This is the story of Eric, a thirteen year old boy who is lonely, and has no friends. One day, he goes out on a boat, and gets sucked into a wirlpool. He wakes up on land, where he finds a girl. So, he starts following her, which turns into a wild chase. He sees her go into a cave behind a waterfall, so he goes in. There, he finds a gem. So, he puts it on. then, from all of the power, he fanted. when he woke up, he saw the girl put a wet towel on his forhead. Next, she left to get some fire wood. As soon as she left, a guy showed up wearing the same gem as he was?...To be continued.

Eric's armor is a bird design, with a beak on the mask, and the rest open. He also has spiked flails off of the sides of his helmet. His full power armor doesn't change much, but does give him the following: Two pairs of wings, a bird skull with red eyes on his sword, and a bird head on his left hand.

Jen's armor is also a bird design, with a beak on the mask, and the rest open. She also has rounded flails off of the sides of her helmet. Her full power armor changes, including the following:a giant boomerang, a shield, and two pairs of wings.

Jason's armor is a samurai design, with sandals, a kasanagi blade, and a pony-tail. His full power armor includes: a black drape, a giant sythe, a hourglass, and a skull body.

The three of them can fuse two make four different people: Phoenix paradise, Black Phoenix, black Paradise, and Legendary Samurai. The legendary samurai is covered in black samurai armor with red outlines. His hair is blue, although he almost never shows it. the samurai has three swords, each a different design. Each sword controls a different element(fire, wind, and shadows). He also has the power to manipulate time.--Ronald Spitko 11:03, 21 May 2009 (UTC)

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