Survivor: Tokelau - Islands of New Zealand

1 "How Am I Supposed To Do This?" - Haley

16 Castaways arrive upon the New Zealand island of Tokelau. Immediately the two youngest people, Haley and Maya, become Tribal Captains and begin picking teams.

Atafu: Maya, Allison, Spencer, Ashdon, Bianca, Theresa, Harvey, and Nick

Nukunonu: Haley, Wanda, Adam, Derek, Victoria, Lauren, Scott, and Marshall

Atafu arrives at their camp. Maya doesn't know whether or not she's supposed to maintain her leadership role, as Nick quickly takes over the camp building process. Allison, Ashdon, Bianca, Theresa, and Nick form the first alliance and aim to take out Harvey for his lack of physical ability.

At Nukunonu, Haley takes initiative to form herself an alliance with who she views as two of her teams strongest boys, Marshall and Adam. She knows she is seen as younger and weaker and wants to keep herself safe. Victoria and Lauren hit it off very well and hope to do some damage together aswell.

Nukunonu wins Immunity!

Heading back to camp the alliance of 5 (Allison, Ashdon, Bianca, Theresa, and Nick) know they have control of the votes and weigh out their options. Harvey is on their radar for being the weakest link, as well as Maya for doing poorly in the challenge, also being perceived as weak. As the evening goes on Maya's ability to truly do well in the game is questioned as she starts to show that she is the definition of a "city girl". This is enough to have her voted off, and Maya is the first to leave the island.

2 "We're Already Making Mistakes" - Allison

(Atafu) Returning to camp Allison can't help but wonder if they made the right decision. Harvey is an older, overweight man. Is he really a better person to keep around? She voices her concerns to her alliance causing them to doubt her. Nick is worried that she doesn't trust her judgement, Bianca feels she's just trying to cause a scene for the cameras.

Meanwhile at Nukunonu, Haley, Marshall, and Adam talk about their plan of attack. They view Wanda as a weaker competition, Scott does nothing around camp, while Derek is sketchy. They joke about how they wish they could vote all three of them out at once.

Atafu wins Reward.

Nukunonu wins Immunity!

Returning to camp Allison is determined to make sure that Harvey is the person leaving. In private Bianca reveals that she doesn't want to follow Allisons plan, just to toy with her. Bianca bosts about how this is a game, and she's here to play games. She approaches Allison acting worried about how Spencer had mentioned Allisons name for tonight. Allison is shocked and has no idea why on earth Spencer would want her out. Bianca laughs about it in private. Allison calls an alliance meeting where she throws out the Spencer information, Bianca confirms. They agree to target him just to be safe. Nick finds it weird that Bianca is the only one to have heard about this plan. Nonetheless, Spencer is voted out of the game.

3 "Something's Not Right" - Allison

Maya and Spencer are the first two, to leave the game and Theresa isn't happy about it. They keep voting off younger, fit members, and keeping people like Harvey. She voices her unhappiness to her alliance and states if they keep doing so they wont win any challenges. In private Bianca pokes fun at Theresa stating she's older, and had it not been for this alliance that she'd be in the same position as Harvey and warns her not to get cocky. Allison finds it suspicious that Spencer voted for Harvey and not herself like Bianca had suggested.

At Nukunonu Wanda is using her usefulness around camp as a strategy. She acknowledges that she's not great in challenges, but hopes her efforts to make life on the island easier are noticed. Lauren and Victoria begin to spend a lot of time with Haley. All three being younger girls, they have a lot in common. This worries Adam and Marshall about her loyalties to their alliance versus the girls.

Atafu wins Reward.

Nukunonu wins Immunity!

"We keep winning the wrong damn challenges!", Allison exclaims. The alliance of 5 agree that Harvey needs to go tonight. Allison remains uneasy about Bianca and approaches her in private. The two talk and Allison leaves feeling better - but still keeping a watchful eye. Bianca worries she might have done too much too fast and plans to fall back a little bit. Harvey is voted off.

4 "She's So Annoying" - Victoria

Atafu continues to dwindle, and Nick worries they might face a losing streak like none ever seen before. Allison remains hopeful they can win, since they've had some luck with reward challenges.Ashdon admits to being scared shitless due to the fact they need to win every single Immunity left go guarantee they aren't all picked off at the merge. Bianca is worried that if they lose another challenge she'll be gone. It's only their alliance left on their tribe, and she knows Allison is against her.

At Nukunonu, Victoria and Lauren discuss the possibility of throwing a challenge. Lauren voices that Scott has been making advancements at her, and it's making her uncomfortable. Victoria reveals she wants Wanda gone, but only because she "hates her guts". Marshall and Adam contront Haley about her loyalties, and she promises that she's still 100% on board with their final 3 alliance.

Nukunonu wins Reward.

Nukunonu wins Immunity

Atafu returns to camp defeated. Allison begins to get emotional and voices how none of them have a chance anymore in the game. Bianca comforts her. They all know that due to their losing streak, it's time to turn on one of their own. Bianca approaches Allison for a girl power alliance, trying to save her own ass. Bianca voices that the boys might want to pick off the girls for strength. Allison finds this idea interesting and agrees to go along. They approach Theresa and tell her it's Nick tonight. They figure if they just approach cool, calm, and collected, that Theresa will just assume it's tonights plan. Nick is voted out of the game.

5 "Fake Little Girls" - Scott

Atafu is now half the size of Nukunonu, their only hope now is a crack when they merge. Theresa once again voices anger over the fact they continue to vote out their stronger members. This causes Bianca to snap and tell her she is the weakest one left, and that she'd happily vote her off. Theresa accuses Bianca of being the weakest.

Victoria tells Haley about Lauren's issues with Scott. Haley then tells Adam and Marshall, who then strategically tell Scott. Scott confronts the girls about the things they're saying and claims they're lies. He is livid that they'd slander his name on television in front of his wife, kids, and family. Lauren stands up to Scott and stands by what she said, and he says that it's absolutely ridiculous.

Atafu wins Reward.

Nukunonu wins Immunity!

Allison wonders how it's possible for a tribe to suck so badly. Allison and Bianca discuss voting off Theresa, and pull Ashdon into their plan. Theresa then approaches Ashdon about taking out Bianca. He agrees to both plans. Theresa then goes to Allison and asks her to join, Allison then tells Theresa how Ashdon agreed to go along with their plan as well. Theresa and Allison then approach Bianca about flipping the script on Ashdon for his manipulating. Bianca agrees. Ashdon is voted out.

6 "She's Got A Temper" - Haley

Allison, Bianca, and Theresa return to camp and are all shocked that they're the last 3 members of Atafu remaining. Bianca and Allison scheme about getting rid of Theresa if they lose the next Immunity Challenge. Bianca jokes and corrects Allison saying when they lose the next challenge.

Over at Nukunonu camp the tension is still high between Victoria and Lauren, with Scott. Wanda loves it and knows this does nothing but good things for her game. Victoria and Lauren also no longer trust Haley after she spilled the beans, while Haley herself is mad at Marshall and Adam. Adam worries this termoil could effect them when it comes to a challenge.

Atafu wins Reward.

Atafu wins Immunity!

The Nukunonu tribe is mad, they almost had a perfect record. Wanda is worried, but feels the latest upset in camp could save her. Adam blames all the drama as the reason behind their team losing. Victoria and Lauren talk game, and agree that even though they dislike Scott, they need a strong team going into the merge and want to vote off Wanda. Meanwhile Adam purposes they oust Lauren, to eliminate the drama and also break up the Lauren/Victoria duo. Haley agrees that heading into the merge that would be the smartest decision. At Tribal Council there is a tie between Lauren and Wanda. Just before the revote Lauren plea's to the alliance of Haley, Marshall, and Adam that she, along with Victoria, will have their backs. They decide to flip, Wanda is the sixth person to leave the game.

7 "A Blindside Is Afoot" - Theresa

Allison, Bianca, Theresa, Adam, Derek, Victoria, Lauren, Scott, Haley and Marshall all make the merge. While having their celebratory feast, Derek finds a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. Later that night he finds the Idol. Scott approaches Allison, Bianca, and Theresa, he wants to work with them. After the deal Lauren and Victoria made with Haley, Marshall, and Adam the night before, Scott knows he's at the bottom. He tells them everything they need to know, and Scott wants to use them to blindside Lauren. In private Theresa voices her frusterations saying that it would be smarter to take out Marshall, or Adam.

Derek wins Immunity!

After laying low the first half of the game Derek feels he's ready to really imerge. With a majority alliance, the Immunity necklace, and an Idol, nobody can touch him. Victoria, Lauren, Haley, Marshall, and Adam talk and decide that voting out Theresa would be the best plan of action, as they viewed her as being wise. Allison, Bianca, Theresa, and Scott talk about how they need 1 more vote. That vote will cause a tie and if they have to draw rocks they're willing because it could give them control. They know Derek is the vote they need, so Scott tries to get him to swap. Derek acknowledges how the other 5 talk without him, but doesn't know if flipping would be best for his game. At the end of the night Theresa is voted out of the game.

8 "An Unlikely Duo" - Bianca

Bianca and Allison laugh at the fact they're the last two Atafu remaining. The unlikely pair outlasted the six others, regardless of their early differences. Scott interupts the moment and they discuss their next move. Later on they wonder if they can use Scott's betrayal to further themselves both. Lauren and Victoria know when the time comes that Haley, Marshall, and Adam will all betray them. They worry and wonder about their own next move. Maybe aligning with Bianca, Allison, and Scott?

Victoria wins Reward.

Allison wins Immunity!

Bianca needs a plan, and quick. With Allison's safety guaranteed, she knows that if she doesn't pull something out soon, she'll be going home. Scott hasn't been feeling well, and has been laying in the shelter most of the day. Haley checks up on him and suggests voting him out, out of pitty. Marshall brushes it off as it makes him less of a threat to them. Haley decides to call in Medical so they can have a look at him. His blood pressure extremely low. They have no other option that to Medically Evacuate Scott from the game.

9 "Do I Need To Have It With Me?" - Derek

Bianca has been blessed with another day, but it comes with its own trouble. Bianca and Allison's only other ally was Scott. They are in need of a miracle and they know it. Allison's worried that her Immunity win could potentially paint a target on her back. Lauren is elated about Scotts medical evacuation. She gloats and laughs, which really pisses off Haley. Haley approaches her nicely and asks her to please stop as the way she is acting is immature and not okay. Victoria and Lauren voice that they are "completely over" Haley.

Allison wins Reward. In an act of strategy, she gives the reward to Victoria.

Adam wins Immunity!

Allison is worried that it's her leaving. Victoria and Lauren approach the girls to potentially team up. They decide to target Derek, since he's on the outs and it would cause the least amount of friction. Adam overhears them talking and feels betrayed. Lauren promised if they saved her during the tie, they'd be aligned. Adam approaches Marshall, Haley, and Derek about voting out Lauren. Feeling safe, Derek leaves his Idol at camp. There is a tie at Tribal Council between Lauren and Derek. Derek asks Jeff Probsts if he needs the Idol physically with him to save himself, he does. This startles everyone and they all vote him off during the revote. Derek leaves the Island.

10 "She Needs To Go" - Haley

If things stay as is, Allison, Bianca, Victoria, and Lauren would be able to run the game and vote Marshall, Haley, and Adam out next. Although Lauren and Victoria have proven to be very untrustworthy and impulsive. Haley, Marshall, and Adam discuss the possibility of taking the evil (Lauren and by association Victoria) out of the game. Marshall suggests that they might be able to use Allison and Bianca to do so.

Adam wins Reward.

Allison wins Immunity!

Bianca sits on the beach and cries, she feels worried about her position. Allison joins her and comforts her. She jokes that maybe it they're lucky Haley will fall out of a tree. Haley immediately joins them on the beach and asks if they'd be willing to flip on the flip-floppers, Lauren and Victoria. Their interests perk and Haley explains they want to vote off Lauren, and maybe even Victoria next if they want to make a pact to keep each other safe to be able to do so. Bianca and Allison agree to the deal. Lauren is voted out of the game.

11 "The Best Lie I've Ever Told" - Victoria

Returning to camp everyone is in fairly cheery moods, except of course for Victoria. Her best friend was just taken out of the game, and she knows that she is now on the bottom. The next morning she approaches Allison and Bianca and asks about what deals have been made. They deny any deals, and so Victoria purposes a female final 4 deal which could include Haley. Allison and Bianca say they'd be willing to consider but say that it would be impossible to pull Haley from the two boys.

Haley wins Reward.

Marshall wins Immunity!

Victoria knows to save herself it means Adam needs to go home. She approaches Haley, but she quickly shuts it down and appologizes. Haley explains that she has been with the boys since Day 1 and can't bail on them now. Victoria lies to Allison and Bianca, saying Haley agreed. Victoria knows her only hope at this point is yet another tie. At Tribal Council there is a tie between Adam and Victoria. Allison and Biance become wise to Victoria's lie, and they vote her off. Victoria leaves the Island.

12 "There's No Breaking Them Up" - Allison

Two alliances formed day 1 have made the final 5.Happy to have come this far, Allison and Bianca know that they're in trouble against the other alliance of 3. Adam approaches the two and asks why they broke the pact to vote off Victoria, and targetted him. They explain Victoria's antics, but Adam doesn't think they're an excuse. He voices that he thinks the smart to to do would have been to confirm. When he leaves Bianca mocks him.

Adam wins Reward.

Adam wins Immunity!

Allison knows with all of her individual competition wins her time is up. Haley, Marshall, and Adam are a strong, solid 3. Her worst fears are confirmed as Allison is the twelveth person to leave Survivor Island.

Finale "All Alone" - Bianca

Upon returning Bianca reflects on the odd friendship she had former with Allison. She then wastes no time to talk to Haley. She suggests they team up for final 2, saying Haley could easily beat herself in the finals. She also asked if she thought the boys would take her to the finals. Bianca insisted they wouldn't and if they did that they'd be able to beat her.

Haley wins Immunity!

Ultimately Haley sticks with her boys and Bianca is voted out of the game.

Marshall, Adam, and Haley return from Tribal Council and celebrate their victory. They wish each other good luck, and say it's been a fun game. But they agree that now it's all for one.

Haley wins Immunity!

The final 3 head directly to Tribal Council and Haley casts her vote, voting off Adam.

Final Two: Haley & Marshall

Winner: Marshall

Fan Favorite Award: Bianca

Voting historyEdit

Original Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Finale
Eliminated: Maya Spencer Harvey Nick Ashdon Tie Wanda Theresa Scott Tie Derek Lauren Tie Victoria Allison Bianca Adam
Votes: 7I8Votes 6I7Votes 5I6Votes 4I5Votes 3I4Votes 4I8Votes 5I6Votes 6I10Votes Evacuated 4I8Votes 6I6Votes 5I7Votes 3I6Votes 5I5Votes 3I5Votes 3I4Votes 1I1Votes
Voter Vote
Marshall Lauren Wanda Theresa Lauren Derek Lauren Victoria Victoria Allison Bianca None
Haley Lauren Wanda Theresa Lauren Derek Lauren Victoria Victoria Allison Bianca Adam
Adam Lauren Wanda Theresa Lauren Derek Lauren Victoria None Allison Bianca None
Bianca Maya Spencer Harvey Nick Ashdon Lauren Derek Derek Lauren Adam Victoria Marshall Marshall
Allison Maya Spencer Harvey Nick Ashdon Lauren Derek Derek Lauren Adam Victoria Marshall
Victoria Wanda Wanda Theresa Derek Derek Haley Adam None
Lauren Wanda None Theresa Derek None Haley
Derek Wanda Wanda Theresa Lauren None
Scott Wanda Lauren Lauren
Theresa Maya Spencer Harvey Nick Ashdon Lauren
Wanda Lauren None
Ashdon Maya Spencer Harvey Nick Theresa
Nick Maya Spencer Harvey Theresa
Harvey Maya Spencer Theresa
Spencer Maya Harvey
Maya Harvey
Jury vote
Finalist: Haley Marshall
Votes: 6-1
Juror Vote
Adam Marshall
Bianca Marshall
Allison Marshall
Victoria Marshall
Lauren Marshall
Derek Haley
Scott Marshall
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