more times than not get along with females better and is worried that Silas would flip. Lindsey is blindsided.

10 "Lies, All He Does Is Lie." - Amy Jo

Kim pulls Silas aside and demands to know why he lied. Amy Jo joins the conversations and tells him there was no point to give them the false hope. Silas insists it wasn't false hope, and that he did genuinely plan on voting Ryan off with them. Silas said if he had've gone through with the plan it would've cost him his own game, but that he did indeed help them buy putting the target onto Lindsey instead of Amy Jo. Evan sees Silas over with the two remaining girls and knows that he's just trying to patch things up. Evan decides it's time to take this information to Jonas and Tony and that they might want to think about bringing Ryan into their alliance to replace Silas.

Silas wins Reward.

Silas wins Immunity!

Jonas approaches Silas and tells him that he needs to stop campaigning so hard for the girls. Jonas elaborates to Silas that the alliance, specifically Evan, are starting to become specticle of his loyalties, and that there's talk of replacing him with Ryan. Silas says in a confessional that this was unexpected, but that he needs to regroup. Silas decides that he's going to target Kim. Eliminating Kim would take out a girl, yet keep Amy Jo in the game, who's been a big target. Kim is eliminated.

11 "It's Time For A Change" - Amy Jo

Returning to camp Amy Jo gives Silas a big hug and thanks him for saving him. He tells her that she is welcome, and quickly scurries her away. Evan isn't feeling as secure as he would like to, neither does Ryan. Meanwhile Tony and Jonas feel super secure with their place in the game. Amy talks to Silas about the idea of making a big move, but he tells her that she's more of a scapegoat to him at this point, leaving her offended.

Silas wins Reward.

Jonas wins Immunity!

Evan approaches Silas about Tony and Jonas. He tells Silas that they've begun the full swing together replacing Silas with Ryan within their own alliance. Silas is not happy about this, and begins to go into a fit of worry. Silas knows he has won the last 3 competitions, and that makes him a big enough target as it is. Silas asks Evan if he would be okay forcing a tie, suggesting they'd get Amy Jo to vote with them. Evan says he doesn't know, and that it sounds risky.

Voting historyEdit

Original Tribes Swapped Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Finale
Eliminated: Tie Tie Britney Tie Kelly Justine Elisabeth Andrea Moe River Zach Lindsey Kim
Votes: 4I8Votes 3I6Votes Eliminated 3I7Votes 4I5Votes 5I6Votes 4I5Votes 7I8Votes 5I7Votes 7I10Votes 7I9Votes 5I8Votes 5I7Votes
Voter Vote


Andrea AmyJo River Zach Lindsey Kim


River Zach Lindsey Kim


Andrea Moe River Zach Lindsey Kim


Andrea Moe River Zach Lindsey Kim


Andrea Moe River AmyJo Lindsey Kim


Justine Justine Safe Justine Kelly  Justine Elisabeth Andrea Moe Zach Zach Ryan Silas
Kim Andrea Andrea Safe Kelly Kelly Justine Elisabeth Zach Zach Ryan Silas
Lindsey Justine Justine Safe Justine Justine Justine Elisabeth Andrea Moe Zach Zach Ryan
Zach River AmyJo
River AmyJo
Moe Andrea AmyJo
Andrea Justine None Immunity Lindsey Kelly Justine Lindsey Moe
Elisabeth Justine Justine Safe Justine Kelly Justine Lindsey
Justine Andrea None Immunity Kelly None Andrea
Kelly Andrea Andrea Safe Justine None
Britney Andrea Andrea Eliminated