The 3RSOF (3rd Region Special Operations Forces) is a military section of the Applecity army that protects the 3rd region of applecity. They are led by General August Clawpaw. The main objectives are the airport, the church landmark and the ferry ramp (for naval purposes).

Armament suppliesEdit

Their main assault rifle is the same as the rest of the army (the EM5F) but The Osccorp is working on an another rifle, however further information is restricted for now. They do acctualy work on a prototype SMG called the MPOCSMG (MultiPurpose OscCorp Sub MachineGun) which has a lot of different settings such as the Marksman setting (which is the most powerful setting except for the developing HMG setting).They also use a modified EM67HH ATS as their anti tank system. They also use modified EM34 CAWS as their close quarter weapons.

Naval equipmentEdit

They also have a boat called The Mousehunter. It is heavily armed with a artillery cannon, although even with its big cannon it is very fast with a speed of 24 knots. However, to have that speed it suffers on the armor but (of course) it is compensated with the speed.

Important LocationsEdit

Their base of operations is near the ferry ramp. The base is mostly underground and the main entrance is in a Powerhouse close to the ramp. another significant entrance/exit is under a bridge near one of the civilian families house. They also have hidden factories of The Osccorp in the woods near the church where they produce their military equipment and gingerbread cookies. And not to forget they also have to protect the cultural landmark of frösö kyrka (the church) as it has stood there since the 12th century. It has very thick walls as it was back then also purpose of a fortress to protect the citizens in case of an attack. There is also the airfield which is protected as it is of strategic importance as most of applecity's military aircrafts lift from here (although the helicopters lift from several other stations). In emergency cases they can also deploy troops quickly to The Temple and other locations nearby (also in the other end of the region they can assist EM Facilities).

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