The Republic of Humanity (or The Blue Republic) is in the highest stage of democracy. Their society is a utopia, compared to the rest of the Galaxy, its people live a comfortable life of leisure that has led to the humans of the Blue Republic to be weaker than other races. On the upside, they are the most technologically advanced Faction in the Galaxy being at least 150 years ahead of the The Empire of Amalgamated Planets.

The Republic View Edit

The Republic having created the perfect govrenment or so they say have developed an ego a Popular EAP saying is that the Blue Republic is a technocrat thinking that their way is better and all other govrenments are wrong but none the less they have survied 4 purges in the last 800 years so they must be doing something right.

The Republic War Machine Edit

The Blue Republic is a major power in the galaxy partially due to their generals and technology any battle won by the Republic is due to these two factors sense as stated earlier they are 150 years ahead there weapons are presice and effective as they use direct energy weapons such as lasers and plasma along with energy shields because the Republic doesn't belive in cloneing thinking to be immoral they try to keep casulties down their generals are highly trained some of the best their tactics have confused and overwelmed even The Swarm.

Republic Facts Edit

Notable Characters Edit

  • Head Chancellor Randus
  • Chancellor Oferus
  • General Yates
  • General Bentwood
  • Captain gerent