The Story of Jord Nichols

TSOJN movie poster

Jason Defoli
Baxter Geoughi
Jonah McBelch
Mary Ann Brimmer
Chloe Alkarron
Benjamin Caspeldt
Angelo Matthew Gerch
Wendy Eezel
Dylan Kaeple
Ferguson Jonnis

The Story of Jord Nichols is a 2006 Dragoonish film starring Jason Defoli as the title character, Jord Nichols. The film is directed by veteran Dragoonish director Ferguson Jonnis.


  • Jason Defoli as Jord Nichols
  • Baxter Geoughi as Anton Chelvaz
  • Jonah McBelch as Richard Doster
  • Mary Ann Brimmer as Mrs. Heather Nichols
  • Chloe Alkarron as Janet Nichols
  • Benjamin Caspeldt as Joshua Smault
  • Angelo Matthew Gerch as William Kalgarron
  • Wendy Eezel as Mrs. Faith Kalgarron
  • Dylan Kaeple as Mark Winston


The film begins inside an office building in Jord City. The time is 5:30 p.m. Jord Nichols is getting ready to go home after a long day at work, as his wife is expecting him home by 5:45. With only fifteen minutes to get to his home on the other side of town, Jord rushes to leave the building to beat traffic. When he gets to the exit, a muscular co-worker named Anton stops him, and then has a "twenty-minute" conversation. After the conversation, Jord heads home, and is scolded by his wife Heather for coming home late. Jord's (completely true) excuse is that he was stopped by a co-worker and had a long conversation with him. At dinnertime, Jord and Heather do not speak to each other. After dinner, their daughter Janet asks Heather why she and Jord are not speaking. Heather answers, "Oh, we're just in a bad mood."

The next morning, Jord and Heather are in the kitchen, cooking breakfast together. Fifteen minutes later, Jord prepares for work when his wife and daughter approach him and tell him not to be late coming home. The scene then switches to the office building where Jord works. Jord is called by his boss Richard Doster into his office. Jord, believing he is in trouble, enters his boss's office. Richard talks to Jord about an upcoming promotion, and Jord tells him that he will think about it. Back at his workstation, Jord is doing his job when he receives a phone call from a friend named Joshua Smault. Jord immediately tells his boss he has to leave due to an "emergency". His boss lets him leave.

Jord arrives at Joshua's house, and Joshua tells him that he needs him to look after his pets while he leaves for "a two-hour meeting in the Enzzetta district". An angry Jord, obviously knowing how much of a big liar Joshua can sometimes be, blows up in his face and bellows, "Have you lost your mind? I know you're lying about the meeting!" He then leaves the house and goes back to work, and tells his boss that it was a false alarm.

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