Survivor All-Stars in still in Pearl Islands but with different tribes & well-known favorite castaways. 6 castaways are in one tribe, which makes it 3. The tribes are called Grogro (which wear red), Monro (which wear yellow), & the Fette (which wear blue). 39 days, 18 castaways, ONE SOLE All-Star SURVIVOR!

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Castaways Season/Place Original Tribe Mituned Tribe Swap Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Jury
Tina Australia;2nd Monro Day 3
Jacky Borneo;3rd Monro Day 6
Ashley Amazon;1st Fette Day 9
Rob Amazon;3rd Grogro Day 12
Alison Thailand;14th/10th Monro Fette Day 15
Edward Borneo;1st Fette Fette Day 18 1
Will Australia;1st Monro Grogro Day 18 2
Ethan Africa;1st Monro Grogro Day 21 3
Ericka Australia;8th Fette Fette Grogro Day 24 4
Rex Africa;3rd Fette Fette Fette Monttro Day 27 5
Vandapoil Bahamas;3rd Fette Grogro Grogro Terminated 6
Allison Australia;9th Grogro Grogro Fette Day 33 7
Berlinda Borneo;4th Grogro Fette Fette Day 36 8
Pupurt Pearl Islands;8th Fette Fette Grogro Day 37 9
Tomas Africa;4th Grogro Grogro Fette Day 38 10
Dana Borneo;8th Monro Fette Grogro Runner-up
Amber Australia;6th Grogro Grogro Grogro Runner-up
Rob Bahamas;11th Grogro Grogro Fette Winner

Voting HistoryEdit

Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Reunion Show
Eliminated Tina Jacky Ashley Rob Alison Edward Will Ethan Ericka Rex Vandapoil Allison Berlinda Pupurt Tomas Dana Amber Rob
Vote 4/6 4/5 5/6 3/6 6/7 4/6 5/7 5/6 3/5 6/9 2/5;Terminated 2/2 3/6 3/5 1/4 1/10 4/10 5/10
Rob Tomas Will Ethan Rex Allison Berlinda Pupurt Sole Survivor
Amber Berlinda Will Ethan Ericka Rex Allison Berlinda Pupurt Runner-up
Dana Tina Jacky Alison Edward Ericka Rex Rob Berlinda Pupurt Tomas 2nd Runner-up
Tomas Rob Will Ethan Rex Rob Pupurt Dana Rob
Pupurt Ashley Alison Edward Dana Berlinda Rob Tomas Dana Amber
Berlinda Rob Alison Edward Pupurt Rob Pupurt Amber
Allison Rob Vandapoil Ethan Rex Rob Amber
Vandapoil Ashley Will Ethan Ericka Rex Terminated Rob
Rex Ashley Alison Edward Pupurt Pupurt Rob
Ericka Ashley Alison Berlinda Vandapoil Vandapoil Amber
Ethan Tina Jacky Will Rob Amber Rob
Will Alison Jacky Vandapoil Dana Rob
Edward Ashley Alison Dana Vandapoil Dana
Alison Tina Jacky Rex
Rob Tomas
Ashley Edward
Jacky Tina Ethan
Tina Alison
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