The new Teen Titans is the next generation of the Teen Titans. Currently, there is only one team with five members, but there are more to come soon.

History Edit

The new Teen Titans team was founded and put together by its leader, Jason. He learned experience from when he was still with the original Titans. By helping with missions and meeting other heroes, he became better and better at enforcing justice. When he met Silverfire, it is possible she instantly found interest in him. Through time, Jason got close with the other Titans' children. When they were old enough, and had enough experience, they all wanted to have their own hero careers. Therefore, they all joined together with Jason, and formed the New Teen Titans.

Members Edit

The team consists of five members:

Jason Grayson Edit

Main Article: Jason Grayson

Jason is the leader and founder of the new Teen Titans. His hero title is Star Falcon.

Silverfire Edit

Silverfire is the "Starfire" of the group, except she knows how to act SLIGHTLY more human. She is also Jason's girlfriend. It is unknown how to say her name in tamaranian.

Android Edit

Andrew Stone (Android) is the nephew of Cyborg (However, nothing is known of his parents).

Wild Girl Edit

Trisa Logan (Wild Girl) is the daughter of Changling (formerly Beast Boy) and Terra. She's like who her father is with HIS team, but knows how to control herself and put up with failures of being entertaining.

Shadow Edit

Shane Duncan (Shadow) is the son of Vox (formerly Herald) and Raven. He acts like his mother when she was a teen hero, but is not AS gothic, quiet, selfish, etc.

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