The highwayman matter now closed to his eyes, Tristan plans to back with Eunar to Argenta with the intention of saying farewell to him there.

However, as Tristan is about to leave, the guard he met, Rail, finds them again and, seeing that they have been successful with defeating highwaymen, offers them an mediocre-paying job: forcing gremlins out of the farmlands to the north of Edgeville. They, and two allies that the guard temporarily gives them, have to depart for the farms immediately, with the objective of bringing back at least five gremlin captives.

As Eunar tells Tristan, gremlins were really mischievous and stubborn, but also petite and very weak. After getting to the farms, they meet with the families, asking about the gremlin patterns.

From what the locals say, the four decide that they can come up with a battle plan. Armed with the most basic of weaponry - clubs - they jump on an attempted (unarmed) gremlin thievery mission, scattering them and capturing some. Tristan has by now learned both to use weaponry and to shout combat warcries. They give chase, but some of the gremlins escape.

Over the span of waiting time that results, Tristan and allies get more practice with their (formerly unwieldy) weaponry.

After another period of waiting, the gremlins strike again with their now-reduced form. The moment Tristan and allies show up, they flee, though several more gremlins are caught. Realizing that the gremlins wouldn't attempt to come again until they had seen Tristan and allies leave, they feint leaving, then circle back to catch the remaining gremlins attempting another thievery mission.

By now Tristan has at least five captive gremlins, and the foursome bring them back all the way to Edgeville proper. Rail is surprised at their success, and gives Tristan's belongings back to him, as well as some money.

Once Tristan gets his stuff back, he says farewell to everyone else, then heads back to Syrragil.

Completion time: 30 minutes.

New ConceptsEdit

  • Weaponry (clubs)
  • Combat warcries
  • Gremlins
  • Fight to the end
  • Team battle

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