The Rarg (Vezokian ; Rarug) is a beast located near the coast of the isle of Vezok. For ages this creature has mystified sailors, such as Captain Duluxe of the Awesome Turinean Empire, or Madam Squidly, when ever they happen to be near Vezok.

No one understands why the Rarg is there, but it is. 


The Rarg has always been a biological mystery. Often described as having an insanely deep voice, and long, wooden tendrills, which resemble a mix between the Tower of Gurdu , and something so indescribable that no one can come up with a comparison.

While many have seen the Rarg, no one can imagine a way to explain their expeirence. It has even been said that no human mind can comprehend it without going into insanity. This doesn't mean that other minds can imagine it; Igloo Snails are known to completely understand it.


There have been many encounters with the Rarg. The exact amount is even up to debate, as there are rumors that some saw the Rarg and never came back, but these claims are usaully made by conspiracy theorists, who are paranoid . Here is a conveinent list of encounters with the Rarg, or at least the ones we know of...

Name Date Notes
Captain Duluxe 300 B.C.
Madam Squidly 250 B.C. She had gone mad before.
Sir Yorkexly 12 B.C. He never saw the Rarg
The Fovel Expedition 12 A.D.
Tim 100 A.D. Only rumors exist.
Furngu 126 A.D. Existence doubted
Sir Jake Fumi 1621 A.D.
Sir Jake Fumi 1625 A.D. Second trip
Sir Jake Fumi 1650 A.D. Third trip
Madam Sue Earlson 1882 A.D Only Rumors exist
Vlad the Great 1983 A.D. Soviet paid trip
Susie Robins 2003 A.D. Used plane
Wizard of Snoodles 2030 A.D.
Doctor Kale N/A Scientist deny this one .
F-26 3001 A.D. Hasn't happened yet.
illuminati N/A First planned trip.
illuminati N/A Second planned trip.
Cardboard Man! N/A An moron online said so.
Cardboard Woman! N/A Wife of Carboard Man!
Madam Anonymous 5090 A.D. We know nothing of this.
An Astroid 7012 A.D. NASA predicted this.
The Grox End of Time
Death N/A
The Rarg's death N/A
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