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Chapter One-Crash Landing

An eagle flew over the open desert. It was sandy, and there was nothing but sand for miles around. The eagle found itself in the middle of a sandstorm and couldn't find its way out, it tried to fly higher up, but the effort was useless, instead it was brought down by the great force of the wind. It had wasted so much energy, that it couldn't fly anymore. The eagle knew that it wasn't going to make it, soon it let itself fall. The sand made the fall very comfortable, but the heat would have the it cooked for anything that was going to eat it.
:Several minutes later, the sandstorm had settled. Then the eagle tried to get up, but it was hopeless, it was too exhausted to lift itself, and worse, even to fly. It started to feel uncomfortably hot. The eagle looked around, and saw nothing but sand for miles, but then a shape caught its eyes. It was a camel that grabbed the attention of the eagle. It had several sacks on its back. There was another object on the camel's back, the eagle noticed that it was a man. Maybe he would notice the exhausted eagle. It kept on walking in the direction of the eagle. The bright sun hit the eagle, and blinded it from the view of the camel. It put it's head down, and then looked up. It saw the sun, and then, a dark shape covered the sun. It was the camel, it had stopped, maybe the man noticed the eagle. It saw the man get off the camel and walk to it, then grabbed the it gently. He lifted it up, then the man got up to the camel's back. The eagle then felt the camel walking, but there was a stop the camel made. The man got off the camel and on to the ground. He bent down and grabbed something. It was a snake. It was brown like the sand, and was hissing, and moving around furiously trying to escape. The man had gotten it by the neck and was now giving it to the eagle. Like this the eagle thought, it would survive...
:Michael gave the eagle to one of the nearby villagers. Michael was a traveler, and was here to see the Sahara desert, and all that surrounded the ocean of sand. He had come all the way from Washington D.C in the United States, to Nigeria. He left the villagers and made his way to the airport. He was heading to the state of Hawaii now, so that he can explore the volcanoes. He made it to the airport and was waiting for his flight to come up. In a couple of minutes he was on his plane. The seats were very comfortable and he was fixing some pictures on his laptop, that he had take with his camera when he was in the desert. He had some pictures of the eagle that he had found, and the villagers that he gave the eagle to. He took some pictures of a jungle that was near the Sahara Desert, and several of the people that lived there. Michael looked out the window from the airplane, and only saw blue in all directions. It was one of those sights that you couldn't see in the old days, when there were no planes around. The only thing that could have matched to the whole view of blue would have been the great big blue ocean. Michael looked at his watch, and saw that Hawaii was only several hours away.
:On an island in the Pacific, several men had been looking for what they thought was lost treasure. The treasure that they had been looking for was from a Spanish ship that had sunk in the sixteenth century. They have had no luck, and now they were trapped on the island...

"No, obviously someone did this on purpose..." Commander Stephen was reasoning with one of the searchers about what had happened to the ship, in which they had came. "But sir, who could have done it? Everyone from the crew is here" the searcher named Jose said. He was pretty short, and had a Mexican accent when he spoke. "Are you sure about that? There are hundreds of us on this island, I don't think that you have gotten the name of everybody." the commander said. "Sir, I have checked several times..." He was interrupted by the commander. "Check again, and then check once more, that's an order, and if you still haven't found out who are the missing people...Then I'll believe that somebody else, took it...GO now!". "Yes sir.." Jose said, and left. The island in which all the searchers, and some soldiers were on looking for the treasure was about 10 miles long from the West and East points, and about 2 miles of width from the North and South. The island was full of vegetation, and the many animals that lived on it. Jose had reached the one of the camps the searchers were at. He kept on asking everybody for their name, and once they had said their name, Jose would check their name off the checklist. Like this, they would be able to find out who possible could have take the ship away. This was important since all the food, and equipment that they needed was on the ship. All of the people had come to this island for one reason. To get part of the treasure, and live the rest of their lives off of that money. Rumors said that the Spanish ship carried enough money to give everyone in China 10 dollars. Several hours later Jose had checked all the names and found that 10 people were missing. He gave the names to the Commander, and he ordered a search for these people. Soon, all the men were spread through out the island.
The commander was standing near the shore looking out to the beautiful sunset that was in front of him. His military days were now gone, and he was growing old. He wasn’t as fast or as strong as he used to be, but his wisdom took care of all that. Even though he was still pretty fit for his age. He just stood there with his hands on his back, and stood up straight, like he always did when he joined the army. The wind blew his long whitening hair. He hadn’t cut it much since he had left the army, and it was now to shoulder length. He was wearing a long coat that went to his knees, that matched with his light gray outfit. He listened to the waves splash on the shore, this was the first time he felt peace on the island. He turned his head to see a crab walking slowly to the ocean. The Commander saw a hard stick near him, he grabbed it, and stabbed the crab with it. This might be the only thing that he would eat for days. He turned his head to the jungle and he heard a strange noise, he couldn’t make out what that noise was. He looked around, and saw the sunset on his left, and the island jungle on his right. To him, the sound seemed to be a plane, but he could not make out any plane in the sky. He kept on looking for it, he looked toward the sunset from where the sound came from, and in the distance, he saw a ship. The ship was very familiar, but that’s not what the sound was. He was about to tell the others to go after the ship, but then he stopped. The ship was a warship, it was still the ship that the crew came in but it seemed to be moving one of it’s cannons toward the island. He wasn’t sure, if it was the island or to the sky. Then he heard the cannon fire, the sound echoed throughout the jungle, surely the rest must have heard it. The commander moved behind a large boulder, and dropped the stick with the crab on it. He waited behind the boulder for some explosion to occur near him, but there wasn‘t one at all...Well, at least not near him.
Michael had just finished editing his photos, and shut down his laptop. He looked at the time on this silver watch, and saw that Hawaii was about 2 hours away. He looked ahead of him, and heard and immense explosion. It happen in front of him, and He started to feel that he was falling on his back. The plane had broken in half, and the tail side of the plane that had broken off started to spin. That’s where Michael was in. He heard the screams of women, and the yells of the ones that got hurt. He couldn’t believe what was happening. He wondered if it was a terrorist attack. He couldn’t grab his stuff since the spinning tried to make fly away. He managed to grab his laptop, and cell phone, and then, he let go. He hit the other side of the plane...hard. He might have broken a bone or two, but he was still okay. Then he felt a sudden decrease in speed, and a large splashing sound. They had hit water, thankfully. The windows broke and the piece of the plane started to fill with water, Michael tried to make it to the top where it had broken apart. He almost made it, but then gallons of water started rushing in, pushing him down. He couldn’t hold on and soon, hundreds of gallons of water came in and forced him to let go. He found himself underwater, Michael looked below him and saw the plane floating down to the bottom of the sea. He also saw a cell phone going to down to, just a little extra for the ride he thought. He floated back to the surface, and still had his stuff with him in one hand. Well, he had lost his cell phone, and only his laptop was left with him, good thing that it was water proof. He looked around to see if there was an island or something that he could swim too. There was a large piece that had broken from the plane next to him. He climbed on it and laid there. That’s when he noticed the cries of others. A young lady, around the age of nineteen tried to get on, and Michael helped her. There was another man around his thirties that had climbed on to the white piece of the plane. The young lady turned around to see a dead body floating in the water, and puked. Another women climbed on, she didn't move when she got on. Several minutes later, Michael notice that an island had been near them. He told the others about it and they paddled on their way there.
Many people of the crew were watching what had happened. They couldn't believe their eyes. Some of them swam to the see and tried to help the survivors. The commander had lost the sight of the warship, and wondered what had happened to it. He watched as his crew helped the survivors get onto the island, and he saw a group of people on a piece of the plane that had fallen paddle their way to the island. The Commander wondered how they were going to feed all these people. There were only a few survivors from the plane crash. So not much demand was added. He got down from the rock that he was standing on, and swam to help the people that were paddling to shore. It was a pretty young group, with a young lady around nineteen years old, another man around his thirties, a women that that was scared to death seemed to be around twenty nine. There was another man with a laptop that was around twenty years old. Of all things to save, he still had his laptop with him.

Chapter two-Sudden Death

"My name is Michael", I said to the commander that had helped us paddle to shore. "And my name is Julissa” said the young lady that had gotten on the piece of the broken plane after me. She was very pretty, she was wearing jeans, and a blue shirt that matched with it. The others said their name, the lady that was scared to death was named Michele, and the man in his thirties said his name was Carl. We were all wet, and cold. “I can’t do anything for you right now, there are other people that are in a more critical condition than you guys. Why don’t you guys go make a fire, I’ll come and check on you guys later” the commander told us. “That’s good with us, thanks for all you help” I said. “Not a problem”, replied the commander and left to help with the injured. I walked to grabbed some dry sticks, and then I remembered that I had a lighter with me. I took it out of my pocket, and looked for some more dry sticks. “Can I help you with something Michael?”, asked Carl. “Yeah” I said. “Can you help me find some dry sticks so that I can make a fire?”. “Okay, that’s not a problem” Carl’s skin was pretty dark, and he seemed like one of those guys that went to the gym often. I think that he might have spent a lot of his time at the beach too. I put all the sticks that I could find and put them on the ground near, where the ladies were sitting. I looked at them and saw that they had dried up. I couldn’t take my eyes off the younger one. She was so beautiful, she had long blond hair, and her eyes were icy blue. The she looked me in the eyes, and I felt that I look away. I didn’t notice that Carl was looking at me until he tapped me with his finger and said, “So, when are you going to stop staring and start firing?” I think that I turned so red, that you could even see it in the dark.
I started talking to her, “So where do you come from?” I said. I think that I might have sounded pretty stupid, but I didn’t really care at all. “Oh, I’m from Argentina, and you?” she said. Her voice was so beautiful. “Well, I was born in Washington D.C, but my parents are from England.” I told her. “That’s nice, you don’t sound British though...” she told me. “Yeah I never really liked it since I grew up in America.” The Commander came a large bag. He stood there and took a good look at all of us. He saw that Carl was to busy talking to Michele to notice him. So then he looked at me, and Julissa. He threw the bag at me and said “Enjoy! We just managed to catch a shipload of crabs.” Then he left... I opened the bag, and one of the crabs jumped up at me and got my nose. It wouldn’t let go, and it really hurt! Julissa just kept laughing at me. I closed the bag with my right had and tried to pull the crab off of me with my left. I really hurt. Julissa grabbed the bag for me, so that I could have two hands to take the crab off of me. I ripped the claw off of it, and threw the crab into the fire. Then Carl, Julissa, and even Michele started laughing at me.
I woke up in the middle of the night. I felt a little uncomfortable sleeping on the sand. I got up to take a walk, since I felt restless. I looked to see where Julissa was sleeping. She looked so beautiful in moonlight. I saw Carl using a rock as a pillow, and Michele was sleeping on the sand like I was. I took several steps to the shore, and enjoyed the sounds of the waves splashing on the shore. I looked up to see the starts. They seemed so bright, and pretty. I had never seen so many stars since I had visited Alaska. They twinkled as I stared at them, and the moon, it was extraordinary. I could see the darker areas that were supposed to be craters very clearly. I saw a something, strange in the sky, it looked like three stars moving around in circles, they stayed in order, and none of them got out of place. They were brighter than the other stars, I kept looking at them. Then, my sleepiness started to take over me. I laid on the sand, and then closed my eyes, then at that same moment, I heard an explosion that hurt my ears. I even felt it force from where I was. I opened my eyes, and saw smoke coming from a hole about 200 feet away from me. Everybody started to wake, and they were all startled by the noise of the explosion. Then there was another one, it was farther from me this time. I could see the black fumes from the explosion in the night air. I noticed that many men started to run around, and some were yelling orders to get away from the beach. I started to run to the dense jungle forest ahead of me and heard about three more explosions on the beach. I remembered Julissa, and the others, and went back to see if they had left to. I pushed the fern that was blocking my view from the sight that they were sleeping on. Suddenly, somebody came from the in front of the fern and dropped me on my back. It was Julissa, she looked very scared. "Are you Okay?" I asked her. "Yes, thank you, but we got to go! Somebody is bombing the beach!" She said loudly. "Let's go then!" I told her. I grabbed her by the hand and we started running into the jungle. I couldn't see where I was going but I didn't care. As long as I got away from the beach I was okay. There was a large fiery explosion, in front of me, luckily I almost tripped, and didn't get hit.
Several more shots from the cannon on the ship were fired, more than eighty percent of the people that were on the beach got hit by the blasts, and were dead. Everybody had run deep into the island jungle. The Jungle was dense, and dark in the night. Some blasts were heard in the jungle. Half an hour after the first shots were heard in the jungle, they ceased to be heard.
I came back to see all the dead bodies that laid on the beach. For some reason, I was having one of the worst time of my career as a traveler. I had found myself in the middle of a massacre. Julissa was next to me, and said, "Ahead of us, is our only escape...". I looked to the sea, and saw what she meant. The ship that had attacked us was still there. I could tell that it was in the darkness since nothing else had orange lights.


I could have been crazy, or just out of my mind. You can call me what ever you wanted me too, but I was going to do anything to stop the threat of the battleship, in which all the searchers had come in. In the camps in which the treasure hunters had settle, had been dynamite that was able to penetrate the strongest of rock, underwater. I was going to use it to sink the ship. It had killed so many of us, that we only needed a few lifeboats from it to escape. I had been told that the island that were on was not far off from Hawaii, so that we could go on the lifeboats to Hawaii. .

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