The Sims/The Sims 2 Big Brother is the concept of taking The Sims/The Sims 2 and emulating it to create a Big Brother. The Sims/The Sims 2 is a simulation video game. Big Brother is a reality where a group of strangers live in a house and are voted out every week but the public, or by their fellow houseguests in the American version. There are various different names for The Sims/The Sims 2 Big Brother, such as Sim Brother and Sims Big Brother.

History Edit

Although no one is really sure where this craze started, on The Sims Zone, the writer of their version of "Sim Brother" found the first name "Sim Brother" on a German fan site back in 2001. Most of the earlier versions have used a written format to present their shows either on their own site or on the official Sims website. Video format wasn't popular until The Sims 2 and Youtube came into the picture, which was around the same time. Since then, a lot of written versions have died off.

The Sims Big Brother series Edit

Creator Title Years
The Sims Zone Sim Brother 2002 - 2007
SimTV Reality Sim Brother 2003 - 2008
Huckool The Sims: Big Brother 2004 - 2008
Simvision Sim Big Brother ??? - present
SimmerTV Big Brother: Sim Edition 2008 - present
Sims Reality Network Sims Big Brother 2006 - present
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