The Cult of the dominators is a secret religious "cat" society that worship the former enemy of the "cat's". It was formed in 1996 by a few "cat's" that believed that the former enemy of the "cat's" became "the dominators" when they defeated the "cat's". They live secretly (in celibacy) in their shrines and temples. There is a great feud between the Temple of Applecity and The Cult Of The Dominators. Applecity and its army is supporting the Temple of Applecity.

Notable Actions Edit

The Cult Of The Dominators have striked with military force a few times. The most notable time was when a large rebel force stormed the Temple of Applecity in 1999 when the main purpose was to destroy the temple buildings by burning it down. They also chose the moment carefully as King Louie I was there on visit.