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Survivor Fiji is the 14th season of Survivor. Over 800 people to choose from in the pre-made contestants. Then later 40 remaining & went to Los Angeles for interviews, later 20 remaining as the contestants. They all went on a cruz to the Fiji. After 3 days, the game began. They jumped off the ship on rafts to the Fiji islands, but then 1 contestant decided to quit. Elina Typers had a panic attack at the final day on the cruz ship. She didn't go to the rafts. So that made the cast from 20 to 19 castaways playing the game, also exile island is back in play. There are 4 hidden immunity idols on exile island. At 1st day at Fiji, all of them when on shore & build shelter, also on day 2. At Day 3, exile island was introduced in the game. One castaways will step up & make the tribes. Samanta Worlds decided to step up & make the tribes, as the tribes were even, 9 in each out of 18. She was not choosen obvisouly, so she was immuned & was sent to exile island. Still with 19 castaways in play, Jerry Holdman decided to quit on day 10. Making it 18 castaways getting voted out, as 9 jurors are in the role to see who wins the game. The remaining 3 castaways went to the final tribal council, where David Lynum won in a 8-1-0 Vote. Raven Cooks finished 2nd as reciving 1 vote from Mia Evans. As finally, Joel Underworks gotten none & finsihed 3rd, he also won a car from the previous reward challenge from 4th place finisher, Woo-Man.

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Castaways Original Tribe Switch Tribe Merged Tribe Finish
Morgan Ravu X X 1st Voted Out; Day 3
Kelly Ravu X X 2nd Voted Out; Day 6
Samanta Ravu X X 3rd Voted Out; Day 9
Jerry Moto X X Quited; Day 10
Lillian Moto X X 4th Voted Out; Day 11
Dora Ravu X X 5th Voted Out; Day 14
Anathony Ravu Ravu X 6th Voted Out; Day 16
Matt Ravu Ravu X 7th Voted Out; Day 19; Juror #1
Sisi Moto Ravu X 8th Voted Out; Day 21; Juror #2
Michelle Ravu Moto Bula Bula 9th Voted Out; Day 24; Juror #3
Eddie Moto Ravu 10th Voted Out; Day 27; Juror #4
Chang Min Ravu Ravu 11th Voted Out; Day 30; Juror #5
Alex Moto Ravu 12th Voted Out; Day 33; Juror #6
Lydia Moto Moto 13th Voted Out; Day 36; Juror #7
Brayden Moto Moto 14th Voted Out; Day 37; Juror #8
Woo-Man Ravu Moto 15th Voted Out; Day 38; Juror #9
Joel Moto Ravu 2nd Runner-up; Day 39
Raven Moto Moto Runner-up; Day 39
David Ravu Moto Sole Survivor; Day 39


Episode Challenges Exiled Eliminated Vote
Reward Immunity
1 Moto Samanta Morgan 7-2
2 Moto Brayden Kelly 6-3
3 Moto Moto David Samata 7-1
4 Ravu Joel Jerry No Vote
Lillian 6-1-1
5 Moto Moto David Dora 3-2-2
6 Moto Moto Sisi Anathony 5-1
7 Ravu Moto David Matt 4-2
8 Moto Moto Eddie Sisi 4-1
9 None

David, Raven, Lydia,

Alex, & Eddie

Bula Bula Michelle 3-2
10 Woo-Man Joel Lydia David Eddie 5-4
11 David & Joel Woo-Man Brayden Chang Min 4-3-1
12 Survivor Auction Joel Woo-Man Alex 5-2

Woo-Man, Raven, Brayden

David & Woo-Man Brayden Lydia 4-2
14 David & Woo-Man Raven Joel Brayden 4-1
15 Joel, David, & Raven None Woo-Man No Vote
Reunion Jury's Vote None Joel 5-3-1

Voting HistoryEdit

Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Eliminated Morgan Kelly Samata Jerry Lillian Dora Anathony Matt Sisi
David Morgan Kelly Samata X X Chang Min X X
Raven X X X X Eddie X X X
Joel X X X X Lillian X Anathony Matt Sisi
Woo-Man Morgan Kelly Samata X X Chang Min X X
Brayden X X X X Lillian X X X
Lydia X X X X Lillian X X X
Alex X X X X Lillian X Anathony Matt Sisi
Chang Min Morgan Dora Samata X X Dora Anathony Eddie Sisi
Eddie X X X X Lillian X Anathony Matt Sisi
Michelle Morgan Dora Samata X X Dora X X
Sisi X X X X Lillian X Exiled Matt Chang Min
Matt Morgan Kelly Samata X X Anathony Anathony Eddie
Anathony Morgan Kelly Samata X X Dora Eddie
Dora Morgan Kelly Samata X X Anathony
Lillian X X X X Raven
Jerry X X X X
Samata Exiled Kelly Matt
Kelly Woo-Man Dora
Morgan Woo-Man
Episode 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Eliminated Michelle Eddie Chang Min Alex Lydia Brayden Woo-Man Joel Raven David
David X Eddie Alex Alex Lydia Brayden X Jury's Vote
Raven X Eddie Chang Min Alex David Brayden X
Joel Michelle David David Alex Lydia Brayden X
Woo-Man Brayden Eddie Alex Alex Lydia Brayden X X X David
Brayden Michelle David Chang Min Raven Lydia Raven X X David
Lydia X Eddie Chang Min Alex David X Raven X
Alex X David Chang Min Raven X X David
Chang Min Michelle Eddie Alex X X David
Eddie X David X X David
Michelle Brayden X X David
Sisi X X David
Matt X X David
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