Suvolea's Prime Languages are English and Suvolean. The law is that all kids must be able to fluently speak both languages by the age of 11, with the exception of minor immigrants over the age of 6.

English Edit

They're dialect on the English language is about the same as in the U.S.A. in California and the midwest, but there is a difference.

Suvolean Edit

Suvolean's grammar is much more simple than English, but has some English words added to the language. For example, before the English language started gaining an impact on the Suvolean language, Suvolean had no word for "Tiger". When English started impacting Suvolean, the word "Tiger" was added to the Suvolean language. But, the English words are not pronounced the same in Suvolean. For example, Tiger is pronounced "Terger" in Suvolean, due to the fact that the letter "i" is pronounced "er" in Suvolean.

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