# The Mission Elimination Round The Surviving Team And The Eliminated Teams "Death"* Total Prize Money Winning Contestant Decision


The Two Teams Must Stop A Bomber From Killing Their Next Victim

The Lock

The Teams Must Escape A Locked Room To Find Out The Bombers Hideout

Jordan And Hattie Easily Escape While Anthony And Lucy "Drown" When The Water Rises $50000 Is Won After Jordan And Hattie Complete All The Tasks And Stop The Bomber Jordan Jordan Splits The Money With Hattie Winning $25000 Each


The Two Teams Must Try To Stop A Man From Commiting Suicide

The Flyer

The Teams Must Guess The Answer To The Planes Question To Escape The Terrorists

TJ And Ellie Get The Answer Right While Alex And Atiria Are "Shot" To Death By The Terrorists

$30000 Is Won Because TJ And Ellie Failed To Stop The Man From Commiting Suicide Ellie Ellie Keeps The Money For Herself Leaving TJ With Nothing


The Two Teams Must Stop A Drug Smuggler From Importing Illegal Drugs

The Gunfight

The Teams Must Make It Through A Gunfight To Find The Smugglers Company

Isaiah And Indira Crawl Their Way Through While Aaron And Maddie Hide In A Car And Are "Crushed" By A Forklift $20000 Is Won As Isaiah And Indira Only Stopped The Smuggler Isaiah Isaiah Splits The Money With Indira Winning $100000 Each


The Two Teams Must Bring A Murderer To Justice Before He Kills Anyone Else

The Negotiation

The Teams Must Negotiate Their Way Through An Interview To Find The Killers Location

Robbie And Isabelle Swiftly Finish While A Cobra "Poisons" Matthew And Bek $10000 Is Won Because Robbie And Isabelle Only Stopped The Murderer Isabelle Isabelle Splits The Money With Robbie Winning $50000 Each


The Two Teams Must Help A Woman Escape From A Rapist

The Bed

The Teams Must Find A Bed In A Pitch Black Room

Brandon And Paris Easily Find The Bed While Jade And Brendan Are "Decapitated" By A Hook $25000 Is Won As Brandon And Paris Only Finished 2 Tasks Brandon Brandon Keeps The Money For Himself Leaving Paris With Nothing


The Two Teams Must Stop A Thief From Robbing A Bank

The Vault

The Teams Must Guard A Vault From The Thief

Jake And Ainslee Succed While Max And Amy Are "Chopped Up" By The Thief $40000 Is Won As Jake And Ainslee Failed Task 1 Ainslee Ainslee Splits The Money With Jake Winning $20000 Each
  • No One Actually Dies They Are Just Eliminated
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