The Theurburg River (pronounced TURR-burg[1]) is a river in the Dragoonasag state of Carlana. It runs from the Kallin River to the border of Welch and Cobard counties. The river, Theurburg County, and the city of Theurburg are named after historic Fort Theurburg.

Counties traversedEdit


The Theurburg River begins at the Kallin River in Daugherty County, and flows northeast into Guinn County. The river continues to flow northeast until Theurburg County, where it turns east. The river turns northeast again in the eastern part of the county, and then turns east along the Theurburg/Charpson county line, before entering Perry County. In Perry County, the Theurburg turns northeast, and roughly continues in this direction until its end on the Welch/Cobard county line.


The Theurburg River has only one tributary, the Hacciacchee River.



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