The Robert & Buck Mini-Show is a "mini-show" starring Nathan Marraqua (West Pitts) and Howard Baghotton (The Femley Brothers) as "Robert" and "Buck", respectively. The show lasts for about eight minutes, and features only two characters. The mini-show aired in April 2009.


  • Robert Vassar, played by Nathan Marraqua, is a 30-year-old man who seems to have his head on straight. Robert is based on Amos Jones's character from Frank & Amos and actor Jax Pashira. Robert has dark hair and blue eyes, and wears a green shirt, blue jeans, and boots. Though he was not voicing a cartoon character, Marraqua used a voice that is a mixture of John Mulanco's voice and the voice Curtis Kilprus used when voicing Frederick in Fatjohn Adventures when playing Robert.
  • Bartholomew "Buck" Thuddenbelch, played by Howard Baghotton, is a 46-year-old man who seems to be struggling with a drinking problem. He is loosely based on Frank Patrick from Frank & Amos. Buck is bald-headed and has green eyes[1]. He wears a blue suit. He is a hard person to get along with.

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