Survivor Pearl Islands is the 7th season of mikahtyler's Survivor Edition. There are 16 new castaways in a journey of a life time to win $1,000,000. They are split into 2 tribes, Drake & Morgan. The final 9 will merged, the tribe is called Boaboa. Now in this season, 3 castaways will be the selections on who win Survivor Pearl Islands.

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Castaways[edit | edit source]

Castaway Original Tribe Swap Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Jurors
Lyn Morgan Day 3
Braden Morgan Day 6
Mary Drake Day 9
Trista Drake Day 12
Robert Morgan Drake Day 15
Amanda Drake Drake Day 18
Mike Morgan Morgan Day 21 1
Alison Morgan Morgan BoaBoa Day 24 2
Pupert Drake Drake Day 27 3
Kelly Morgan Morgan Day 30 4
Product Drake Drake Eliminated 5
Kimmy Drake Drake Day 36 6
William Drake Morgan Day 38 7
Beer Morgan Morgan Runner-up
Lilly Drake Drake Runner-up
Sandra Morgan Morgan Winner

Voting History[edit | edit source]

Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Eliminated Lyn Braden Mary Trista Robert Amanda Mike Alison Pupurt Kelly Product Kimmy William X
Sandra Lyn Braden Mike Alison Pupurt Lilly Kimmy JURY
Lilly Amanda Trista Robert Amanda Alison Pupurt Sandra Sandra JURY
Beer Lyn Braden Mike Alison Pupurt Product Kimmy William JURY
William Mary Trista Mike Alison Pupurt Kelly Kimmy Lilly
Kimmy Mary Trista Robert Amanda Alison Pupurt William Sandra Lilly
Product Mary Trista Robert Pupurt Alison Pupurt Kelly Eliminated Sandra
Kelly Lyn Robert William Alison Pupurt Kimmy Sandra
Pupert Amanda Trista Lilly Amanda Product Product Sandra
Alison Lyn Robert Kelly Product Sandra
Mike Lyn Braden Kelly Beer
Amanda Trista Trista Robert Pupurt
Robert Lyn Braden Pupurt
Trista Mary Amanda
Mary Trista
Braden Lyn Robert
Lyn Mike
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