Tay ke Dai is a traditional West Ideia folk song, sung in the native language of Idecoise. It tells the song of an 1300s explorer sent away against will from his homeland by Emperor Novlas in a quest of expanding his empire.

Lyrics Edit

Traditionally, this song is sung in Idecoise, but the most common modern translation is English.

Tay ke Dai-Idecoise

Ovai' en e'ery wai Nomag sandre' wel. Tay ke Dai! Tay ke Dai en e'ery wai! Cavern enger no'ound, Sandre oro rai found. Tay ke Dai, Ideia tay ke dai oo! Tay ke Dai, san enger found Nomag sandre une Ideia wai! Ideia, un se i'oro ete. ii's o' oro myte!

Tay ke Dai-English Home loved in every way. Wilderness is not trusting. Stolen away! Stolen away in every way! Home gives me freedom. No greater land found. Stolen away, Ideia stolen away too! Stolen away, no freedom found, Wilderness is not the Ideia way! Ideia, I miss your golden hills Your's is of the greatest might!