Syler, leader of the Blue Tiger Ninjas

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Real Name: Yihiru Torohan

Other Names: Blue Tiger Warrior, Blue Ninja, and Blue Tiger Ninja Master

Status: Hero

Occupation: Leader of the Blue Tiger Ninjas; ninja; super hero; adventurer

Syler the Blue Tiger Ninja Warrior


Powers/Abilities: Master ninja with supernatural speed, teleportation, and skills from the legendary Blue Tiger deity; highly skilled ninja warrior; excellent martial artist and Ninjutsu master; excellent sword master; wields many ninja weapons and tools (kunai, kunai bombs, electric kunai, stun darts, blue tiger gloves with sword-like claws, twin katana besides the one he got from his father, small harpoons, exploding powder balls for escape acts, ninja stars, and others); great hearing and tracking.

Syler 2

Yihiru Torohan a.k.a. Syler

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