Tristan goes to sleep at a hovel in Argenta for the night; the next day Tristan tells Aensus about his past of being bullied, and together they decide that they have to take action against the highwaymen who stole his backpack.

Tristan goes to do some fighting practice (in the middle of nowhere) for as long as necessary, covering all the most basic skills that he already knows and can just practice a few times to gain mastery over.

Tristan heads down the well-travelled path back to Syrragil in the hunt for the highwaymen, but won't find them. Talking to the farm hands in the vicinity, he finds out that they had during the night moved on to Travincal.

Tristan goes down the road to Travincal, but doesn't encounter anyone on the way there, and end up in town. He asks the people there if they know, but then they become suspicious of him and don't tell him.

Aensus gets Tristan to use beer to get others drunk before interrogating them, and thus manage to find out the direction in which the highwaymen went, talking to others in the tavern.

Tristan heads off to Argenta, and on the road get intercepted by the highwaymen, who think they can force more from him. In fact, they are so sure that they send just one of their number to duel him. This time, however, Tristan acts more forceful and puts up a fight. It turns out that these third swords have almost no fighting experience and that they're particularly cowardly; the moment Tristan fought back, they rushed for their horses and fled through Argenta and went along the road to Edgeville, with Tristan in pursuit but on his feet and thus far behind.

Tristan has demonstrated his ability to fight against those who try to take advantage of him, and for the first time thank Aensus for her guidance.

Completion time: 20 - 35 minutes.

New ConceptsEdit

  • Sleep
  • Fistfighting
  • Kicking, tripping
  • One on one fighting
  • Beer
  • Interrogation