The game starts after an opening scene where a deity decides that existence is too boring and decides to intervene in life on Tel Loiryn, guiding the actions of a young, alone, illiterate, pauper boy called Tristan. The deity, Aensus, is the deity of divine intervention, with the capabilities of talking with people in the world, taking command of a willing individual's body, and ressurecting. Aensus starts with nearly no knowledge of the world she is in, and knowing very little of humans and society. (The game starts with Aensus coming onto the world and entering Tristan's mind.)

(Can only be undertaken at the beginning of game)

A) (Tutorial:) Tristan doesn't believe that Aensus is a deity and thinks that she's an evil spirit, so Aensus suggests to prove herself by having Tristan go to the temple set up to her, and Tristan agrees. Tristan starts in the (wintry) plains right outside of Syrragil and goes west to Aensus's temple, located in the village of Regina.

Much of the first section is Aensus learning the basic requirements of life through thought interactions with Tristan along the way, learning about food and clothes as well as mastery of basic movement. While Aensus is in control of Tristan, the boy becomes very cowed and can't think for himself, so Aensus has to perform actions for him. Aensus learns how to read Tristan's map.

Along the way Aensus must interact with travellers and the priests of the temple. At one point along the route to Regina, Aensus is ambushed by highwaymen and loses the last of his food and clothes, which decimates him and angers Aensus. As a deity, however, Aensus is powerless to punish them. (Goes on to Chapter 2.)

B) Tristan believes wholeheartedly, and they go directly to Syrragil where Tristan can get around to begging, and along the way Tristan quickly tells Aensus about life (crash course). (Goes on to Part 2.)

Tristan is still able to do lots of things that Aensus normally doesn't control; however, she controls movement, speech, and abilities of anyone she goes into. While she can jump from person to person, or abandon everyone entirely, Aensus still has a pervasive effect on Tristan and any allies. Aensus is unwilling to use her special powers unless absolutely necessary; to her, everything is just interesting amusement. Aensus can possess any human at will, but she wants to grant people some degree of autonomy, sometimes even when Aensus is in control.

Completion time: 2 - 10 minutes.

New ConceptsEdit

  • Locomotion
  • Navigation
  • Communication
  • Command by Deity
  • Food and water
  • Wool Clothes

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