The Pussycat Dolls Present: ReformationEdit

The show features 20 women as the strive to become a member of the new line up of The Pussycat Dolls.

Episode 1: Standing out in a group (Auditions) - 4 Eliminations.

  • Group 1: Lauren (Captain), Victoria, Kristin, Laura, Amber
  • Group 2: Danielle (Captain), Maira, Natalie, Kelsey, Kelley
  • Group 3: Ricki (Captain), Brittanya, Chelsee, Rikki, Eliza
  • Group 4: Poppy (Captain), Chiara, Jenn, Anastasja, Michelle

First Call-Out: Danielle
Bottom Five: Chiara, Jenn, Kelley, Lauren, Victoria
Eliminated: Jenn, Kelley, Lauren, Victoria

Episode 2: Confidence - 1 Elimination.

  • Group 1: Kelsey (Captain), Danielle, Eliza, Poppy
  • Group 2: Chiara (Captain), Kristin, Maria, Ricki
  • Group 3: Amber (Captain), Anastaja, Rachel, Laura
  • Group 4: Brittanya (Captain), Michelle, Chelsee, Natalie

First Call-Out: Rachel
Immunity: Laura
Bottom Two: Amber & Anastasja
Eliminated: Amber

Episode 3: Charisma - 1 Elimination

  • Group 1: Anastasja (Captain), Laura, Danielle, Ricki, Michelle
  • Group 2: Maria (Captain), Rachel, Kristin, Poppy, Chiara
  • Group 3: Chelsee (Captain), Natalie, Eliza, Brittanya, Kelsey

First Call-Out: Kelsey
Immunity: Chelsee
Bottom Two: Danielle & Brittanya
Eliminated: Brittanya

Episode 4: Style - 2 Eliminations

  • Group 1: Kristin (Captain), Ricki, Michelle, Danielle, Poppy, Chiara, Eliza
  • Group 2: Natalie (Captain), Laura, Kelsey, Rachel, Anastasja, Chelsee, Maria

First Call-Out: Natalie
Bottom Three: Danielle, Michelle, Ricki
Eliminated: Danielle & Ricki

Episode 5: Sexiness - 2 Eliminations

  • Group 1: Michelle (Captain), Anastasja, Rachel, Chelsee, Kristin, Maria
  • Group 2: Kelsey (Captain), Eliza, Laura, Natalie, Poppy, Chiara

First Call-Out: Natalie
Immunity: Natalie
Bottom Two: Anastasja, Poppy, Chelsee
Eliminated: Anastasja & Poppy

Episode 6: Vocal Expression - 1 Elimination

  • Group 1: Rachel (Captain), Laura, Maria, Eliza, Kristin
  • Group 2: Chelsee (Captain), Chiara, Natalie, Kelsey, Michelle

First Call-Out: Chelsee
Immunity: Natalie & Kristin
Bottom Two: Laura & Kelsey
Eliminated: Laura

Episode 7: Star Quality - 1 Elimination

  • Group 1: Kelsey (Captain), Natalie, Kristin
  • Group 2: Michelle (Captain), Rachel, Chiara
  • Group 3: Maria (Captain), Eliza, Chelsee

First Call-Out: Kristin
Challenge Winner: Kristin
Bottom Two: Maria & Michelle
Eliminated: Maria

Episode 8: Public Image - 2 Eliminations

  • Group 1: Eliza (Captain), Natalie, Chiara, Kristin
  • Group 2: Chelsee (Captain), Rachel, Kelsey, Michelle

First Call-Out: Eliza
Challenge Winner: Rachel
Bottom Three: Kristin, Kelsey, Chiara
Eliminated: Kelsey & Chiara

Episode 9: Branding - 1 Elimination

  • Group 1: Rachel (Captain), Chelsee, Michelle, Kristin, Natalie, Eliza

First Call-Out: Chelsee
Challenge Winner: Eliza
Bottom Three: Kristin & Rachel
Eliminated: Rachel

Episode 10: The Girls Who Become Pussycat Dolls - 1 Elimination

  • Performance 1: Eliza
  • Performance 2: Michelle
  • Performance 3: Kristin
  • Performance 4: Natalie
  • Performance 5: Chelsee

Winners: Eliza, Chelsee, Kristin, Natalie
Eliminated: Michelle

Robin's Callout Order
Order Episodes
1 Danielle Rachel Kelsey Natalie Natalie Chelsee Kristin Eliza Chelsee Eliza
2 Maria Chiara Ricki Rachel Kelsey Rachel Chelsee Chelsee Michelle Chelsee
3 Natalie Kelsey Chelsee Anastasja Michelle Maria Chiara Natalie Natalie Kristin
4 Eliza Natalie Michelle Chelsee Eliza Kristin Rachel Rachel Eliza Natalie
5 Kelsey Kristin Kristin Maria Maria Natalie Eliza Michelle Kristin Michelle
6 Rachel Maria Laura Kelsey Kristin Chiara Natalie Kristin Rachel
7 Laura Michelle Rachel Eliza Rachel Michelle Kelsey Chiara
8 Kristin Laura Poppy Kristin Laura Eliza Michelle Kelsey
9 Amber Poppy Chiara Chiara Chiara Kelsey Maria
10 Ricki Eliza Eliza Poppy Chelsee Laura
11 Chelsee Brittanya Maria Laura Poppy
12 Poppy Ricki Natalie Michelle Anastasja
13 Anastasja Chelsee Anastasja Ricki
14 Michelle Danielle Danielle Danielle
15 Brittanya Anastasja Brittanya
16 Chiara Amber
17 Jenn
18 Kelley
19 Lauren
20 Victoria
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