The Sovereignty Of Dahrconia

The Loyal Sovereignty of Dahrconia

Official Title
The Sovereignty Of Dahrconia
Parliamentary Democracy
Constitutional Monarchy
Large Cities
Superabet City
Shianatu City
Korzoi City
April 6th, 500
Major Rivers
Highest Point
Mount Shianatu, 46,000 feet
Lowest Point
Corvilla Valley, -250 Feet

The Sovereignty Of Dahrconia is a country and continent on the planet Stardahmaus Prime.

History Edit

The Sovereignty of Dahrconia was formed in the year 500 AD when the 10 ruling families, after centuries of bloody wars finally sat down to discuss the future of Dahrconia. Knowing that if a solution to the problems wasn't found soon, then the bloodshed would end the old country. It's history, culture and invariably it's very way of life would be destroyed. So over a period of 200 days, all 10 ruling families agreed to lay down their arms and give these talks a chance. It was in these talks that Dahrconia as a whole was saved. The ruling families agreed on 10 separate yet equal pieces of Dahrconia itself that they could manage as their own territory. However for this agreement to work, the ruling families had to agree to install a monarchy in which to arbitrate disputes and to ensure law and order did indeed reign supreme. So on April 6th, 500 the Kohrzoi-Storr Consonance was signed by representatives of all 10 families.  This document proved vital in forming the constitution of Dahrconia.

Pretty much as soon as the document was signed, fundamental changes were made to the way the country was governed.  To ensure that the 10 ruling families didn’t try to gain more power over one or the other, an 11th family that had been forming in Dahrconia was elected to be the first monarchs of Dahrconia.

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