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This is the 10th season of Survivor, this is the first time to have 20 castaways. But, after a problem with Survivor: Vanuatu, we have to continue the 18 castaways move. So there were no Tribes, so there is the indivilual immunity to make the first pick. Johnny & Damieta were not picked & sent home. Later the game offically began. No merge happened.

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Castaways Original Tribe Non-Merged Finish Jury
Johnny None X Eliminated X
Damieta X Eliminated X
Kamphy Ulong X Day 3 X
Ashlea Ulong X Day 6 X
Jefferson Ulong X Day 8 X
Kimmi Ulong X Day 11 X
Grandpa Koror X Day 12 X
Angie Ulong X Day 12 X
Jacob Ulong X Day 15 X
Abramham Ulong X Day 18 X
Bobby Ulong X Eliminated X
Cobpy Koror Koror Day 24 1
Jessie Koror Quit 2
Carol Ulong Day 30 3
Greg Koror Day 33 4
Carrlyn Koror Day 36 5
Jen Koror Day 37 6
Ian Koror Day 38 7
Vecepia Koror Runner-up X
Tomas Koror Winner X

The Game ResultsEdit

Episode Challenges Eliminated Vote Finish
Reward Immunity
1 None Ian Johnny None Eliminated
Kamphy Damieta
1 Koror Kamphy 6-3 Day 3
2 Ulong Koror Ashlea 6-1-1 Day 6
3 Ulong Koror Jefferson 4-2-1 Day 8
4 Koror Koror Kimmi 5-1 Day 11
5 Koror Abraham Grandpa 8-1 Day 12
Angie 3-2 Day 12
6 Ulong Koror Jacob 2-2/2 Day 15
7 Koror Abraham 2-1 Day 18
8 Koror Koror Bobby None Eliminated
9 X Tomas Cobpy 7-1-1 Day 24
10 Carrlyn & Greg Tomas Jessie None Quit
11 X Ian Carol 6-1 Day 30
12 Greg & Jen Ian Greg 4-2 Day 33
13 Ian & Tomas Tomas Carrlyn 4-1 Day 36
14 X Ian Jen 2-2 Day 37
Tomas Ian 1-0 Day 38
14 Jury Vote Vecepia 6-1 Runner-up
Tomas Winnner

Voting HistoryEdit

If there is a tie in the game, they are going to do a fire-making competition for the 2 castaways that got a tie. First one to make fire stays, the loser is voted out, which only happened in Carol & Bobby's only 2 castaways of Ulong. Also happened in Jen & Ian's tied vote of 2-2. At Episode 6 tribal council, Jacob & Abraham had a tie of 2-2. Instead of a fire-making compeititon, there was the tie-vote tribal council, only Bobby & Carol can only vote. Bobby still voted for Jacob. Before, Carol voted for Abraham, but later, at the tie-vote tribal coucil. She change her vote to Jacob, which made Jacob voted out.

Castaways Tribe Selection Original Tribe Non-Merged Tribe
Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Reunion
Eliminated Johnny Damieta Kamphy Ashlea Jefferson Kimmi Grandpa Angie TIE Jacob Abraham Bobby Cobpy Jessie Carol Greg Carrlyn Jen Ian None
Tomas X X X X X X Grandpa X X X X X Cobpy X Carol Greg Carrlyn Ian Ian X
Vecepia X X X X X X Grandpa X X X X X Cobpy X Carol Greg Carrlyn Jen X X
Ian Immunity X X X X Grandpa X X X X X Cobpy X Carol Greg Carrlyn Jen X Tomas
Jen X X X X X X Grandpa X X X X X Cobpy X Carol Carrlyn Carrlyn Ian Tomas
Carrlyn X X X X X X Grandpa X X X X X Cobpy X Carol Greg Ian Tomas
Greg X X X X X X Grandpa X X X X X Cobpy X Carol Carrlyn Tomas
Carol X X Kamphy Ashlea Jefferson Kimmi X Bobby Abraham Jacob Abraham (Win) Cobpy X Carrlyn Tomas
Jessie X X X X X X Grandpa X X X X X Carol X Tomas
Cobpy X X X X X X Grandpa X X X X X Jessie Vecepia
Bobby X X Angie Ashlea Kimmi Kimmi X Angie Jacob Jacob Abraham (Lose)
Abraham X X Angie Kimmi Jefferson Kimmi X Angie Jacob None Carol
Jacob X X Kamphy Ashlea Kimmi Kimmi X Angie Abraham None
Angie X X Kamphy Ashlea Jefferson Kimmi X Bobby
Grandpa X X X X X X Vecepia
Kimmi X X Kamphy Ashlea Jefferson Jacob
Jefferson X X Kamphy Ashlea Jacob
Ashlea X X Kamphy Jefferson
Kamphy Immunity Angie
Damieta X X
Johnny X
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