After reaching Argenta, Tristan has lost the trail on the highwaymen. Wandering about for five days and begging for food or menial work, Tristan has managed to make an acquaintance, Eunar, who tells him various hints about the verdure valley locations, giving him much insight on the movements and frame of mind of outlaws. This gives Tristan an idea for how to track down the highwaymen he's demanded revenge on.

With Aensus's help, Tristan convinces his friend Eunar to bring justice to the highwaymen who stole from him a week ago; they head off to Edgeville based on what they've heard people talk about. Before they get started, they first do some training. Tristan may be a bit ahead militarily over his buddy Eunar, but he's still very lacking in training, and he certainly has to solidify his tactics and response skill.

Tristan has Eunar go out in front and follow behind him at a distance; as he expected, the trio of highwaymen charged at and surrounded him, demanding -- but then Tristan jumps in, fighting breaks out (the highwaymen fight very disorganizedly as if they mistrust each other).

The highwaymen flee, but Tristan and Eunar manage to cooperate against one of them, beating him up and capturing him. They go the remainder of the way to Edgeville, where they turn the highwayman in to the guard -- but to their shock, the guard sees the highwayman as an innocent and has him freed.

The ensuing argument over who actually owns (Tristan's) the goods means that the guard confiscates it all. Tristan and Eunar leave, very saddened and none the better with the knowledge of what they've accomplished.

Even though Tristan feels devastated, he sees that he's made great improvements, and just realizes that with practice he will be getting much better. The matter now closed to his eyes, Tristan says farewell to Eunar and then goes back to Syrragil.

Completion time: 20 - 35 minutes.

New ConceptsEdit

  • Begging
  • Menial jobs and payment
  • Friends + cooperative fighting
  • Training friends
  • Capture

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