This is the 15th of Survivor. 16 castaways will aboard this tribe to be the 15th sole survivor, as they battle the elements & each other, the final 3 will have the hands of the jury that are voting for the winner of Survivor: China, this season, for the first time, we are going back in time. Where chinese history changed our lives. So, who will outplay, outlast, and outwit all the other 15 castaways. The begins in Shanghai, China to a nearby forest taking a train to a buddish temple. They all come from different blocks of life. Like a beliver, a cooking chef, & an actor, & others. The real game begins.


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Castaways Original Switched Merged Finish Jury Total Vote
Brianna Zhan Hu X X Day 3 X 4
James Zhan Hu X X Day 6 X 5
Orlina Fei Long X X Day 9 X 6
Robby Gun Zhan Hu X X Day 12 X 7
Aaron Fei Long Zhan Hu X Day 15 X 3
Sirie Zhan Hu Fei Long X Day 18 X 5
Colleen Zhan Hu Zhan Hu Fei Hu Day 21 1 7
Jaden Fei Long Fei Long Day 24 2 6
Robb Zhan Hu Fei Long Day 27 3 10
Joshua Fei Long Zhan Hu Day 30 4 7
Debria Fei Long Fei Long Day 34 5 4
Margrett Zhan Hu Zhan Hu Day 37 6 6
Derek Zhan Hu Zhan Hu Day 38 7 10
Sarah Fei Long Fei Long 2nd Runner-up X 0
Courtney Fei Long Fei Long Runner-up X 0
Kel Fei Long Fei Long Sole Survivor X 4

*If the hidden immunity idol is played, the votes casted by that person is not a vote, instead, the person with the next highest number of votes is out.

Game ResultsEdit

Episode Challenges Kidnapped Eliminated Vote Finish
Reward Immunity
1 Fei Long None Brianna 4-3-1 Day 3
2 Fei Long Fei Long Derek James 5-2 Day 6
3 Zhan Hu Zhan Hu Kel Orlina 6-2 Day 9
4 Zhan Hu Fei Long Joshua Robby Gun 5-1 Day 12
5 Fei Long Fei Long Joshua Aaron 3-1-1 Day 15
6 Zhan Hu Robb Sirie 5-2 Day 18
7 None Robb None Colleen 7-0 Day 21
8 Derek Courtney Jaden 4-2-0 Day 24
9 Robb Joshua Robb 4-1-1-1 Day 27
10 Sarah Margrett Joshua 4-3 Day 30
11 Auction Kel Debria 3-2-1 Day 34
12 Derek Sarah Margrett 3-2 Day 37
13 None Kel Derek 3-1 Day 38
Reunion Jury's Vote Sarah 4-2-1 2nd Runner-up
Courtney Runner-up
Kel Sole Survivor

Voting HistoryEdit

Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Eliminated Brianna James Orlina Robby Gun Aaron Sirie Colleen Jaden Robb Joshua Debria Margrett Derek
Kel Orlina Sirie Colleen Jaden Robb Derek Debria Derek Derek
Courtney Joshua Jaden Jaden Jaden Robb Joshua Debria Margrett Derek
Sarah Orlina Sirie Colleen Robb Robb Joshua Kel Margrett Derek
Derek Brianna James Robby Gun Aaron Colleen Robb Robb Joshua Kel Margrett Kel
Margrett Derek James Robby Gun Aaron Jaden Jaden Kel Derek Debria Derek
Debria Orlina Sirie Colleen Joshua Joshua Joshua Margrett
Joshua Orlina Derek Colleen Jaden Debria Derek
Robb Brianna Robby Gun Robby Gun Sirie Colleen Jaden Margrett
Jaden Orlina Sirie Colleen Joshua
Colleen Robb James Robby Gun Aaron Jaden
Sirie Robb James Robby Gun Jaden
Aaron Orlina Margrett
Robby Gun Brianna James Robb
Orlina Joshua
James Brianna Robby Gun
Brianna Robb

Episode Reunion
Finalist Sarah Courtney Kel
Kel Jury's Vote
Derek Sarah
Margrett Kel
Debria Courtney
Joshua Kel
Robb Kel
Jaden Kel
Colleen Courtney
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