The Prank is a evil genius from The B,B, n' S show.

Marmaduke Hornsworth

The Prank

The Prank
Head of Government of Nowhere
The Prankhammer
First appearance
The Adventure
Robbie Tiemstra

Early life Edit

Little (if anything) is known about The Prank's early life.

Exile Edit

The Prank and his family (The Hornsworths) were exiled from Hornsland. They sailed across the sea and arrived at Nowhere, where The Prank built an empire.


The Prank allied the various species in Nowhere, and with the Kobots as his enforcers he took control of the country.

Evil schemesEdit

The Prank constantly attempted various mischevious deeds in Slugrum, the neighboring country. He was thwarted every time by Blacky, Bobby, Slip-Bang, R.B. and The Cow.

R.B. Edit

He noticed that one of his enemies was a genius of which he had some aqquaintence. Romulus Bartholomew Bluebottom was the only rival genius in Slugrum. He ordered his Kobots under Number One to destroy R.B. However, the Kobots were unsuccessful in this venture.

Experiments Edit

Coming Soon

Quotes Edit

"You are going to do my will...Isn't that right Will?-Quote not yet used

"Solo te importa la comida"-a line from a spanish dub

"Zero was two incopetant, I hope you can do better"-The Prank to Number One during his promotion

"He He He"-The Prank's first line.

Appearances Edit

  • The B,B n' S show: The Adventure(first appearance)
  • The B,B n' S show: The Great Slugrum Adventure
  • The B,B n' S show: The Adventure in Nowhere
  • The B,B n' S show: R.B.(mentioned only)
  • The B,B n' S show in Spanish!
  • "Otro genio malvado frustrado por una ayudante incapaz" Spanish Comic Strip
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