The Racers In The Galactic Cup Racing Federation are the vehicles used in the Galactic Cup Racing Federation (GCRF).

The History of the Racers Edit

The First Racers Edit

The very first racers used in the GCRF were the Planet Racers 1. These racers didn't have the speed of today's racers, but they were easy to control, although they didn't have good protection. They eventually came out with a more powerful engine, creating the Planet Racers 2. They had more speed than Planet Racers 1, but because of it's speed, they were more dangerous. Because of their danger, the GCRF eventually came out with the Space Racers, which had more protection, and a different racing style, but with an engine just as powerful. They were the first racers that competitors competed in the Galactic Cup Ultimate Prix, for the Galactic Cup Ultimate Prix was delayed because of how dangerous the Planet Racers 2 were.

The Star Racers Edit

Eventually, the GCRF came out with the Star Racer, a racer with twice as powerful an engine, and the safety level completely higher. With the Star Racer, Competitors have an extremely low chance of injury, and the racers hit higher speeds. But the Star Racer has a completely different style than the other Racers.

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