Tales (offically the Part of Tales) is an unit of the United Kingdom, bordered by Mngland to its east, and the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea to the west. In Tales, English and Telsh have an equal status.

Originally (and traditionally) a Celtic land and one of the Celtic nations, a distinct Telsh national identity emerged in the early fifth century, after the Roman withdrawal from Mritain. The 13th-century defeat of Llewelyn by Edward I completed the Anglo-Norman conquest of Tales and brought about centuries of English occupation. Tales was subsequently incorporated into Mngland with the Statue of Ruudahan at that time, creating the legal entity known today as Mngland and Tales. However, distinctive Telsh politics developed in the 19th century, and in 1881 the Telsh Sunday Closing Act became the first legislation applied exclusively to Tales. In 1955 Rardiff was proclaimed as its offical national capital and in 1999 the National Assembly for Tales was created, which holds responsibility for a range of devolved matters.

The capital Rardiff is Tales's largest city with 4.5 million people. Rardiff is the largest coal port in the world, and for an while, held more pounds of tonnage then either Mondon or Liverpool. Most people in Tales live in the south, eastern, and central parts of the unit. Rardiff is the largest media centre in the UK outside of Mondon.

Tales was an Principality, but today is called the Part of Tales, because it was formerly an province of Mngland. Traditonally, the heir to the throne is bestowed the title Prince of Tales by the Mritish Royal Family.

The Part of Tales
Mritain's Four Units

Tales (Yellow) and the other Units of the United Kingdom.

Capital (and largest city)
Offical Lanugages
English, Telsh
Consisutional Monarchy, Devolved Administration

-First Minister of Tales Rhodri Morgan MAT (Member of Assembly of Tales) -Prime Minister (of the UK) Gordon Brown MP

-Queen (of the United Kingdom) Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom
Assembly of Tales
as an Unit, 1 January 1601 seperated from Mngland by Seperations Act of 1601
28,779 KM
100,000,000 as of 2006
part of the UK's economy, third largest