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This is the 16th season of Survivor. The game has shifted & 10 new castaways which are called the fans came to be in game, but they don't know who else is playing this. The other 10 castaways are the favorites from Survivor seasons. As only from season 2, like Boogie. All the way to season 15. Season 1 is not putting in favorites, because they weren't that much remembered & no favorite. As in the game, at a new all-stars game, Heroes vs. Villains. Where Boogie & Cassandra played the game & Cassandra finished 19th & Boogie is still in the game. The game is on with the fans & favorites as the slogan says. Put, Return, & Play is this season's slogan. It is actually called Survivor: Micronesia Fans vs. Favorites.


Castaways Previous season Original Switched Merged Finish Jury Total Votes
Beer Survivor Pearl Islands; 3rd Maliki X X Day 3 X 0
Marlyn No Season Airai X X Day 6 X 0
Woo-Man Survivor Fiji; 4th Maliki X X Day 9 X 0
Tiffany No Season Airai X X Day 12 X 0
Joey No Season Airai Maliki X Day 15 X 0
Jonatin Survivor Cook Islands; 2nd Maliki Airai X Injured X 0
Check No Season Airai Malaki X Day 18 X 0
Tracy No Season Airai Airai X Day 21 X 0
Cassandra Survivor Cook Islands; 4th Maliki Maliki X Day 22 X 0
Stephenie Survivor Amazon; 11th Maliki Malaki Maroni Day 23 X 0
Teresa Survivor Africa; 5th Maliki Airai Day 24 X 0
Jason No Season Airai Airai Day 27 1 0
Joshua Survivor China; 7th Maliki Airai Day 30 2 0
Alexa No Season Airai Airai Day 31 3 0
Drew No Season Airai Maliki Day 33 4 0
Eric No Season Airai Maliki Day 36 5 0
Natalie No Season Airai Maliki Day 37 6 0
Sherea Survivor Costa Rica; 4th Maliki Airai Day 38 7 0
Sarah Survivor China; 3rd Maliki Maliki Runner-up X 0
Boogie Survivor Australia; 8th Maliki Airai Sole Survivor X 0
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