First Battle of Ivalo AirfieldEdit

On the third of December 08:37 Brie-Cheese airborne soldiers after a flight over Russia dropped over the Finnish airfield Ivalo and started to clear up the airfield for heavier equipment to land. After fighting 40 minutes with relative high losses they reached Ivalo. When battling their way towards a hangar the attackers where welcomed by one Finnish BMP 1 and one Swedish CV9040C. After an intense fight the Bries had won the first battle of the war in three hours.

The battle of IvaloEdit

Five hours later Brie reinforcements began to arrive and they set off for the city of Ivalo. The main force withstanding of 147 soldiers and five T-55 tanks advanced via Ivalontie, the main street. Another airdropped group with 86 soldiers landed north of the city and then made their way to a roundabout outside an hotel. But the then the tide of the battle turned as 3 Finnish Leopard 2 A4 tanks and 2 Tigern Tanks showed up and decimated the attackers with support from the Swedish Airforce. The first part of the battle when the Bries were superior lasted for 2 hours and the second part when the Scandinavian Alliance had superiority lasted for 17 minutes before the Bries retreated towards the airfield.

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