The Galactic Cup Racing Federation (GCRF) is a Sports Federation in the year 2500. The GCRF is equal in ratings to the Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics, and both are the most popular Sports Leagues in the Galaxy.

The Events Edit

Each Country in each Planet has a national league, with a single track, and a points system, and 14 races. The Competitors who placed 5th or above will move on to the next league, which is the World Leagues. Each planet has a World League, with 14 races and a points system. The tracks they compete on differ each year. The Competitiors placed in the top 20 positions will move on to the Galactic Cup Ultimate Prix, the biggest race, and the heart of the GCRF.

The Races Edit

The Races's tracks that have twists and turns and separations, where the competitors have to leap over. The Tracks always go into outer space, and the racers are designed for outer space. The Amount of laps the race has depends on the size of the track. For example, the national races often have 300-1000 laps, and the tracks are often small because of the lack of space, while the Galactic Cup Ultimate Prix has only 1 lap, because of the fact that the race crosses Mars, Earth, The Moon, Pluto, Venus, and Mercury.

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