Theodore Alonso III Jnr. PhD (2nd January 1799 - 14th March 1855) Was a British explorer and is the youngest person to reach the summit of Mount Killimanjaro.

He reached the Summit of the African mountain at the age of 19, with his long time climbing partner, and later, gruelling manservant, Mon Bonn.

Early Life Edit

Theodore was brough up in a wealthy family, just south of Kensington, his mother, Maria was very keen on getting Theodore into the best school there was, and soon, he was a part of Cambridge.

The Son of a particularly eccentric Coal Merchant, Theodore Alonso III Sr., Theodore Jnr. wanted to do something exciting, as his father lived a boring life watching coal get pored through some mechanical thing and getting paid a lot of money for it. He tried to become a surgeon, but reading in the paper about Sir. Gilliton Foulbreath, conquering Killimanjaro fueled a new passion for mountaineering. He joined a local club, much to the dismay of his hopeful parents, and after a year he quit got a PhD and flew straight to Niarobi.

The Climb Edit

Before the flight, at the climbing club, Thoedore had befriended a young hopeful, Mon Bonn. Together they formed a friendship and vowed to climb the mountain.

It is roumoured that a witchdoctor warned the two not to climb the mountain before he was heavily sedated and took back inside, out of the heat.

The climb took five days, and during which in a fight with a gorilla, Mon Bonn lost a thumb. Temperatures plummeted for the pair whilst nearing the summit, and Hypothermia and frozen sandwiches were a severe risk.

Day five was a triumph for the two as they peered from the top of Killimanjaro across thousands of miles of Serengeti. Theodore was heard to quote:

  • This is an area of pure, unspoilt natural beauty. T'would be a shame if man left his ugly footprint upon this heath.

As he hammered a british flag into the ground.

Recognition Edit

Theodore's plight was ringing in the ears of the british population, and on his return in Late 1818, Thoedore and Mon, where given a Hero's welcome. Theodore was allowed to open all Galas, Fetes, Theatres and Supermarkets for a year or so. George III refused Knighthood of Theodore, Saying:

  • I'm sick to the back teeth of Mountaineers or explorers asking for knighthood, that Foulbreath feller was a right git! from now on, it's santa or nothing.

Decline into mental hatred Edit

Theodore declined in his later life, at the age of 45, he contracted Evallus Malanica, A disorder causing him to become cynical and nasty, Enslaving his long term friend, Mon Bonn and almost killing him, However, mon knew to keep him alive he needed to look after him.

Murder Edit

Mon Bonn lost his mind and in 1855, murdered his master after yet another request for a custard a paper clip sandwich, he shot him in the head with an antique crossbow.