The Bachelor: Season 1Edit

Thomas' Callout Order
Order Episodes
Girls 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1 Kim Whitney Alexas Valerie Theresa Alexas Theresa Alexas Whitney Alexas Whitney
2 Ally Valerie Whitney Ally Cassandra Whitney Alexas Theresa Alexas Whitney Alexas
3 Laura Katie Theresa Gabrielle Meaghan Theresa Gabrielle Whitney Theresa Theresa  
4 Katrina Candice Cassandra Meaghan Marie Marie Whitney Steffi Gabrielle  
5 Whitney Rachel Gabrielle Whitney Whitney Lena Marie Gabrielle Steffi  
6 Valerie Gabrielle Marie Marie Gabrielle Casanndra Cassandra Cassandra  
7 Steffi Lena Lena Alexas Alexas Gabrielle Steffi Marie  
8 Candice Daniela Steffi Theresa Ally Ally Daniela  
9 Rachel Kim Katrina Steffi Lena Steffi Lena  
10 Tiffany Meaghan Meaghan Daniela Daniela Daniela Ally  
11 Marie Cassandra Katie Katie Steffi Meaghan  
12 Gabrielle Marie Ally Rachel Rachel Rachel  
13 Cassandra Ally Rachel Cassandra Katie  
14 Katie Lory Lory Lena Valerie  
15 Lauren Katrina Valerie Katrina  
16 Lena Julia Daniela Lory  
17 Julia April April  
18 Meaghan Alexas Kim  
19 April Theresa Candice  
20 Cami Steffi Julia  
21 Theresa Cami  
22 Alexas Kendra  
23 Kendra Laura  
24 Lory Lauren  
25 Daniela Tiffany  

The Bachelor: Season 2Edit

Paul's Callout Order
Order Episodes
Girls 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1 Sara AshleyT. Shawn AshleyT. Janick Janick Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie Janick Janick
2 Madison Brittany Janick Emma Kelly Stephanie Tallah Janick Janick Stephanie Stephanie
3 Lindsay Sara Alexandria Janick Emma Tallah Janick Kelly Kelly Kelly  
4 Alexandria Tallah Brittany Kelly Tallah Tessa Kelly AshleyT. AshleyT.  
5 Charlotte Bette Bette Alexandria Stephanie Leslie AshleyT. Leslie  
6 Alexis Casey Madison Bette Alexandra AshleyT. Leslie Tallah  
7 AshleyT. Mackensie Kelly Tessa Tessa Brittany Brittany  
8 AshleyM. Kelly Tallah Stephanie Leslie Kelly Tessa  
9 Brittany AshleyM. AshleyT. Tallah Brittany Alexandria  
10 Tessa Stephanie AshleyM. AshleyM. AshleyT. Emma  
11 Stephanie Tessa Mackensie Brittany AshleyM.  
12 Janick Lindsay Emma Leslie Bette  
13 Leslie Alexandria Stephanie Mackensie  
14 Shawn Emma Tessa Madison  
16 Erin Janick Lindsay Sara  
17 Kelly Shawn Sara Shawn  
18 Rebecca Madison Leslie Lindsay  
19 Emma Sherie Casey  
20 Bette Rebecca Rebecca  
21 Tallah Leslie Sherie  
22 Sherie Alexis  
23 Casey Charlotte  
24 Rose Erin  
25 Mackensie Rose  
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