The Oubtreak in Riverblossom Hills
Created by: Official Dina Caliente
Producer: Aleesha Netherlaster
Running Time: 35 minuites.
Rumoured Cast
  • Stella Roth
  • Morty Roth
  • Sandra Roth
  • Xander Roth
  • Rose Greenman
  • Filmed in the USA
Release Dates
  • USA: TBA
  • UK: TBA
  • Spain: TBA
  • China: TBA
  • Portugal: TBA
Preceded By: The Outbreak In Pleasantview
Followed By: The Oubtreak in Strangetown

'The Outbreak In Riverblossom Hills', directed by Official Dina Caliente, is the second movie in the "Oubreak In..." franchise. Starring the Roth Family as the main characters, it is based a week after the first movie, and how the outbreak takes place in Riverblosssom Hills.

It is the second in 3 movies for the "Outbreak In..." franchise.


Now that Pleasantview has been destroyed, the other neighbourhoods can begin to live their normal lives, but the outbreak is far from over, and Riverblossom Hills gets the first takings.


  • Stella Roth
  • Morty Roth
  • Sandra Roth
  • Xander ROth
  • Rose Greenman

The full cast list has not yet been revealed, intentionally, Patricia Wan was meant to be one of the survivor's, but she sadly passed away halfway through filming.

Connections with the first movieEdit

Several connections are made in this movie towards the first movie. They are:

  • At the start of the movie, the govenors of Riverblossom Hills discuss the events following the oubtreak in Pleasantview.
  • A surivior shares with Stella that Brandi Broke made the town aware of the "gamers" actions, he also revealed that no one believed her, and she went into hiding.
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