Monday the 3rd of August the Appelcitian government discovered where the treats of Applecity came from.

The discover were that Brie-cheese-country has sent these threats in a desperate try to get the very advanced technology of Applecity, which Applecity has helped other countries to obtain ("just" so advanced that they have stopped the climate changes with no rights to research the technology more) but not Brie-cheese-country because the president of Brie-cheese-country where and is a very "war happy man", and they feared that Brie-cheese-country would not care about the strait restricion of the technology use and develope an extremly mighty army and use it to invade other countries. Now the great powers has called to a FN meting to clear this mess up. Brie-cheese-country has declared that Applecity is lying about theese threats but Applecity has video and sound files that is comfirming that these threats has occurred. The representives of Brie-cheese-country(after Applecity laid out the proof that this had occurred) suddenly rushed out of the congress hall and screamed "This isn't the end, pussycat island!" as the great west ordered the representives to come back King Findus shouted "Let the bastard go! I'm not scared for a country that has an economy just good enough to feed two kids!! What shall they do? Throw stones at the OlvAnPutt Line?" After this incident this very short and hastly upplaid FN meeting where declaired finished.

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