The Real World
(S.R.N Series)
Sims Reality Show
Kevin Munro
Launch Date
January 2007

A sim version of the MTV reality show, The Real World, which follows 7 people for several months in a specific location. This particular version had two different series. The first which aired in January of 2007 under the name, Kevin Munro Productions, and was canceled after the second episode of its first season. The second series returned in the spring of 2009 and was going to be the first Sims 3 production for Sims Reality Network but was canceled before it even aired due to public appeal and The Sims 3 causing issues. Sims Reality Network has not decided yet whether to have it return for the 3rd time.

Seasons Edit

Season Premiere date Finale date
The Real World: Pleasantview January 2007 N/A