1 "The Most Obvious Alliance In Survivor History" - Christy

The two tribes, Nippon and Nihonjin, enter from either side of a field. Getting their first looks at each other, they are then told to select a leader. Mikki self-elects herself for the Nippon tribe, while Brad is elected for the Nihonjin tribe. Jeff asks them who they think the best player on their tribe is. Mikki chooses Ambrose while Brad says himself. In the first twist of the season both players are then forced to switch tribes.

At Nippon, Mikki, Kelly, Jon, Jack and Brad form the seasons first alliance. Brad feels releaved as he felt he may have screwed himself in the tribe switch. While everyone else builds the shelter, they talk game off to the side. Christy immediately notices and in private confesses that they are very bad at hiding their little clique.

Things run smoothyl at Nihonjin, and the camp is quickly completed.That night Ashley, Ambrose, Craig, and Ricardo say up near the campfire talking and laughing. They create an alliance based on their friendship. The next morning Craig reveals that he thinks Ashley is a beautiful girl, and may be developing a school boy crush on her.

Nihonjin wins Immunity!

Nippon returns to camp ready to vote off their first member. Christy knows that Mikki, Kelly, Jon, Jack, and Brad have the numbers which means either herself, Marquis, or Kim will be leaving. She knows Marquis is valuable to the team so she approaches them with the idea of voting out Kim before they can think about voting off her. They all agree it's what's best for their tribe, Kim is voted off.

2 "Shut Up!" - Jack

Returning to camp, Christy knows she needs an in. If the tribe is to lose another challenge, she'll likely go home. Mikki begins to rub some of her tribe mates the wrong way with her loud, obnoxious personality. Kelly questions if aligning with her was the right idea for her sanity. That night as the tribe settles into bed she continues to keep her tribemates up with her laughing, and her stories. Jack is becoming quickly short tempered. However Christy loves it, she knows this could be her chance.

Over as Nihonjin love is in the air. Craig and Ashley spend hours upon hours together swimming, catching fish, and just flirting on the beach. Ashley reveals that she loves to flirt, and says the attention that Craig gives her is fun to receive. Charlotte and Carol, the tribes two older contestants, watch from afar. They believe Ashley is just using Craig for strategic purposes, and go as far as calling her a "slut".

Nihonjin wins Reward.

Nihonjin wins Immunity!

Nippon returns to camp frusterated. They've lost all 3 challenges the game as thrown at them. Christy is beyond freaking out, she knows she is on the chopping block. She approaches Kelly and pretends Marquis had approached her about voting off Jack, who she knows Kelly was aligned with, and said she'd rather vote off Marquis. She had hoped that this might plant a seed that would continue to the other four. Kelly finds Jack in the shelter and tells him the news. Jack is surprised, but very blunt. So he heads right over to Marquis and asks him if it's the truth, which of course he denies. They call over Christy and she insists that Marquis is lying and he did indeed want to target Jack. Christy is voted off for being the weaker of the two.

3 "A Storm's A Comin'" - Ashley

Nippon returns to camp. Mikki can't help but wonder if they're going about things the right way. She talks to Kelly, and asks her opinion. Is it right to vote off people like Christy over their allies Jon, and Jack? They are after all a bit older. Kelly reassures her that they're fine. Mikki expresses that she just doesn't want to be stuck on the tribe that loses challenge after challenge.

Ashley and Celene have some girl talk on the beach. Celene is poking about Craig, and whether she actually likes him. Ashley admits she is attracted to him, but doesn't want to let that get in the way of the game. Celene asks if they've kissed, Ashley laughs and says the idea is disgusting considering they're on Survivor Island.

Nihonjin wins Reward.

Nippon wins Immunity!

Nihonjin is going to Tribal Council, and Charlotte and Carol wish to take out Ashley. They don't like the way she's playing the boys, and want to take out the "showmance". They approach Celene with the idea, and she says she'll have to think about it. Due to the lukewarm responce, they go to Bob who agrees to join whole heartedly. They once again to go Celene saying they only need 1 more vote to at least guarantee a tie. Celene agree's to get them to leave her alone. Celene then carries the information to Ashley, who then carries it to Ambrose, Craig, and Ricardo. They decide to target the alliance that's targetting them. Bob is voted off for being the weakest.

4 "She's A Liar" - Charlotte

Moral is higher than ever at the Nippon camp. After finally winning their first challenge, they're feeling like they might not be as hopeless after all. Back home Mikki is a massage therapist, out of boredom she opens her own "spa" on the beach for a day. Kelly was thrilled about the idea's of a rub down and sand scrub, but Jon was just convinced that it was Mikki's way of gaining attention. Both Jack and Jon were becoming tired of her obnoxious personality.

Meanwhile at Nihonjin, Charlotte and Carol wanted to talk in private with Celene. Celene had promised them there vote, so last nights tribal council should have resulted in a tie. Celene tells them she was asked afterwords to vote Bob out for strength, and that she thought it was a better plan. Charlotte and Carol don't believe her and are frusterated that she'd lie directly to their faces.

Nippon wins Reward.

Nippon wins Immunity!

Returning to camp Ashley tells Celene that she'd like to see Charlotte leave. Celene has no problem with that. Charlotte and Carol also ask Celene how she intended on voting tonight, which she answered honestly. Celene directly told them if they didn't like her lying, then they were going to get the truth. Charlotte wasn't surprised her name was floating around, and was depressed she wasn't going to win the game for her family, however she decided to take the news respectfully. Charlotte is eliminated.

5 "_________ Idiot" - Ashley

(Nippon) Both being the younger men of the tribe, Brad and Marquis are drawn to each other. They both have similar interests and have bonded well. They're starting to see the ties between Jon, Jack, Kelly and Mikki, and know they could be in hot water. They toy with the idea of an all-guys alliance, that way if they lose the next two challenges they still have a merge guarantee. They talk to Jon and he listens to the idea. Although he doesn't like the idea of breaking his word - he doesn't know how much longer he wishes to share a camp with Mikki. He says it's definitely something to consider and that he'll approach Jack about it.

(Nihonjin) Ashley, Craig, and Celene are all laying in the shelter. Ashley doesn't know why Charlotte wanted her out so bad, and why Carol still voted against her even though she knew they didn't have the votes. Craig says she's stupid, and the next to go."I really can't stand that girl", she says. In a confessional Celene voices that she understands her frusterations,but doesn't believe in smack talking, especially not in a game. Carol comes up behind the shelter and over listens to their conversation, she see's Ambrose coming and continues to wander away. Ambrose joins them and laughs, "You know she was just right there listening to you guys talk about her, right?" Ashley rolls her eyes and proclaims she doesn't care, then speaks louder stating she doesn't have to listen that she'll say it right to her face.

Nippon wins Reward.

Nihonjin wins Immunity!

Returning to camp Marquis and Brad connect the dots, and know they're in the hot seat. Marquis is the weaker competitor, but with merge coming would ousting Brad be smarter? Brad goes to Jon to see if the all-guys alliance is still on the table. Jon says he's still thinking. Brad knows this isn';t good news. Jon and Jack have had well over a day, and if they were interested they would have decided by now. Marquis is voted off.

6 "Too Much" - Jack

Kelly's stressed. She knows she has a spot in the merge thanks to her alliance, but if her tribe doesn't win the next immunity challenge, it doesn't matter. Jon approaches Brad and appologizes and explains that he just doesn't think swapping sides would've been any good for himself. Brad expresses that it's really unfortunate, but that he understands it's a game. The two joke about how nice it would've been to vote off Mikki.

Ashley continues with her Carol bashing, and it's starting to annoy some of her fellow castaways. Even Celene who is Ashley's closest friend on the island is becoming tired. She feel's it's nasty and getting closer and closer to crossing the line. Craig also voices his disgust at her comments, and elaborates she might not be the girl he thought she was originally.

Nippon wins Reward.

Nihonjin wins Immunity!

Brad sits on the beach analyzing the situation. He knows the future is bleak, but knows as long as he is still in the game that he has hope. Jack misses home, and is starting to find the conditions rough. He considers leaving the game but Kelly gives him a pep talk to stay. He agrees, Jon, Jack, Kelly and Mikki confirm their plan to vote off Brad. At Tribal Council however Jack decides that he is done with the game, and quits.

7 "She's Intolerable" - Ashley

Mikki, Kelly, Jon, Brad, Ashley, Carol, Celene, Ambrose, Ricardo, and Craig all make the merge. During the celebration meal Ashley makes some off-putting comments. Brad knows he is on the outs and begins looking for an Immunity Idol clue. Carol approaches Brad and lets him know she knows exactly what he is doing. She assures him not to worry, as she needs to find it herself. After talking they learn they're both bottom feeders in the game and decide to team up. Back at camp Mikki is being loud, and telling jokes. Ashley wonders how the former Nippon tribe managed to live with her all of this time.

Carol wins Immunity!

Carol and Brad start talking and Carol wants to know if she should vote with the rest of his former tribe. Brad says that they're so close, it would be stupid to stick with them. Brad asks if there's cracks in the former Nihonjin tribal alliance. Carol says she's unsure but knows people are being rubbed the wrong way by Ashley. Craig, Ashley, Ambrose, Celene, and Ricardo talk about the upcoming vote. Ashley quickly suggests Mikki's name for the chopping block. Ambrose quickly rebutes it as he's unsure that voting off a weaker person just because they're annoying is a smart thing to do. Craig suggests she's worth living with even for 3 more days, so they can target a bigger fish like Brad. Celene and Kelly talk down by the beach and Kelly suggests Brad to leave. Kelly knows that Nihonjin has the numbers, and thinks it would be smart to suggest someone not in their alliance. Celene finds it fishy that Kelly would offer up someone so easily, and figured it meant something was up. To play it safe, Kelly is voted off.

8 "Keep Going!" - Jon

Instead of 6/10, the vote was 7/10. Jon and Mikki knew they didn't flip, so it had to be Brad. Mikki was rather upset and decided to confront him about it. She calls him a sell out which fires him up. He demands to know how he was a sell out. They were never alligned. They just wanted to be with him now at the merge, just to use him. He laughs and says he'd be crazy to let that happen. Mikki exclaims they had an unspoken merge deal, and Brad says she is crazy. He tells her he took his fate into his own hands and has now guaranteed himself at least 3 more days than herself. Jon is loving it. He knows himself and Mikki are currently in the hot seat, and the more Mikki blows up the better it is for himself.

Brad wins Reward.

Ricardo wins Immunity!

After the challenge, everyone returns from camp. Brad and Carol sneak off and plan to finally vote off Mikki. Celene however, has other plans. After the blow up between Brad and Mikki, she started thinking. Carol knew she was in danger, and Ashley only put salt in the wound. Who's to say she wouldn't do the same thing as Brad? Beyond that she has proven she can win competitions. She approaches Ashley knowing that if she gets Ashley, Craig will be on board, and by association Ambrose and Ricardo. Celene asks Ashley her opinion of voting Carol off and she says she wouldn't mind. Ashley tells Celene she'll run it passed Craig. Carol is voted out.

9 "That's The Biggest No-No." - Celene

Brad is blindsided by Carol's elimination, but he's smart and decides to play it cool. He knows when he's in a position like that the last thing he should do is freak out. Both Mikki and Jon are surprised too, surprised they're both still in the game. Celene and Ashley meet in private to gloat about the first blindside they managed to pull off together. Later on Ashley and Craig go for a walk in the woods. In a confessional Craig explains things have been weird between and Ashley and himself, they have many ups and downs. Ashley does legitimately like him, but knows for game sake she needs him to stay close. So when he expresses these feelings, she kisses him. She later in private worms around at the idea of kissing such a dirty mouth, after all it's been awhile since either have brushed their teeth.

Mikki wins Reward.

Brad wins Immunity!

Ashley and Craig return to camp holding hands. Celene pulls her aside and warns that, that could potentially paint a huge target on her back. Celene wasn't the only one to notice. Ambrose and Ricardo are worried that Ashley could get in the way, as their alligance is much stronger to Craig. Mikki and Jon also discuss how they could use it to their advantage. Jon talks to Ricardo about maybe voting out Craig, he says its possible, but unlikely. Ricardo tells Jon in confidence that if he campaigns against Ashley he'd have better success. Ricardo then goes to Craig and tells him about the conversation, and that Ashley is making him a target. He suggests that Craig plays the game, and casts his vote for Ashley tonight. Jon also tells his to Mikki. Ambrose, Ricardo, Mikki, and Jon all vote for Ashley. Craig casts a throw away vote for Celene. Ashley is voted out of the game.

10 "Put Her Out Of Her Misery" - Ricardo

Craig feels extremely guilty about pulling the wool over Ashley's eyes, but knows it was for his game. Celene is speechless, she doesn't know what happened to lead up to what transpired at Tribal Council, but knows it puts her ass on the roaster. Craig sits down to talk with Celene one on one so she understands. She expresses that it's a game, and she is not mad. Celene says she wishses she had a heads up, but knows why she did not. Mikki and Jon talk about pulling in Celene, and Brad, and making a pact for final 4 and taking out the 3 strong guys.

Brad wins Reward.

Celene wins Immunity!

Ricardo, Craig, and Ambrose decide it's time to vote off Mikki. They find her unbarable to live with, and say this day hasn't come fast enough. They talk to Celene and she says she is on board with the plan. Jon then talks to Celene about a final 4 deal. This throws waves into her plan, because she does feel that the 3 guys could be a very huge wall in her way. Ultimately she decides to stick to her initial word. Mikki leaves the game.

11 "This Could Be Explosive" - Celene

Jon and Brad are the final two members of Nippon left in the game against Celene, Ambrose, Craig, and Ricardo from Nihonjin. Celene is starting to worry about her place within her alliance. But has faith that at most, she'll be able to convince Craig that Ambrose and Ricard will always have each others backs. She knows there has yet to be an Immunity Idol played this season, and wonders if she could find it? With only two Tribal Councils left now would be he time. She leads off into the woods and searches in all the spots she has seen used before. In tree's, under rocks, etc. She eventualy finds it hidden in a hole in an old, dead tree. She does a happy dance and says that the Idol could be her million dollars.

Craig wins Reward.

Ricardo wins Immunity!

Returning to camp, Celene debates using the Idol on someone else to potentially take out Ambrose. Later on Craig, Ambrose, Ricardo, and Celene talk about the vote. They agree that it's a no brainer to vote off Brad, as he is stronger in challenges than Jon. Celene talks to Brad and Jon and tells them that Brad is the one in danger, and tells them she wont say what, but she has a plan to save them. She makes them promise if she follows through, that they have to have her back. They agree. At Tribal Council Celene pulls out her Hidden Immunity Idol and uses it on Brad. Ambrose, having the next highest amount of votes, is voted off.

12 "I Was Right, Explosive" - Celene

"What the hell was that?", Ricardo exclaimed. Celene tries to explain herself, but Ricardo is so mad that he doesn't let her speak. He repeats that he was never targetting her - he looked out for her. Craig tries to calm him down, but he keeps yelling that she has made a mistake. Brad joins Craig in defusing the situation. Celene plays the somber card and wanders off. In private she reveals that was all for show and that she feels great about the move, and the target Ricardo made of himself.

Ricardo wins Reward.

Brad wins Immunity!

Brad and Jon join to talk about the power player Celene has become after the previous Tribal Council, and wonder if it would be in their favour voting her out. Ricardo made it clear he wants her out and that would guarantee them right through into the finale. They shake hands and agree on the move. They go to Craig and Ricardo and they say that they'll vote her out if they want to. Ricardo expresses his shock, he assumed Celene, Jon, and Brad would vote him off. Celene is eliminated.

Finale "Here We Go" - Ricardo

Jon, Brad, Craig, and Ricardo enter the finals ready to go to war. It's 2-2, and things should be interesting heading into the final 3 days of competition.

Brad wins Immunity!

The two groups know neither duo is budging, and head to Jeff awaiting at Tribal Council. There is a tie between Jon and Craig. During the revote Ricardo backstabs his long time ally, Craig, in hopes of having an easier time beating Jon. Craig is voted off.

Jon is very thankful to the two boys for keeping him. Somehow former Nippon, Jon and Brad, seemed to for the first time in Survivor history over come the merge numbers advantage, and now hold the numbers heading into the last challenge.

Ricardo wins Immunity!

The final 3 are then rushed to Tribal Council. Brad is voted out.

Final Two: Jon & Ricardo

Winner: Jon

Fan Favorite Award: Ashley

Voting historyEdit

Original Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Finale
Eliminated: Kim Christy Bob Charlotte Marquis Jack Kelly Carol Ashley Mikki Ambrose Celene Tie Craig Brad
Votes: 7I8Votes 6I7Votes 5I8Votes 5I7Votes 4I6Votes Withdrew 7I10Votes 5I9Votes 4I8Votes 4I7Votes 3I6Votes 4I5Votes 2I4Votes 2I2Votes 1I1Votes
Voter Vote
Jon Kim Christy Marquis Ambrose Ambrose Ashley Ambrose Ambrose Celene Craig None None
Ricardo Bob Charlotte Kelly Carol Ashley Mikki Brad Celene Jon Craig Brad
Brad Kim Christy Mikki Kelly Mikki Ambrose Ambrose Ambrose Celene Craig Craig None
Craig Bob Charlotte Kelly Carol Celene Mikki Brad Celene Jon None
Celene Bob Charlotte Kelly Carol Mikki Mikki Ambrose Ricardo
Ambrose Bob Charlotte Kelly Carol Ashley Mikki Brad
Mikki Kim Christy Marquis Ambrose Ambrose Ashley Ambrose
Ashley Bob Charlotte Kelly Carol Mikki
Carol Ashley Ashley Kelly Mikki
Kelly Kim Christy Marquis Ambrose
Jack Kim Christy Marquis
Marquis Kim Christy Mikki
Charlotte Ashley Ashley
Bob Ashley
Christy Kim Marquis
Kim Jack
  • During the tie in Episode 11, Celene played her Idol on Brad, eliminating Ambrose.
Jury vote
Finalist: Jon Ricardo
Votes: 5-2
Juror Vote
Brad Jon
Craig Jon
Celene Jon
Ambrose Ricardo
Mikki Jon
Ashley Jon
Carol Ricardo
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