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The Great Klaxon Was a three-act Play written in 1600 By William Shakespeare.

The Play is one of the lesser known tragedy plays, along with Titus Andronicus and Troilus and Cressida.

The Play was well recieved, However, fell into decline after it's more fantastical themes were put on the "back burner."

Plot Edit

Alloius Klaxon, A being from another world, has come to earth in search of saving his existance, He infiltrates the king's guards man.

His reverence and pride, as the 'Great Klaxon' on his own planet, he tries to take the Princess as his own.

The King, Unknowing of the guards status on his own planet, Kills him, and then, the decline of his race finishes, making humans, finally, alone in the universe.

Perfromances Edit

Royal Shakespeare Company Edit

1999 - Dir: Trannas Alous

Klaxon - Liam Housendaous

Princess Fairylegs - Jean Clearnose

King Francis - Lee Tarvey

Sir Proudbolox - Graham Itzoff

Sir Loudgob - Yoh Yahha

Clown - Theirry Mallazh

Saviour - Alouis Plantano

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