1 "This Is Kenya, Kenya Is Dangerous" - Tiffany

The Kikuyu tribe, consisting of Jannah, Tamara, Jada, Christopher, Ellie, Canaan, Jeremy and Ned, enters from the left side of the field. Luhya consisting of Rachel, Greg, Dana, Colby, Davey, Helen, Klint, and Tiffany enters from the right. They are welcomed to Survivor: Kenya. They are warned about the elements and are given a quick tutorial on how to survive in the rough enviroment.

At Kikuyu, Jada, Christopher, Jeremy and Ned quickly form an alliance while their other tribemates aren't looking. It's Jada's brainchild. Being a fan of the show she knows she needs to start off with a strong deal if she wishes to proceed deep in the game. Ned is the most unsure of the group, feeling the whole ordeal came along too fast.

Meanwhile over at Luhya, things are runing smoothly. The teams main concern is building a shelter to hide themselves from the harsh African sun. Later that night, Greg, Colby, Davey, Helen and Tiffany hang out under a huge tree located near the camp. They decide to stick together to knock the other three out of their tribe.

Luhya wins Immunity!

Kikuyu is heading to Tribal Counicl, and Canaan is not happy about it. Ellie describes him as a typical southern redneck, with too much testosterone. Knowing she's one of the weakest in the whole competition Tamara devises a smear campaign against Ellie, who is also viewed as weak. Ultimately this proves futile as Tamara is the first voted out.

2 "The Annoying Witch Doctor" - Rachel

(Kikuyu) Returning to camp, Ellie is very vocally thankful for her tribe keeping her. Jannah reveals in a confessional that she finds Ellie to be annoying, and was close to switching her vote. The next morning Jannah and Jada are near the river soaking up the sun, and Jannah begins to voice her frusterations with Ellie. Jada is careful to not say anything leaning one way or another, in hopes she can use this information later on. Canaan, Jeremy, and Christopher start to spend a noticeably large amount of time together. This worries Ned and Jada, but Jannah feels that it's just friendships forming over similar age groups.

The Luhya camp is in high spirits. The game talk is to a minimum, their camp life is good, and they just won immunity. Nothing could be better, or so it seems. Dana is a unique character who is very into the spiritual world. Dana is very open about her idea's, and loves to talk about them. As far as Rachel's concerned, Dana crosses the line to shoving it down her throat too often. Rachel compares it to religon and says if Dana doesn't learn to tone it down, she could find herself in trouble. Tiffany finds herself regretting her 5 person alliance. She has formed a tight bond with Greg, but everyone else (Colby, Davey, and Helen) she doesn't see as trustworthy. She confides in Greg and he too voices his own concerns.

Kikuyu wins Reward.

Luhya wins Immunity!

Kikuyu is heading to their second Tribal Council, and Ellie is stressed. She knows her name came up last round, and that there's a very good chance she could leave this time as well. She decides to try and aim her efforts at Canaan. Canaan is a very loud, rambuncitous personality. Someone Ellie sees as being easy to paint a target on. Ellie is the second to be eliminated.

3 "Keep Your Friends Close, But Your Enemies Closer" - Jada

(Kikuyu) Canaan arrives back to camp stunned that Ellie had chose him of all people to be voted out. The talks in private with Jeremy and Christopher to ask if he had done anything wrong, and if more than just Ellie had something against him. Jeremy assures Canaan that Ellie was just casting a throw away vote. Jada's growing suspicion of the Jeremy, Christopher, and Canaan friendship causes her to grow closer to Jannah. She describes Jannah as disposable, but that she might need her if she can't cut Canaan soon.

Over at Luhya Davey feels that things are at a stand still. His alliance hasn't been tested yet due to their immunity wins, and he's curious about how loyal everyone is. In a confessional Davey voices his thoughts that voting out people from his team might not necessarily be a bad thing. Rachel and Tiffany sit down and talk and both note that it was their first genuine conversation in the game. Going forward Rachel hopes to use Tiffany as a vote to perhaps vote out Dana. Tiffany hopes that she might be able to rely on Rachel, if her alliance of 5 goes sour.

Kikuyu wins Reward.

Luhya wins Immunity!

Canaan is pissed about the third loss in a row. In a confessional Jannah rolls her eyes and talks about damage to his ego. Everyone is worried about the possibility of all being early merge casualties if this continues, but not Jada. Jada sees this as an opportunity. Jada takes aim to vote off Canaan, to secure Jeremy and Christopher stay tight with herself and Ned. She approaches the three boys (Ned, Christopher, and Jeremy) with the plan to vote off Canaan, but gets shut down immediately. Jada goes into panic mode and begins to realize she could have a potentially huge problem on her hands. Jannah is targeted by the boys and voted off. As she leaves he Tribal Council area she turns to Jada and says, "They're taking out the girls, watch out."

4 "Do I Trust Them?" - Jada

Kikuyu returns to camp, and Jada's wheels are spinning. She knows that she has a secret alliance with Ned, Jeremy, and Christopher, therefore Jannah's comment was made out of ignorance of the situation. However she can't help but think, what if? What if the guys have a secret alliance to dominate the girls? She doesn't want to risk it and exclaims this Immunity is critical.

At Luhya, Dana does her best to create instruments out of wood, tree bark, and anything else she can find laying around. She enjoys filling the afternoon if hums, and singing, while playing these homemade instruments. It begins to become an ongoing gag between the rest of the tribe with how much she can piss Rachel off, as word quickly spreads about her feelings toward Dana. Tiffany talks to Greg in private about forming a side alliance with Rachel. Greg likes the idea but worries that Rachel is an emotional player, and aligning with someone volitile like that could end up going very badly. Tiffany expresses that she thinks everything will turn out okay.

Luhya wins Reward.

Luhya wins Immunity!

Jada, Christopher, Canaan, Ned, and Jeremy all return to the Kikuyu camp. Ned makes the comment of disbelief that this was all that remained. Jada is worried heading into tribal, Canaan SHOULD go if the alliance holds up, but she has her doubts. She knows to play smart though, if she scatters the boys could flip on her. In the end her worries are for nothing as the alliance stays strong. Canaan leaves the island.

5 "Burn Baby, Burn!" - Rachel

At Kikuyu, Jada, Christopher, Jeremy, and Ned celebrate the success of their alliance, and being able to be the last four remaining on their tribe. Ned voices the blunt reality that none of them stand a chance of winning, which Jada quickly shuts down. She knows she has to keep Ned's head in the game. Now that the alliance of 4 is all that's left, they have to turn on each other. Jeremy and Christopher have been friends since the start which means Jada's only fighting chance stands with Ned.

It's night at Luhya, and Rachel's ready to cause a little caos. Most of the tribe is asleep, and Rachel scurries away from the shelter. She reappears after grabbing some of Dana's homemade instruments and throws them into the fire. After some comments at Dana's expense, Rachel chuckles and climbs back into the shelter. The next morning Dana notices that her stuff is missing. Helen is quick to mention that Rachel was up to something last night. Helen says that considering Rachel's feelings toward her, she could be to blame. Dana is caught offguard, she had no idea Rachel did not like her. Dana approaches Rachel and asks her if she had thrown her stuff into the fire. Rachel calmly admits to it, and shows no remorce. Dana questions why she'd do that, and Rachel tells her that she just doesn't like her. Rachel walks away from the situation, leaving behind a very stunned and confused Dana.

Kikuyu wins Reward.

Kikuyu wins Immunity!

Luhya is heading to their first Tribal Council. Greg, Tiffany, Colby, Davey, and Helen meet to discuss who should go home. Helen tries to throw Rachel's name into the mix for creating drama, but Greg and Tiffany quickly shut her down. Greg says at first he thought Dana should go, but keeping the drama in the game keeps targets away from them. He suggests that they make the easy vote to eliminate Klint. Klint has made no personal bonds with anyone on their team, and is the weakest in the challenges. Helen has a hard time with the idea. Helen voices her low opinions of Rachel in a confessional. Klint is voted off.

6 "Don't Trust Anyone" - Ned

Its been a very unproductive day at the Kikuyu camp. The immunity win may have been slightly too late for a morale boost. Jada pulls Ned aside and purposes a side alliance. She elaborates on Jeremy and Christopher's friendship, and that if they were smart, they'd stick together. Ned agree's whole heartedly and goes along with her pact. In a confessional however he says she makes good points, but that he could use her whispers to betray her and save himself.

At Luhya, Helen is not happy with the way things are playing out. Helen feels Rachel is a bully, and that Dana is being treated like an elementary school outsider. In a confessional she reveals her anger that someone as innocent as Klint would be voted out before someone like Rachel. Greg goes to Rachel himself, deciding that using Tiffany as a messanger isn't necessarily the smartest thing to do. He tells her how Helen campaigned hard for her to leave, and reveals all the behind the scenes stuff that himself and Tiffany had done to save her. Rachel laughs and hugs him. The trust is increasing between the two, putting Tiffany and Greg in a very good spot within their own tribe.

Kikuyu wins Reward.

Kikuyu wins Immunity!

Returning to camp Helen immediately approaches Dana to create a game plan to vote off Rachel. Dana is enthusiastic to hear that someone can see that the way she's being treated isn't right. With 7 voters, the pair know they need 2 more. Helen says she always see's Tiffany and Greg running off with Rachel, and that they tried hard to save her the tribal before. Helen calls the two twits, and says they're just as bad for supporting someone who performs such actions. In a confessional Helen says it's obvious where Greg and Tiffany's loyalties lie, but she's not ready to shatter their alliance just yet. Helen makes a move to Davey and Colby before the alliance of 5 have a meeting, to vote with herself and Dana to oust Rachel. When Davey asks about Tiffany and Greg, Helen says to lie and tell them to cast their votes for Dana to leave. Helen's plan is successful, Tiffany and Greg are left speechless. Rachel is voted out.

7 "How Can I Get Away?" - Davey

Jada, Christopher, Jeremy, Ned, Greg, Dana, Colby, Davey, Helen, and Tiffany all make the merge. They all have a celebratory lunch beside the lake. Tiffany finds a note wrapped up in the fruit basket and it says to read aloud. The Castaways are told their being thrusted into their first individual immmunity challenge and that the person who wins, will also receive a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol.

Davey wins Immunity!

Returning to camp Davey can feel all eyes on himself. The clue he now has in his pocket feels like it weighs a million pounds. He knows he cannot search for the clue now, because if he does then it would be too obvious and someone would surely follow him. He decides to make a play to better his game, and sneaks the clue Tiffany had read earlier in the day. Davey then calls everyone over. Davey throws the clue into the fire and as everyone watches it burn he announces they now can stop watching him so intently because he hadn't read the clue. Tiffany and Greg sit in the shack and neither of them believe Davey. Tiffany thinks he read the clue before burning it, and now only he will ever know what the clue was. Greg just doesn't get it, he doesn't think he'd throw the clue away like that. Tiffany leans in and asks what if he burned the Immunity Challenge note, not the true clue. Tiffany and Greg discreetly search the camp, and can find neither clue.

Jada knows that the former Kikuyu is down in numbers, and the likelyhood of herself, Christopher, Jeremy, or Ned going home is high. Jada approaches Colby who she views as being in a good spot, and purposes a deal. Jada tells Colby that if he promises her safety, that she has information he'd like to know. He agrees, and she tells him that Jeremy and Christopher have a strong friendship that has formed since day 1. Jada suggests that the former Luhya tribe should take out one of them, if they were to try to vote off a Kikuyu member. Jeremy is voted off.

8 "She's So Fake" - Greg

Returning to camp Christopher is quick to wander off on his own. Dana follows him into the woods and finds him sitting beside a tree, visibly upset. She hugs him and comforts him. Christopher is quick to get embarrassed, and admits he's not normally like this. He shares himself and Jeremy had become good friends, and he wasn't expecting that to happen tonight. Dana tells him that on a non game level, she is here for him. It's a game and that she doesn't like to see anyone upset. Back at camp Greg and Tiffany are talking and think Dana's just running into the woods to try and make nice for strategic purposes.

Reward: Auction.

Davey wins Immunity!

Returning to camp Davey is anxious. He knows he needs to find the Idol, because winning two Immunities has put him into the limelight. Greg and Tiffany whisper in the shelter about how he could become a problem. Greg, Tiffany, Helen, Colby, and Davey all gather to discuss the vote. Colby is keeping what Jada told him to himself. He knows that if Jeremy and Christopher was close, that, that means Jada and Ned have to be closer than what Christopher would be to either of them. He feels that since Jada had come to him, that Ned would be the link that needs to leave. Colby gets his way, Ned leaves.

9 "And Then There Were Two" - Jada

"I can't believe it's us", Jada said to Christopher. The two laugh about being the last two standing. They make jokes about how they'll also be the next two, to go. Davey is in the jungle searching for the Hidden Immunity Idol. Tiffany notices that he is no where to be seen around camp, and quickly brings this to Greg's attention. Alert, they run into the woods. They spot him and approach as if to stike up conversation, ending his search.

Davey wins Reward.

Greg wins Immunity!

Jada and Christopher go to Colby to purpose another deal. Christopher elaborates that himself and Jada are two easy votes, but then they have to turn on themselves. They suggest to Colby that if they prematurely turn on one of their own that they'll both remain loyal and aim for a Jada, Christopher, and Colby final 3. While Colby doesn't necessarily plan on making the final 3 with the two of them, he does feel as if the idea is a good one for his game. Later on Colby talks with Helen about ousting Dana, shocking Helen. Colby tells Helen that keeping Jada and Christopher keeps targets in the game, while still getting rid of people who aren't in their alliance. Helen reveals in a confessional that she's torn. Although it could work out well, she'd feel awful about voting off Dana after she has had such a hard time in the game on personal levels. Dana is blindsided that night.

10 "You Can't Play Both Sides This Late In The Game" - Jada

After Dana being voted off, it's down to 7. The Alliance of 5 formed day 1, vs Christopher and Jada. Colby is trying really hard to make sure he's good on both sides. Upon returning to camp he pulls Christopher and Jada to the side and lets them know that he's on their side and that he was the reason that they're both still good. This however isn't good enough for Jada. She wants to have her alliance and make a run to the end with them. She doesn't want to hide and play around so that Colby can play it safe. As appreciateive as she is for the chance Colby gave her, Jada feels that Colby is being a snake.

Tiffany wins Reward.

Jada wins Immunity!

Upon winning Immunity, Jada sets herself in game mode to save her former tribemate, Christopher. She approaches Colby to talk about the upcoming vote. With 7 people left in the game, they only need one more vote. Colby tells her that he doesn't know if he can do that without exposing himself. Jada is not pleased. Colby tells her that Christopher is collateral damage, and that they must move on. Jada doesn't like what she hears and just walks away from the situation. Jada later joins Christopher where he's sitting on a log. She confirms to him that he's leaving, and promises that she'll blow up Colby's game if it's the last thing she does with her own. Christopher is voted off.

11 "She Doesn't Know How To Behave In A Game Enviroment" - Colby

Returning after Tribal, Colby immediately demands to know from Jada, why she and Christopher voted against him. Jada explains to him that since he turned his back on them, he deserved it. She tells him to count his blessings that she can control her temper, and explain it to him respectfully. Greg and Tiffany are together by the river and talk about the current game standings. They feel once Jada is voted off that they'd be the next two, to go, and consider jumping ship and pulling in Jada.

Greg wins Reward.

Jada wins Immunity!

Returning to camp Greg and Tiffany are both extremely nervous that one of them would be likely the next to leave the game. Tiffany tells Greg that if she had to place bets, she'd assume he'd be the one to go. Greg refuses to go down without a fight and tells her that there's still and Immunity Idol hidden somewhere. Tiffany says it's worth a shot, as neither know if Davey has found it. Meanwhile Jada calls a camp meeting. Once everyone has gathered around the fire, Jada puts everything out in the open, exposing Colby and his entire game. Colby denies Jada's accusations of playing both sides. Tiffany and Greg know that this is th perfect timing to rangle up Jada. Helen, Colby, and Davey meet near the forrest, where Colby does major damage control. Helen assures him that he has nothing to worry about, and that they have to worry about the immediate danger. Helen vocalizes how Tiffany and Greg have shifted from the alliance almost from the start and that one of them have to go. Davey points out Greg's challenge wins, and they agree to vote for him. Tiffany and Greg ask Jada to vote with them, and she gladly jumps on the opportunity. She of course wants to target Colby, but they tell her to think strategically. At Tribal Council there is a tie between Greg and Davey. Greg plays the Hidden Immunity Idol he found earlier that afternoon. Davey is eliminated.

12 "I'm So Close" - Greg

After returning from one crazy Tribal Council, Jada, Greg, and Tiffany are all in high spirits. Jada cannot believe after the start she had in this game that she managed to make the final 5. Helen and Colby on the other hand are shocked. That night they don't join the others in the shelter, and sleep on the ground down by the fire.

Colby wins Reward.

Jada wins Immunity!

Helen and Colby know that the chopping block will end one of their games tonight. Helen mentions how crazy it is that just 2 days ago they were both running the game. Colby says that with Jada on Greg and Tiffany's side, he knows he's done for. Helen isn't so sure, and says she thinks that it's more even than he thinks. Tiffany and Greg go to fetch some water, and Tiffany voices her concerns about Jada. Tiffany says that she has proven herself to be too strong recently, and needs to go soon. Tiffany worries that she would win her way to the million. Greg does agree that she would more than likely win if she faced the jury, and that they needed to oust her next round. Tiffany said that they'd still have the numbers to take each other to the final 2 if they did so. The two shake on the deal. Before heading back to camp they talk about both Helen and Colby. They decide that it would be best to keep Colby in the game to distract Jada. Helen is voted off the island.

FINALE "This Is A Dream Come True" - Jada

The final 4, Jada, Tiffany, Colby, and Greg all return to camp. Even the outsider, Colby, is estatic about making it to the end of the game. They return to camp and celebrate with alcohol and food that they find left for themselves. Greg however is careful not to over endulge on either. He knows after being out in the wilderness for so long, it might do more bad to his system than good.

Tiffany wins Reward.

Jada wins Immunity!

Colby isn't about to accept his fate as the seasons third runner-up. and decides to try something. Colby approaches Jada and asks to have a bit of her time down by the river, she agrees. Colby says he's not here to sugar coat things, and that he wants her vote. Colby says it's no secret that Greg and Tiffany are good friends, and would take each other to the final 2. Colby says it would be smart to try and vote off Greg, and he is a physical threat, and it would break up the duo. Colby looks Jada in the eye and says he wont pressure her, but to really think what the smartest thing to do is. At Tribal Council there is a tie between Colby and Greg. After the revote there is still a tie. Jada is safe due to her Immunity win, causing Colby, Greg, and Tiffany to draw rocks. Whoever draws the purple rock is eliminated. Tiffany leaves the game.

Returning to camp, nobody knows what to say. Colby is so excited, but doesn't want to show too much emotion. Jada is so worried she made the wrong move, and Greg doesn't know what happened. Greg is stunned, he knows, he knows what happened.. but is shocked that it did. In a confessional Greg points out he wants to scream and call out Jada, but at this point it's just smarter to say "good game".

Colby wins Immunity!

The final 3 are then rushed to Tribal Council. Before voting Colby announces he is not voting based on any deals, but instead taking the person he feels that he has the best chance of beating in the finals. Jada is voted out of the game.

Final Two: Colby & Greg

Winner: Greg

Fan Favorite Award: Jada

Voting historyEdit

Original Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Finale
Eliminated: Tamara Ellie Jannah Canaan Klint Rachel Jeremy Ned Dana Christopher Davey Helen Tie Tie Tiffany Jada
Votes: 7I8Votes 6I7Votes 5I6Votes 4I5Votes 6I8Votes 4I7Votes 8I10Votes 6I9Votes 7I8Votes 5I7Votes 3I6Votes 3I5Votes 2I4Votes 1I2Votes Eliminated 1I1Votes
Voter Vote
Greg Klint Dana Jeremy Ned Dana Christopher Davey Helen Colby None Safe None
Colby Klint Rachel Jeremy Ned Dana Christopher Greg Greg Greg None Safe Jada
Jada Tamara Ellie Jannah Canaan Jeremy Christopher Dana Colby Davey Helen Greg Greg Immunity None
Tiffany Klint Dana Jeremy Ned Dana Christopher Davey Helen Colby Colby Eliminated
Helen Klint Rachel Jeremy Ned Dana Christopher Greg Greg
Davey Klint Rachel Jeremy Ned Dana Christopher Greg
Christopher Tamara Ellie Jannah Canaan Colby Colby Dana Colby
Dana Rachel Rachel Jeremy Ned Christopher
Ned Tamara Ellie Jannah Canaan Jeremy Colby
Jeremy Tamara Ellie Jannah Canaan Colby
Rachel Klint Dana
Klint Rachel
Canaan Tamara Ellie Jannah Ned
Jannah Tamara Ellie Canaan
Ellie Tamara Canaan
Tamara Ellie
  • In Episode 11, Greg played his Hidden Immunity Idol, breaking the tie and eliminating Davey.
Jury vote
Finalist: Colby Greg
Votes: 6-1
Juror Vote
Jada Greg
Tiffany Greg
Helen Colby
Davey Greg
Christopher Greg
Dana Greg
Ned Greg
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