1 "Pull Your Own Weight" - Jeanne

The Survivors land on their respective beaches and begin to build their new home away from home. Right away at the Pagong Tribe Rachelle initiates an alliance with Timothy, and Kevin. They form a pact to try to take out weaker trib mates, such as Jill.

Meanwhile at Tagi, Sean, Stephanie, and Dionna form a 3 way alliance of their own. Sean is eager about the idea while Dionna has her doubts.

At the challenge, Pagong wins Immunity as well as 50 water proof matches. At Tagi Jeanne wants to oust Pamela for lack of effort around camp, however Dionna doesn't want to start picking off the women just yet. In the end she got her way as Gabriel was the first person voted off of the island.

2 "She's A Shady Lady" - Kevin

At Pagong Timothy starts to gain for trust within his group, while Kevin is already starting to doubt it after Rachelle has been running off with Monica. The girls share a bond as they are both 23 years old from the east coast, and both feel they'd be friends back in the real world.

Over at the Tagi beach, Dionna begins to lose trust in her group as well as they begin to question her decision of voting out a stronger tribe member at the previous tribal council. She gets defensive causing some tribe mates to see her as volitile.

Tagi wins Immunity. Kevin wants to vote off Monica, but Rachelle jumps to her defense and suggests Jill's name, who had been fairly useless around camp. In the end Jill is the second person voted out of the game.

3 "Hoes Before Bros" - Monica

At Pagong Monica knows she's in trouble after Rachelle tells her that Kevin wants her out of the game. Rachelle honestly tells Monica that she gave Kevin her word, and doesn't feel comfortable going back on it, causing Monica to scramble to Suzy. After just voting off Jill, Monica tries to work the angle that the boys want to vote out the girls. Suzy agrees, and confirms that she's on board with the plan.

Tagi begins the morning with a group fishing trip. Although successful the team suffers a setback as Jeanne injurs herself scalling the fish. She worries this could paint a target on her back. Pamela views it as the perfect opportunity, and plans to use it to strike at her only known opponent after their next challenge loss.

For the second time in a row, Tagi wins Immunity. Monica autimatically goes into panic mode, as she knows she is on Kevin's radar. She decides to approach him and make a deal. She sells out Rachelle, and Suzy while doing so. Kevin feels she comes accross desprate more than anything, but decides to think about what she had to say nonetheless. Suzy, Monica, and Rachelle then have their own pow wow. Rachelle wants Kevin out, but doesn't want to betray him. They then approach Josh who is the swing vote needed, and he agrees to blindeside Kevin. In the end Kevin is voted out of the game.

4 "This Is Survivor Island, Not The Trump Hotel" - Sean

After Pagong returned from Tribal Council, Timothy felt blind sided even though he wasn't the one to leave the game. He pulls Rachelle aside and asks what happened, but she lies and claims she does not know. Timothy feels in the outs within his team and worries if they were to lose another challenge that he'd be the one to leave.

At Tagi Dionna is miserable, and her whole tribe is noticing. Sean notes how she is earning herself a diva repuation and that she's making herself a target.

Pagong wins Immunity, sending Tagi to tribal council. Jeanne and Pamela both know their names are floating around thanks to the other. Little does Dionna know is that she has also put herself on the chopping block with her complaining. Pamela approaches the guys, Alex, Judd, and Sean and suggests if they team up they'd have the numbers - and that they should eliminate Jeanne. However Jeanne doesn't take it lying down as she sees Pamela working the guys, and joins their conversation. Pamela immediately shuts up, and the conversation switches to Dionna. The tribe decided to trust Pamela, and Jeanne was the fourth person to be voted out of the game.

5 "Got To Take What I'm Given" - Rachelle

At Pagong, Rachelle, Monica, and Suzy discuss how Dan is the only guy left on the tribe they don't have a connection to and decide he should be the next person to go. Meanwhile Timothy, Dan, and Josh all start to talk game themselves and Josh spills the beans about how the girls are working together and how they approached him to vote off Kevin. Timothy is quite taken back and feels betrayed by Rachelle, especially since the alliance was her own idea.

Over at Tagi it's a peaceful morning, as everyone has decided to take it off to reward themselves for the stressful night. Pamela is feeling especially proud of the fact she was able to get Jeanne taken out of the game herself.

Tagi wins Immunity. Timothy approaches Rachelle and asks her about her betrayal, catching her off guard and immediately thrusts her into panic mode. She points out that she never once voted against the alliance because ultimately she did give them her word.Timothy doesn't have much faith left in her, but does feel that she'll stick to her word. Rachelle on the other hand begins to freak out that the boys might begin to target her. Later that afternoon Timothy reapproaches Rachelle and offers her a deal. If she goes along with himself and the other guys to vote off Suzy, they wont target her. She takes the deal and Suzy is the fifth person to leave the game.

6 "She's Awful At This Game" - Dionna

After returning from Tribal Council, Monica is fuming over being betrayed by Rachelle. She calls her out in front of the entire group for cutting deals left and right, and going behind everyones back. Monica later reveals after in a confessional that it was all strategy to try and put the target on Rachelle. Josh does acknowlegde in private that Monica is right, and Rachelle has all her angles covered. He agrees that it might be time to try and remove her from the game.

Over at Tagi the three guys, Alex, Judd, and Sean decide to officially take Pamela up on her previous offer of teaming up and having the numbers. Immediately dropping Dionna and Stephanie to the bottom of the food chain. Dionna then notices a change in Pamela's demeanor. She doesn't know what has happened, but she catches on that something's a foot. Pamela is now seeming far too relaxed and confident for a girl who supposedly closer to the bottom.

Pagong wins Immunity as well as canned food, and a chocolate bar. Returning to camp Dionna has a sense of urgancy. She doesn't know what's happening, but her gut is telling her to scramble. She approaches her alliance of Sean and Stephanie and ask if anything has changed with the plan to vote off Pamela. They deny it, but after the deal Seans other alliance with the boys made with her he investigates. This perks Dionnas senses, and rather than telling the truth, she lies and tells him that Pamela had told her she had made a deal to keep herself around. Sean reports his news back to the others boys, and they feel discouraged. They don't understand why they'd do that, and why she'd tell Dionna of all people. None of it made sense.

The Survivors were then alerted that due to an infraction of the Immunity Challenge rules made by Dan, that Tagi would instead receive Immunity, and Pagong would be headed to tribal council. This allowed Dionna to breathe a sigh of releif, but sent both Pagong's Rachelle and Monica into panick mode.

At Pagong Dan himself was also nervous, what if the team decided to flip on him since he cost them the Immunity challenge? However Josh approached Dan about the idea of joining Monica in voting out Rachelle due to all her lies and betrayal. Dan agreed. They then approached Timothy who agreed with the plan, but at tribal council honored her with voting with her to keep his word, just like she had. Rachelle became the sixth person to be voted off of the island.

7 "She Wont Hesitate To Slit My Throat"  - Stephanie

The tribes merge, and enjoy a beach celebration. The castaways mingle and get to know their opponents from the opposing tribes. However once game mode continues, it becomes clear the alliances are based on the prior tribe divisions. The Pagong Alliance: Monica, Timothy, Dan, and Josh, and the Tagi Alliance: Stephanie, Pamela, Dionna, Sean, Alex, Judd. Sean inparticular feels great. His Tagi alliance has the numbers, and from there his two side alliances will allow him to dominate the second half of the merge game. Monica approaches Stephanie since they're the only two girls left in the game that are in their early twenties. She expresses how she is at the bottom of their tribal alliance, and would love to join Stephanie and the rest of the Tagi alliance further into the game. Stephanie tells her that she'll pass the word on to her other allies, but voices in a confessional her distrust of Monica.

Stephanie wins Immunity. Upon returning to camp it seems apparent that either Monica, Timothy, Dan, or Josh will be the next to leave the game as it becomes a mad scramble for the four to save themselves. Stephanie relays the informations and the Tagi Alliance invites Monica over to talk to them. She throws out Timothy's name to be voted off because she views him as the biggest target. But ultimately Tagi decides Josh is the biggest threat as they vote him out, and he is the seventh person to leave the island.

8 "A Little Lie Goes A Long Way" - Monica

After returning from Tribal Council, Dan and Timothy knew instantly that after the vote was revealed Monica had switched. Timothy decided to take a page from her own book, and called her out in front of the tribe. He pointed out the fact that they had switched things up to save her, and she still sold them out. She had no true loyalties and that the Tagi tribe would be stupid to believe she wouldn't do the same to them. Monica felt all eyes on herself, and the camp remained uncomfortable for the rest of the night.

Dionna wins the video message reward challenge.

Timothy wins the Immunity challenge.

Returning to camp Dan knows his time is more than likely up at this point. With Monica switchin sides and Timothy winning immunity, there seemed to be no way to convince the Tagi Alliance to turn on their own members. Instead Dan decides not to make waves, and enjoy his final night on the beach. This wasn't Timothy's plan however, as he knew after Dan that he'd be next. He approached Monica to make ammends, and pointed out that once they were gone she'd be next to go. Monica then approached Stephanie and pretended to be confused as to why the vote changed to Sean. Stephanie insisted she had no idea what she was talking about, which is when Monica swore on her life that's what Judd had just told her to do. stunned Stephanie continued on and brought this up to the rest of the Tagi Alliance. In the end they believed Monica's lie as Judd became the eighth person to leave the Survivor game.

9 "It's Time To Make A Move" - Monica

Returning to camp Monica, Dan, and Timothy were all stunned with what they were able to pull off. Timothy was especially excited because it showed that they were easily split up than originally thought. Monica was happy because she knew this move put her in the good graces of both sides.

Sean wins the reward challenge and shares it with Stephanie. They attend a barbecue and receive letters from home.

Alex wins Immunity!

Returning to camp the Pagong Alliance knows Timothy is most likely the castaway leaving tonight. They know they need another plan, and one with a bit more longevity. Monica approaches Stephanie feeling that she has the closest bond with her of anyone from the Tagi alliance, and Dionna because she felt that she was on the bottom. Those 2 joining the Pagong 3 qould give a majority 5 votes to their alliance. In the end her attempts fail, and Timothy is the ninth person voted out of the game.

10 "Go Big Or Go Home" - Dionna

Monica feels defeated returning to camp. Stephanie tells the Tagi Alliance that she is manipulative and cannot be trusted then campaigns for her to be the next to leave. Dionna decides it's her time to make a play. Feeling at the bottom of her alliance, and only 7 left in the game, she knows all she needs to do is scoop up the dwindling Pagong Alliance and an extra member and she'd have a guaranteed spot in the Final 4. She approaches Dan and Monica and they accept the offer with open arms, her only hesitation is who from the Tagi alliance to ask to join them? She chooses Pamela. Pamela obviously accepts the offer to her face, but has her own dilemma behind her back.

Pamela wins reward challenge. She wins pizza and a phone call home.

Monica wins Immunity!

Going into Tribal Council it all comes down to Pamela's vote..

She decides to stick with the Tagi Alliance, Dan is the tenth person voted off of Survivor Island.

11 "She's Mad I Outsmarted Her" - Pamela

Coming back to camp it's obvious Dionna has now joined Monica at the bottom of the pack. They're both being shunned like they have the plague. Dionna however is not taking this lightly, the last Pamela has told her she was on board with the plan to vote out Alex. After getting back to the shelter Dionna pulls Pamela aside to have a chat with her. She calls her a liar, and Pamela just states that in the end it didn't make sense for her game to go with them. Dionna told her she would have had a guaranteed spot in the Final 4, and Pamela told her that thanks to her actions she does, and walked away from the situation.

Sean wins reward and shares it with Dionna. They get to spend a night upon a Yacht.

Stephanie wins Immunity!

Getting back to camp there is no fighting left in Monica, she knows her game is done. Dionna plea's with Pamela to switch sides and cause a tie - but she refuses. Monica checks herself back into the game and admits lying down just isn't in her nature. She approaches the Tagi Alliance and lays it out, because at this point it's all she can do. She worked the angle that Dionna was a pain, and had already flipped on them. She begged for them to give her one more night in the jungle and get rid of her, but ultimately they remained truthful with her and told her that she was the biggest threat, and had to go.

Before heading to Tribal Council the Tagi Alliance decided to gather coconuts for when they returned. While on her way out of the tree Pamela loses her grip and falls about 6 feet to the ground. She cries for help and claims to have broken her arm. Medical is called in and she has indeed broken her arm, but upon further inspection she had also hit her head and received a concussion. Medical had no choice but to remove Pamela from the game. Tribal Council was cancelled due to this event.

12 "It's Fate That I'm Here" - Monica

Monica is elated to still be in the game. Just when she had no more hope, she was given another chance. She claims to feel energized as if the not eating for 34 days hasn't effected her. She wants to use this second chance to win the million dollar prize.With five left in the game it's Dionna and Monica against the Day 1 alliance of Stephanie, Sean, and Alex who had replaced Dionna due to recent events.

Dionna wins reward challenge. She wins a cold beer.

Stephanie wins Immunity!

Monica and Dionna try to convince Alex to flip. Stating Sean and Stephanie are the biggest threats in the game. Oust Sean this round, and Stephanie next. Nobody can win against them. In the end it proves futile as Monica's journey officially comes to an end, as she is the next person to leave the game.

13 "It Was Social Suicide, Why Did I Do That?" - Dionna

"FINAL 4!", they exclaimed returning to camp. Alex, Sean, Dionna, and Stephanie all managed to do what 12 other contestants couldn't. Dionna regrets big time her move to join the Pagong Alliance, had she not she would still have her alliance with Sean and Stephanie - therefore a guarantee into the next round. However now she knows if she doesn't win the next Immunity Challenge she's going home.

Alex wins Immunity!

Dionna approaches her former ally Sean, about the possibility of

voting Stephanie out of the game. She has proven to be a tough competitor and would be hard if not impossible to beat in the finals. He told her at this point in the game, he'd be dumb not to think about it. Dionna then approaches Stephanie about ousting Sean, same reasons, and receives the same answer.

Dionna votes with Sean to get rid of Stephanie - Stephanie tells Alex the plan and they vote for Sean. For the first time in the game there is a tie. Stephanie and Sean are not allowed to vote, Alex and Dionna must revote. After the revote Dionna flips and Sean is the next castaway voted off.

Stephanie is shocked and pissed by the nights outcome. She confronts Dionna about her voting against her even though she broke her deal with Sean to save her. Dionna laughed and condisendingly explained that it was part of the game. Stephanie explained her little attitude was doing nothing to help herself out.

Dionna wins Immunity!

The Castaways are then rushed to Tribal Council, where she voted to eliminate Stephanie without a second thought. Making Stephanie the fourteenth person to leave the competition.

Final Two: Alex & Dionna

Winner: Dionna

Fan Favorite Award: Monica

Voting historyEdit

Original Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Finale
Eliminated: Gabriel Jill Kevin Jeanne Suzy Rachelle Josh Judd Timothy Dan Pamela Monica Tie Sean Stephanie
Votes: 7I8Votes 7I8Votes 6I7Votes 6I7Votes 4I6Votes 3I5Votes 7I10Votes 8I9Votes 5I8Votes 4I7Votes Evacuated 3I5Votes 2I4Votes 2I2Votes 1I1Votes
Voter Vote
Dionna Gabriel Jeanne Josh Judd Timothy Alex Sean Stephanie Sean Stephanie
Alex Gabriel Jeanne Josh Judd Timothy Dan Monica Sean Sean None
Stephanie Gabriel Jeanne Josh Judd Timothy Dan Monica Sean None None
Sean Gabriel Jeanne Josh Judd Timothy Dan Monica Stephanie None
Monica Jill Kevin Timothy Rachelle Josh Judd Sean Alex Sean
Pamela Gabriel Jeanne Josh Judd Timothy Dan
Dan Jill Kevin Suzy Rachelle Pamela Judd Sean Alex
Timothy Jill Dan Suzy Monica Pamela Judd Sean
Judd Gabriel Jeanne Josh Dan
Josh Jill Kevin Suzy Rachelle Pamela
Rachelle Jill Dan Suzy Monica
Suzy Jill Kevin Timothy
Jeanne Gabriel Pamela
Kevin Jill Dan
Jill Kevin
Gabriel Sean
  1. Pamela was Medically Evacuated from the game, therefore Tribal Council was cancelled and no vote took place.
Jury vote
Finalist: Alex Dionna
Votes: 6-1
Juror Vote
Stephanie Alex
Sean Dionna
Monica Dionna
Pamela Dionna
Dan Dionna
Timothy Dionna
Judd Dionna
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