Jeremy Darkworth


The Shadow Slug
President of Sliver
2 sided, silver.
First Appearance
The Adventure
Matthew Tiemstra

Jeremy Darkworth, more commonly reffered to as The Shadow Slug is a black slug who is the president of Sliver.


Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Jeremy's early life other than the fact he attended the same school as The Prank. They were good friends, considering the fact that they were both really smart. They both graduated at the same time.

The Shadow SlugEdit

Jeremy earned the nickname "The Shadow Slug" as he was wandering across the continent. People saw a black slug roaming about, they eventually took to calling him "The Shadow Slug". So the name stuck.


Jeremy eventually ran into the two inanimates Robe & Spring who became his companions. They wandered for a while until they came upon the country of Sliver. Sloove, the prime minister of sliver, made The Shadow Slug the president of Sliver.

Rivalry with The PrankEdit

The Shadow Slug resented The Prank becoming one of the most infamous villans in the universe, so he vowed he would do whatever he could, short of anything to physically harm anyone, to thwart The Prank in his nefarious schemes.


The Shadow Slug was rather paranoid, so he spoke in high-pitched sounds in a different language than the language everyone else speaks. The only people who understand him are Robe and The Prank.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The Shadow Slug had a natural hood over his eyes so that no one would reconize him. Hardly anyone, outside of Sliver, knew that he existed.

Related QuotesEdit

"Who's that?"-Unknown Slugoid


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