Survivor Thailand: 16 new castaways will begin to survive for 39 days, each of them are in 3 tribes, they Chuay, Jai, Talle, & the Eris tribe. Each tribe is consist of 4 members. The first 2 people that will be voted out will be eliminated. The remaining 14 castaways are split into 2 remaining tribes which are the Jai & Talle. Once 4 castaways are eliminated. The first 4 voted out castaways will battle it out to return to the game, the winner of the returning challenge will return, & it will be 11 castaways remaining, so the winner of the returning challenge (the revenger) will secretly vote someone out of any tribe. Now after that event, the revenger will return & they will Mituned together, after another castaway is voted out. The remaining 10 castaways will be merged into 1 tribe called the Taljai (named after the 2 remaining tribes, Jai & Talle). After that, the final 3 are the nominees of being the winner (the second time that happed) (First one was Survivor Africa season 3). After that, the reunion show of all 16 castaways will speak out their mind about the game.

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Tribe Color Tribe Name

Castaways Edit

Castaways Original Tribe Swap Tribe Mituned Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Jurors
Clyde Eris X X X Day 3 X
Sandy Talle X X X Day 6 X
Nathan Talle Talle X X Day 12 X
JetClimb Jai Jai X X Day 15 X
Kim Chuay Jai X X Day 17 X
Mickey Eris Talle X X Day 20 X
Alison Jai Talle Revenger Talle X Day 9; 22 X
Eric Talle Jai Talle Taljai Terminated 1
William Chuay Jai Talle Taljai Day 25 2
Courtney Jai Talle Talle Taljai Day 28 3
Patty Eris Jai Talle Taljai Day 31 4
Jen Chuay Talle Talle Taljai Day 34 5
Tony Jai Jai Jai Taljai Day 37 6
James Chuay Jai Jai Taljai Day 38 7
Tiffany Eris Talle Jai Taljai Runner-up X
Jamie Talle Talle Jai Taljai Winner X

Voting HistoryEdit

Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Eliminated Clyde Sandy Alison Nathan JetClimb Kim Mickey Alison Eric William Courtney Patty Jen Tony James X
Jamie X Sandy Alison Nathan X X Mickey X Safe William Courtney Tony Jen Tony James JURY
Tiffany Clyde X Mickey Nathan X X Mickey X Safe William Patty Patty Jen Tony X JURY
James X X X X JetClimb Kim X X Safe Tiffany Patty Patty Jamie Tiffany X Tiffany
Tony X X X X JetClimb Kim X X Safe Tiffany Courtney Patty Tiffany Jaime Tiffany
Jen X X Alison Nathan X X Mickey Alison Safe William Courtney Patty Tony Jaime
Patty Clyde X X X JetClimb Eric X Alison Safe William Tony Tony Jaime
Courtney X X Mickey Nathan X X Jamie Alison Safe William Tony Jaime
William X X X X JetClimb Kim X Alison Safe Tiffany Jamie
Eric X Sandy X X JetClimb Kim X Alison Terminated Tiffany
Alison X X Mickey Eric
Mickey Clyde X Alison Courtney X X Jamie
Kim X X X X JetClimb William
JetClimb X X X X Kim
Nathan X Sandy Alison Courtney
Sandy X Sandy
Clyde Patty