The Royal Battalion withstand of 230 Tigern Tank`s, 112 Findus Tank Destroyers and one Louie Tank of the DEFENSE model. The Battallion is commanded by one of Applecitys Governour Generals and it has never been into combat more than internatonale exercises.It is also one of the only three groups of Applecitys army that is on the island itself.Together with the militia these groups (The First Royal Infantery Battalion Of Applecity and The First Royal Airforce Group Of Applecity) stands up for 8018 men and women which is pretty much because in Applecity it only lives 8500 humans and 12 200 "cat"´s.The rest of the army is stored in Applecitys allies countrys.It is free for the allied countrys populations to join these internatonal "Battlegroups".

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