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Row 1 title
Eastern Province of Terra
Phoebe McEasterSky
91,386 2006 census
Large Cities
May 30th, 1919
Major Rivers
Highest Point
Natural Ker Park, 37,200 feet
Lowest Point
Terna, 12 feet
Power Source
Wind/Solar Power

Terra is a large, mountainous country west of Jill.

History/Geography Edit

In 1900, the lands west of Jill were barren and useless. Jill had no plans to take the land, so other settlers from the north came to the land. One of those groups was Phoebe McEasterSky. Interested, he decided to start a new country, hopefully getting the chance to rule a prosperous country. Later, Phoebe McEasterSky and a few other citizens started a blockade to claim Terra as their own. In 1919, Terra became its own country.

Originally, Terra's leader was K.D Vercredi, who wanted to start a monarchy. Then Phoebe McEasterSky took governance away, K.D Vercredi wants to run in the next elections, hoping again to start a monarchy.

Gaia was founded before Terra was, founded in 1860, it was a small settler site, but the people of Terra rebuilt it. It is placed next to the Lake of Earthen, a major fishing site.

In 1978, the Fianical Crash of 1978 destoryed Terra's developing economy. Production and farming levels did not recover until January 1989.

The landscape of Terra is covered in moutntains, trees, and lakes. Common animals found here include Teracka, Gonnia, and Hif, all members of Terrok family.

Language/Motto Edit

See main article:Terratosk

The official language of the country is Terratosk, also known as Terraishk, which is widely based off the language of the natives of the country. The country's motto is "Tosk Lesetta, Tosk Enfot, ghu Tosk Yui." meaning "To believe, to love, and to Enjoy.".