The Mikahland Amazing Race

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Current Season: Season 1
First Aired: August 14, 2010
Latest Aired: August 14, 2010
Winning Teams: None


There will be 11 teams of 2 with a special relationship. They will have to race around the world to win $1,000,000 in Mikahland Cash. During the game, the teams must follow every instruction what the envolope says. If the team doesn't follow that instructions, they get a time penalty as for the consenquenses. The last team to check to the pit stop will be eliminated from the race. With every team, the first team to go to the pit stop first, wins prizes. At the last leg, they will win $1,000,000 in Mikahland Cash. Also as their are directions, they usually called the detour and the roadblock. Detours has 2 options for the team to do. They must choose carefully. The are only allowed to choose 1 only for this season. They are not allowed to change detours. Only they have completed the challenge together, they will get the next clue. At the roadblock, only 1 person shall complete the challenge. They are not allowed to change each other. There is only 1 task only for 1 person. If they completed the challenge, they both receive the next clue. Sometimes the clues say that there will be no clues after finishing the detour or the roadblock, that is because the pit stop is somewhere there. If they will receive the next clue, the pit stop can't be in that area, it is in another area. As the final 3 teams were declared, they will compete for the grand prize. The first team to reach the finishing mat first, wins the Amazing Race. In tradition, the eliminated players go there and cheer, where Kevin (the host) is standing there to greet the teams. Whenever a team is eliminated, they will fly to the desinated area which is the finishing mat's city. In season 1, the final city, is not let revealed.


Season No. Teams First Aired Winning Team
Season 1 11 teams August 14, 2010 TBA