Thomas Whyte

Thomas Whyte in 2009

Birth name
Thomas Evan DeMetrio
July 19, 1982 (age 36)
Years active
Tommy Whyte
Tom Whyte

Thomas Whyte (born Thomas Evan DeMetrio[1] on July 19, 1982) is an actor known for his role as Trevor Hublan in the TV series Odoms Hills.

Early life and familyEdit

Whyte was born on July 19, 1982. He is one of four children of the late actress Veronica Whyte and actor/director John Whyte. His biological father is actor David DeMetrio. He has two famous siblings, Amelia Whyte and Kelly Whyte. His grandfather was the late Douglas Smithington. He began showing interest in acting at an early age.


Whyte made his acting debut in 1997, joining the cast of Odoms Hills. He decided to use the surname his mother uses because he was ashamed to be related to his father[2]. Whyte auditioned for two roles, the roles of Jay Burgham and Trevor Hublan, and he got the role of Trevor; the role of Jay went to Steve Kreshawsky. Whyte was said to be the right choice for the role of Trevor.

In 1998, Whyte requested that the show's producers allow his sister Kelly to guest star on the show. The producers gave in to Whyte's request, and Whyte was happy to work with one of his siblings, "even if it was for one episode"[3].

In July 1999, Whyte almost left the show after getting in an argument with co-star Nick Palajorn. A report stated that Palajorn had planned to have the producers give Whyte less screen time, and eventually have him written out of the show, as Whyte was said to be a lousy actor[4]. It was Palajorn, not Whyte, who ended up leaving the show in December of 1999.

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